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Electronic DIY 電子工作


  1. Which is better electrolytic or ceramic capacitor to drive DC/DC converter? / DC/DC 用電解とセラミックキャパシタ比較 2018-01-19
  2. Uploaded daily reports in December / 12月度日報をアップロード 2018-01-13


  1. Updated deteriorated NiCd life and comment about discharging capacity / NiCd 寿命更新 放電容量コメント 2017-12-29
  2. Uploaded daily reports in November / 11月度日報をアップロード 2017-12-05
  3. Added CO2 in sensor sensor app list / CO2 センサ追加ワイヤレスセンサ一覧 2017-11-14
  4. Deteriorated NiMH worked #5 for 134 days / 劣化 NiMH #5 134 日間作動 2017-11-06
  5. Building wireless temperature and humidity sensor / ワイヤレス温湿度センサ製作 2017-11-05
  6. 'TWE range ability test' moved / TWE 距離特性試験転載 2017-11-05
  7. 'TWE radio intensity comparative measurement' moved / TWE アンテナ強度転比較転載 2017-11-05
  8. 'TWE App_Tag introduction' moved / TWE App_Tag 紹介転載 2017-11-04
  9. Uploaded daily reports in July / 10月度日報をアップロード 2017-11-04
  10. Uploaded daily reports in July / 9月度日報をアップロード 2017-11-04
  11. Updated Battery life report of XBee in field test / XBee 電池寿命フィールド試験結果更新 2017-09-09
  12. Uploaded daily reports in July / 8月度日報をアップロード 2017-09-06
  13. Updated Battery life report of TWE in field test / TWE 電池寿命フィールド試験結果更新 2017-09-01
  14. 'Building DIY wireless illuminometer' moved to Reports /「ワイヤレス照度計の簡単製作法」を Reports に移動 2017-08-28
  15. Uploaded daily reports in July / 7月度日報をアップロード 2017-08-16
  16. How to upload TWE.txt or Meas.txt on time / TWE.txt もしくは Meas.txt 定期的にアップロードする方法 2017-07-08
  17. Added Battery life report of TWE in the field / TWE 電池寿命フィールド試験結果追加 2017-07-08
  18. Uploaded daily reports in June / 6月度日報をアップロード 2017-07-02
  19. Updated Battery life report of XBee in field test / XBee 電池寿命フィールド試験結果 2017-07-01
  20. Wireless sensor app list for agriculture in Japan / 農用に使えそうなワイヤレスセンサ一覧 2017-06-08
  21. Power supply & Ambient temperature conditions / 電源および動作温度条件 2017-06-05
  22. Uploaded daily reports in May / 5月度日報をアップロード 2017-06-04
  23. Fan effect / ファンの影響 2017-05-15
  24. Daily report charts in April / 4月度日報チャート 2017-05-07
  25. Updated Battery life report of XBee in field test / XBee 電池寿命フィールド試験結果 2017-05-06
  26. TWE peak current measurement 2017 2017-04-29 / TWE ピーク電流測定
  27. Daily report charts in March 2017 2017-04-02 / 日報チャート17年3月
  28. Daily report charts in February 2017 2017-04-02 / 日報チャート17年2月
  29. Daily report charts in December 2016 2017-02-23 / 日報チャート16年12月
  30. 日報チャート17年1月 2017-02-02 / Uploaded daily report charts during January 2017
#2 indoor 1.2m above floor on wall
#1 #4 #5 1.8m above ground 2017-08-25
#1 Lq 2017-07-07
#1 #4 #5 2017-07-09
#1 Lq 2017-06-30
#5 1.4m above ground 2017-06-29
#4 1.9m above ground 2017-06-29
#2 & #5 2017-04-29
#1 & #4 2017-04-29
#1 2017-01-16


  1. 自作定電流定電圧駆動充電器改良 2016-09-26 / 充電流をモニタする充電器を製作した
  2. Daiso アルカリ電池寿命フィールド試験 2016-06-05 / 電池交換電圧閾値が求められた
  3. Sllip21 による温度センサ補正とフィールド試験 2016-05-13 / 補正すると測定誤差が低減する結果が得られた
  4. XBee: 高精度温度センサによる複合センサ精度評価 2016-05-05 / ワイヤレス温度センサは農用としての十分の精度
  5. XBee: Slip21 用 XBee Configuration 2016-02-06 / Slip21 用の XBee パラメタ一覧,PAN ID の活用,ワイヤレス温度センサオンボードでの開発写真
#3 2016-09-21
#2 & #1 with double shade 2016-07-11
#2 & #1 2016-05-07
#1 2016-unknown


  1. XBee: Mnマンガン単2電池を用いた春夏期運転結果 2015-09-14 / 単3の寿命75日間に比べ,122 日間に伸びた
  2. XBee: アサガオ鉢栽培の温度測定 2015-08-16 / 落葉原因を推測し,バックヤードの緑のカーペット効果を確認した
  3. XBee: Mnマンガン電池を用いた夏季長期運転結果 2015-08-11 / Mn マンガン電池は75日間の連続運転が可能/ 電池ホルダの鉄製電極は電池寿命を損なう
  4. XBee/MCU ADC,DSO Measurement 記録リアルタイムチャート表示 2015-06-12/ 防滴構造ケースによる冬季屋外長期温度測定
  5. XBee: Mn電池を用いた長期運転結果 2015-05-09 / NiCd は自己放電により長期間の使用には不向き/ Mn電池は2箇月近い連続運転が可能/ Slip21 は電池の交換時期を示す事が可能
  6. Reformed CVG to Allow 1A 1V以下定電圧発生器の改造 2015-04-01 / ダーリントン接続によるコレクタ損失増大は結構,大きい
  7. XBee: Akizuki 2.54 to 2mm pitch board + wiring C board 秋月変換基板 + C基板による回路製作 2015-02-27 / XBee センサ基板の製作と頒布募集
  8. XBee: 秋月2.54mmピッチ変換基板改造 2015-02-14 / ルータ用にレギュレータを復活させる余地を残しながら,NCピンを利用して入力パターンをカットせず 3V3 給電可能
  9. Slip21: 複数のワイヤレスモジュール XBee を用いた温度測定報告 / ADC(アナログ/デジタル変換器)のバラツキが大きければ, Coordinator もしくはルータとして用いればいい
Planter cap 2015-08-18
#1 in net 2015-07-08
Bag capped 2015-05-07
#3 in net 2015-03-07


  1. 旧ハードウェア & 旧 Slip21 / MCU/DSO のリモートセンサと XBee に搭載した温度センサを同時に記録
  2. Slip21 電池電極接触不良 / 電池電極の接触不良により,電流駆動による外付けセンサは出力低下を招く
  3. Slip21 西日による観賞魚水槽温への影響 / 短時間の日差しが曇り窓ガラスから差込み,光出力の急激な変化と軌を一にして水温も上昇している。水槽容量は 60L あり,意外だ。
  4. Slip21 MCU と XBee による同時測定記録 / Slie21 はワイヤレスモジュール XBee の温度センサと MCU の測定出力を同時に測定記録ができる。
  5. Slip21 MCU H8/3664F による2温度センサ2ホトセル測定例 / 気温の変化と異なり,日光の変化は急激である
  6. Slip21 Math 機能使用例 / 電圧の測定に DSO の出力を用いたが,MCU H8/3664,H8/3694 にも対応している
  7. XBee: 突発的に生じる温度上昇誤差の解消 / チャートをみると高インピーダンス回路ではサグが頻繁に観測されやはり,低インピーダンス回路の方が安定してよさそうだ。
  8. チャート幅拡大による効果およびサンプリング周期とピーク値の関係 / 周期が大きいと真の最大値最小値を見逃す可能性があり,公称精度を得られない可能性もある。
  9. Amplifier gain improves low ADC resolution by MCU / The smoothed measurement curve shows the fact that ADC resolution is very important to show a chart.
  10. Digital averaging decreases the sun light power measurement fluctuation
  11. Improved interface of semiconductor temperature sensor and App TDS298 / I found MCU averaging process is useful for suppressing the semiconductor noise.
  12. Road to Slip21 with realtime chart and TDS298 supports MCU / Slip21 is new version of Slip2.
  13. MCU board AKI-H8/3664F commnunicates with TDS298 / I have used old interlink cable to connect 3664F with PC
  14. Repair kerosen fan heater / I disassembled a fan heater and repaired.
  15. TDS298 1.01.10, Kiri198 1.00.33 sampled two Measurements at every minute, and Slip2 has recorded the Meas.dat for 25.1 hours. 13:39 Mar17 GMT+9
  16. I try charging Ni-MH, NiCd batteries for Xbox wireless controller and test used alkaline battery / Slip21 showed real time chart of the result of Tektronix DSO on Wiondows98.
  17. My rebuilt PWM driver suppressed rising temperature of power supply of water pump / デューティ50%にてポンプの連続運転を可能にした
  18. Manual to run TDS.exe which can get Measurements of Tektronix DSO
  19. Program on RS232 port to get measurements of DSO in every minute / The program was written by VB4 ( Visual Basic 4.0 ). It can work on Windows 95 and 98.
  20. I looked for a FSK modem IC to overlay a signal with DC power / Old FSK modem IC seems to have disappered some years ago.
  21. The sun light power varies fast / PC program recorded 2 photo cells output meaured by DSO TDS310
  22. PC programming for Tektronix TDS310 / Tektronix TL.exe doesn't run Win95/98 in Japanese ed. MSCOMM could communicate with DSO on Windows.
  23. Shake and wash. I tried shaking dark gravel to clean / Gravel did not seem green before shakes at all. The gravel was dry for winter. Plants like algae are tough to dry up, I think.
  24. I assembled main mechanical parts of the designed polisher for stone / The photo shows the reciprocating mechanism which consists of 2 linear bushes and shafts.
  25. I designed and made a pivot of a link using for washing gravel / I designed and made a pivot of a link using for washing stone.
  26. Machinary craftmen sometimes use V blocks to check shapes of materials / Always work your brain and hands full at the same time.
  27. 1.75mm pitch IC wires on a skew-whiff universal board / I made a stepping motor driver as the photos show. The driver is 1.75mm pitch of ZIP IC.
  28. I counted shells of river snails in my family aquarium
  29. Separaiton calcareous stone for lowering white deposit / It made the sieved flakes. Next, I separated half of the shieved gravel by hand
  30. I tried some ways how to polish a plastic aquarium tank / Water proof sandpaper is the best way to recover transparency of aquarium tank.
  31. The fragile stone is lighter than rigid stone. I measured the stone density
  32. Filter of a used PET bottle / Wool at the bottle of neck shows working filter.
  33. Filter for aquarium tank / I think nylon molecular structure contributes to the absorption of particles.
  34. I made a tiny variable constant voltage generator for my experiments / I used AC-DC switching converter and regulator IC LM338.
  35. Multi output AC adapter is cheap. But... / The worst ripple is 9.7% at 6VDC.
  36. Battery charger trial dropping 24VDC / I missed to evaluate power dissipation 20W of voltage drop.
  37. Desoldering gun / こて先の穴詰まりを避けるには,クリーニングピンによる通しの他に,たまにはキリを通した方がいいだろう。
  38. I thought Japanese VLCC M. Star's explosive damage in Hormuz Strait, and martime security

RC or UAV related

I live near the Lake of Biwa (35° 20' N, 136° 10' E) in Japan. Target is to fly a UAV over the lake of Biwa. I hope to develop the UAV at considerably low cost, legacy technology.
  1. I watched blades of fan heater with dust, and thougt efficiency of aircraft engine.
  2. A Swiss solar plane flew by night
  3. Restriction to fly a UAV in Japan
  4. Design a UAV
  5. I have thought parafoil is capable for my UAV or not and checked sites.
  6. Electric termination of insulation-coated glow engine for reliability.
  7. Glow engine fuel burns different at the beginning and the end. See the flames.
  8. BAT box with a protection diode bridge and a plug heater.
  9. I made PWB (Print Wired Board) of PWM driver and chass described in Japanese or English is for it by my design.
  10. Prototype of glow plug heater by PWM
  11. FM telemetry transmitter for aircraft sensor
  12. I made Pitot Tube for RC or UAV.
  13. Resonant vibration of engine stopped on improved test bench
  14. Engine excited vibration on test bench. I thought the cause.
  15. I tested engine on test bench and measured the rotation by simple tachometer.
  16. Cheap tachometer for engine test bench.
  17. Spinner was stuck into starter head.
  18. Airtight test of a fuel tank. I was afraid of oil leak from a cap.


  1. My FTTH records
  2. My old PCs -FreeBSD, Puppy linux, Win7/XP/Win98/NT3.51/95/Win3.11 66MHz with NIC of ISA, 400MHz with 384MB, 1.7GHz with 1GB and 2.67GHz with 4GB. The 400MHz PC works on WinXP for HTTPD server.
  3. Topics & Tips Topics about IMF, Mainichi Shinbun etc

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