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Router doesn't reply to a ping
Router doesn't reply to a ping. I set up Corega's router (CG-WLR300NM) not to be stealth mode, but WebSitePulse showed no reply at network test. It seems to have a firmware bug. There was a bug that the router hung up in a day before, firmware update removed the bug. See the router's trouble.
15:40 Nov01 GMT+9

One has to open kanri menu to update router's firmware of Corega
I downloaded newest router's firmware of ver1.60. I have forgotten how to install the firmware. I read FRQ at Corega site that tells how to login without ID and password. In my case, it is wrong. I logged in and opened kanri (control) menu. I could install the updated ver1.60.
16:03 Nov01 GMT+9

Line speed is about 1/3 of nominal 100Mbps
Measurement of line speed
Date & timeDownUp
Nov01 16:4037.03Mbps32.63Mbps
I measured my line speed by support of eo net site. The site demands installing adobe flash program, when 400MHz PC tried. So I tested by Windows7 PC. The table shows the result. Comparing with YahooBB's old 910Kbps DSL, the speed is 63 times faster than before. But the DSL was more than 1/2 nominal speed.
20:17 Nov01 GMT+9

Free Ninja Analyze has to add an assigned tag in each page
I have used ANHTTPD for my server now. ANHTTPD logs a few dozen size of text file every day. When I see a log file, I cannot see what kinds of pages were viewed. Geocities has automatic access couters. Googling, I found ANALOG can analyze ANHTTPD log, but it seems to be difficult. I knew a free analyzer, Ninja Analyzer. It handles up to 100 pages. I rewrote 57 pages of html files in Reports. The free edition has to add a tag in each page. Wikipedia tells that Ninja is polular among 1.5 million users.
10:52 Nov04 GMT+9

What pages of mine do people look at?
Google's sort of my pages
I looked up my pages in Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific by Google on 5 November. Google listed 60 pages. I don't know how Goole sorts them. Maybe the sort order will varies. I had opened the same pages in for a long time. I have stopped update recently. The table shows access counters in geocities and sort at Google. The orders are completely different. Although the access count of Radar was very big, the radar page is not listed in Google sort. Geocities counts access of pages of military technology, while Google sorts background of the Pacific War.

I have 148 htm files in enokiepisode now. I cannot analyze all the pages because the limit of 100 pages of free Ninja Analyze. I had better register Google's sorted pages at first for Ninja Analyze. I decided to restore index to Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific for access to military technology.
15:36 Nov05 GMT+9

Googling in
Googling at the condition of 'Desperate war of Japan', the list is little different from the result of yesterday. I don't know how Google sorts in my pages. I also googled the same keywords and ''. Its list showed Radar in page 2.
11:22 Nov06 GMT+9

Merged the pages and decreased to 72 htm files for Ninja
I registered 99 pages to watch access to Reports and Desperate of Japan in the Pacific by Ninja. In order to decrease 148 htm files, I merged the pages and decreased to 72 htm files in enokiepisode.
15:30 Nov14 GMT+9

Ping, resonse is slower than 4.2 times
I sometimes test my web page at WebSiltePulse, It took 11.8 second. It is too slow. I want to test a ping from the site, but my router cannot reply now. I pinged for The response time was 184ms. I don't know that the value is fast or slow. I also pinged for The time was 44ms only. It means WebSitePulse server and its line is slower than 4.2 times. Some people would browse my top page in 3s.
16:11 Nov14 GMT+9

Dates of Windows update
I accessed to Microsoft and looked at the update history of my GX450. It updated every day till 15 November in November. While 400MHz PC update history lacks 12, 10, 7 and 2 in November. I do not know why the 400MHz PC did.
15:49 Nov15 GMT+9

Set up update time for Windows update
I have set up at 13:00 and 3:00 for 400MHz and 1.7GHz PC each. I write my pages for my server in English. 3am is 7pm in the US. Peharps users cannot access my server while the update. I had better be late for the time of update. I set up 7:00.
16:00 Nov15 GMT+9

Update period of Sakura watch
I confirmed that 400MHz PC's clock gained 1.45s while spleeping for 10 hours. The clock will gain or lose less than 3s for a day. I set up 999 minutes for the new update period.
16:44 Nov15 GMT+9

Renamed a few htm files in sorted by Google
I renamed E-Protest.htm, E-Soldier.htm and E-Thinkers.htm in not to be sorted by Google. These files are not update there.
18:36 Nov15 GMT+9

Be careful to scan and restore a bad sector in Windows drive
I worked scandisk since reinstall of WindowsXP of 400MHz PC in the end of October, but it took much time almost an hour on check of restoring bad sector. There are two checks for option, when one begins to scan disk. We had better not check the option.[1]
2:26 Nov16 GMT+9

Why does it take much time to read E drive than C drive?
HDD access speed
Volume size11.7GB117GB10
Read 4KB0.672MB/s0.409MB/s0.61
I defraged E drive of 117GB size. it took shorter time than before reinstall Windows. The size of E drive was 12GB then.

I tested how 400MHz PC access to the E drive. The table shows the result. E drive is slower than C drive. It seems of three causes.
  • FAT32 or NTFS
  • Volume size
  • Primary partition or extension partition
11:35 Nov16 GMT+9

400MHz PC changed size of virtual memory
When I opended IE double, task manager showed pagefile more than 500MB. I looked at property of my computer. The pagefile was vraiable 576-1152MB. I set up the pagefile on F: drive at the size of 1152MB and none pagefile on E: drive. I defraged E: drive. I set up the pagefile on E: drive at the same size. I analyzed E: drive, and confirmed an movevable big file on the mid of E: drive.
22:35 Nov18 GMT+9

Installed Java6 on 400MHz PC
Another speed check site required Japa. I installed Java6. The system requirement of Java6 as follows,
    OS: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP/2000, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 Intel processor および 100% 互換 processor を support しています。推奨構成は、Pentium 166MHz 以上の processor と 64M バイト以上の物理 RAM です。また、最低 98M bytes の空き disk 容量が必要です。
Nov22 GMT+9

My line speed check on 400MHz PC
I happened to know a line speed check site. I installed Java6 to test and tried,
    SPEED 2.5 (
    計測日時 : 2011年11月22日火曜日 17時13分57秒
    下り(ISP→PC): 24.21Mbps
    上り(PC→ISP): 16.5Mbps
The result is 1/3 of eonet's recommendes server in Osaka. Upward speed is slower than downward. So the server seems not good for my line speed test.
17:21 Nov22 GMT+9

History of my Yahoo BB
Rental devices of Yahoo BB BB kaiin service
Trio ModemT7376222003/01/102004/07/17
Trio ModemU6453252004/07/122008/11/27
Reach DSL Modem (A4)52714922008/11/232011/11/21
I write my Yahoo BB history by pages of Yahoo BB site's member service. I requested Yahoo! ADSL on 27 December 2002. When the modem broke because of thunder in summer, Yahoo BB recommended faster ADSL. Perhaps I adopted 26Mbps ADSL. Later I had worried about the slow line speed. The line loss might be 45dB. I gave up the fast ADSL and adopted Reach DSL in 2008. I payed ¥3,050 for the NTT's DSL transform in the NTT station. I had not used the Yahoo BB's router because it did not allow wireless LAN and my family adopted PC with wireless ethernet. Recently my NTT's line stopped to adopt eo's telephone and eonet FTTH on 25 October 2011.
Nov24 GMT+9

Web Master Tool reports disconnections of pages in my server
Disconnected reports in Nov & Oct
Google Web Master Tool reports that my server disconnect the line. Google Help explains,
    Google が応答を完全に受信する前に server が接続を切断したため、応答の本文の一部が切り捨てられたようです。
I thought of timeout of my server. The default is 15s.[2] Google cannot access to one of my pages within 15s, can it? For example, E-LongTom.htm is 25KB only. I don't know at all. I have elongated 30s anyway.
15:01 Nov25 GMT+9

Test line speed from abroad
Googling, I knew that a site shows some sites to check the line speed from abroad.[3] AIT measured 452.8kbps. AIT locates in FL. CTC ( ) measured 1738.851 Kbps, testing network throughput to at Fri Nov 25 2:34:25 EST 2011.

WUGNET can measure from each country. In default,
    Date: 2011-11-25 08:41:50 (Amsterdam GMT+0100)
    IP address:
    Location: Japan
    Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; BOIE8;JAJPMSE)

    bits per second (bytes per second)
    Download speed: 599,965 (74,996)
    Upload speed: 1,817,462 (227,183)
    Surfspeed Japan 1,269,034 (158,629)
    Surfspeed Average: 558,769 (69,846)
    Surfspeed Worldwide: 262,787 (32,848)
    Latency: 1,129 milliseconds,623,914
Only in US
    Date: 2011-11-25 08:56:33 (Amsterdam GMT+0100)
    bits per second (bytes per second)
    Download speed: 739,535 (92,442)
    Upload speed: 1,858,915 (232,364)
    Surfspeed Japan not measured
    Surfspeed Average: not measured
    Surfspeed Worldwide: not measured
    Latency: 653 milliseconds
WUGNET measured 1.82Mbps of upload speed all over the world. It is unbelievable. While Bardstown measures download averaging time of the image file.
    Date: Friday, November 25th, 2011
    Time: 17:07:24
    Download Time: 43.212 seconds
    Average Throughput: 462423 bits/sec
Bardstown locates in Kentucky. The download speed 462kbps is reasonable for a page including image file, I think. The sites of BoNet, Line Speed Net and InternetFrog are not availble for the speed test now.

I registered by Google Analytics
I happened to click Analyitcs in Google Web Master Tool page, I have already registered I don't remember. It reported an access from Russia. Google Analytics is free as well as Ninja. I registered
16:12 Dec01 GMT+9

Web Master Tool reported 9 pages of "Outou ga 途切 remasita"
Web Master Tool reported 9 pages of "Outou ga 途切 remasita" on 29 November, so I have changed 30s time-out for 60s.
16:17 GMT+9 Dec02

I added Google's tracking codes in three pages
I added Google's tracking codes in 3 pages in root directory of my server again, because I confirmed that the tracking code worked by Anlaly. I added it on 1 December.
16:49 Dec02 GMT+9

Hidemaru macro count100
I use editor Hidemaru to edit Livedoor's blog now because the Livedoor on-line-editor's response is very slow. I want to know how much characters I edit now. To count, it needs install a macro for Hidemaru. I downloaded 'count100' from Vector.
23:05 Jan15 2012 GMT+9

PC Camera Driver for Fuji A310
I tried sending photos taken by Fuji A310 on 400MHz PC. But Windows Xp Home refused and showed unknown USB device. I forgot install Fuji's USB driver (PC Camera Driver), when I reinstall Windows Xp Home. I installed Fuji's USB driver from CD attached to the camera. The result was the same. I accessed to Fuji film and downloaded the new driver.[4] I confirmed to work. I also installed Jtrim to trim photos. I had installed it for Windows 98 before. The same program works for Windows XP.
14:06 Jan25 2012 GMT+9

RS232 cable for DSUB 9P
Wire colors of cable
TDSColorPC 9p
7Green1, 8
DSUB9P connector for RS232
I have stopped 66MHz PC for getting measured data from DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) TDS310 and my server now. I will 400MHz PC for programming to control TDS310. The 66MHz PC has DSUB 25P connector for RS232, while 400MHz PC has DSUB 9P. I bought a new DSUB 9P connector. I have assembled the RS232 cable. The left photo shows the parts before assembling. The right photo shows soldered. But one cannot see the wiring well because I am not good at taking a photo of reflecting objects. I show the connection table in My old PCs.

VB4 doesn't have MSCOMM in toolbox on default
I have TDS.exe (2010/11/08), Slip.exe (2011/05/27) in Visual Basic\enoki directory. I ran TDS.exe, and changed COM2 for COM1. I transimitted 'busy?'. Digital Storage Oscilloscpoe TDS310 replied and TDS.exe showed '0'. The RS232 cable works. I have just begun TDS310 measurement programming for Windows98 again, though I had programmed it for Windows95 before. I took TDS2.exe (2011/07/07) from MO-1 backup. I ran TDS2.exe for Windows98. It looks different from Windows95 a little. The screen resolution is the same of 1024x768. I don't know. I copied the form of TDS2.vbp on a new project, but failed. The object of MSCOMM changed into a picture box. I have not remembered to put MSCOMM in Tool Box again.
12:18 Jan27 GMT+9

VB4 assumes Visual Basic directory as current directory
I put my new project TDS298.vbp in Visual Basic\enoki directory. The TDS2 form reads a text file in the directory, but won't read correct. I was wrong. Although the project is in a sub directory of Visual Basic, its working current directory is Visual Basic directory. It took a few hours to find the fact. I have not remembered the fact.
12:37 Jan27 GMT+9

How do I browse IE8 and access to livedoor's access analysis while 400MHz PC runs Windows98?
My 400MHz PC can switch Windows98 and WindowsXP, if I select booting Windows98 or WindowsXP resetting it. But I am troublesome to do, because I will program for Windows 98 for a while. And Livedoor Blog needs Flash Player 9 to see access analysis of my blog, but my 400MHz PC is too slow to run Flash Player 9 and Windows98 does not support IE8. I will browse IE8 and access to live door's analysis on my server of 1.7GHz PC.
14:33 Jan27 GMT+9

Run-time error '5' : Invalid procedure call
TDS298.exe is a new program that I am programming on Windows98 now. It is new version of TDS.exe, TDS2.exe. I programmed on Windows95 before. I had used 66MHz PC for Windows95 which also worked for my server. TDS298.exe saves a record of measurements of TDS310 by text file. Another program Kiri1.exe reads it, but it has made errors and stopped showing a message of Run-time error '5' : Invalid procedure call for 46, 9, 11, 10, 1, 10, 3 and 4 minutes. I thought it because of a subroutine. So I parted into small subroutines. The result was the same. I changed the tiny subroutine with a function. The result was the same. I happened to find an negative parameter in a string processing function. I changed not to pass the code in case of negative value. Kiri1.exe worked for 1 hour 25 minutes. 'Invalid procedure' is not subroutine but function of VB4 for users.
23:20 Jan29 GMT+9

Tektronix DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) TDS310 sends 8 bytes only once
Kiri1.exe loses very few measurement. I doubted a tiny text file to read in Kiri1.exe. So I read it in TDS298.exe using debug window. The result was the same. I have found that TDS298.exe happens to fail to receive TDS310 measurements. I read input buffer of MSCOMM. The default size of InBufferSize is 512 bytes. I thought it was enough. I tried reading the buffer. Oh, TDS310 sends 8 bytes only once. A measurement data is 22 bytes.
23:54 Jan29 GMT+9

WindowsXP jp edition does not recognize US keyboard automatically, unconnected
I use the same US keyboard for 1.7GHz and 66MHz PC. It usually connects with 1.7GHz PC for my server and browsing. Now 400MHz PC works on Windows 98 for programming VB4. I unconnected the US keyboard for 66MHz PC and connected it with 1.7GHz PC again. I could not input any key. I tried setup from control panel, using mouse. I did not want to reset because it has worked for five months without reboot. I booted, and the PC recognized the US keyborad.
0:08 Jan30

VB4: Line Input function sometimes fail to read a text file
Line InputMeas.txt


I trouble with programming to read a text file once a minute. VB4 Help recommends to use Line Input, so I wrote my code, but the code failed to read as the table shows. Meas.txt is the samble text file that has 6 lines. It does not always fail. I checked the result by Debug window. It occurred a blank line of CRLF only, so Kiri1.exe shows a blank measurement result. Line Input dropped -2.
    Do Until EOF(iFile)
      Line Input #iFile, NextLine
      sText = sText & NextLine & vbCrLf
      iMeasure = iMeasure + 1
14:43 Jan31 GMT+9

CMD does not support UNC path on WindowsXP
I tried copy command from DOS prompt on WindowsXP to copy a file on Windows98. But WindowsXP showed,
    CMD deha UNC path ha directory toshite support saremasen in Japanese
    CMD does not support UNC path in directory
My program Kiri.exe on Windows 98 had rewritten the file on Windows95 for my server before. Now my server works on WindowsXP. The HDD of my server has been formatted by NTFS, so Windows98 PC cannot access to a file on NTFS. I thought that task scheduler and a simple bat file on WindowsXP would copy a file on Windows98. Naturally GUI of WindowsXP copies the file. My server ran for more than five months. I may run my server on Windows98. Is Windows98 stable as well as WindowsXP?
The next day I ran WindowsXP on 400MHz PC. I tried copying a file in 400MHz PC by commandline. This time WindowsXP showed a warnimg message that Windows98 does not support a long name of folder to sharing files. The name was "Microsoft Visual Basic" and 22 charaters. I changed it for "MicrosoftVB4". I confirmed that CMD could copy a file in 400MHz PC on 1.7GHz PC. I rebooted Windows98 on 400MHz PC. I tried copying the file, but an error message occurred. I removed password to access the directory. I could copy and the bat file also worked. What is UNC?
11:20 Feb02 GMT+9

VB4: User-defined type variables may not declare successive
I declared two variables of my defined type SOKUTEI successive.
    Dim Soku, SokuS As SOKUTEI
    Soku.Date = 1111
I ran it, but VB4 showed, "Run-time error '424', Object require". I deleted SokuS, and ran again. The error did not occurred. I have to divide the declare into single variable each.
    Dim Soku, SokuS As SOKUTEI
    Dim SokuS As SOKUTEI
1:10 Feb03 GMT+9

VB4: Wrong infinte loop without DoEvents may stop other running tick programs
I missed to write DoEvents code while programming, ran it. VB4 hung up, and I finished the process. I lost the editing codes. I have run TDS298.exe and Kiri198.exe since yesterday. The programs stopped and showed messages,
    Kiri198 Run-time error '62': Input past end of file
    Tsushin error (TDS298) overrun error in Japanese
I think that my wrong infine loop program stopped them. But Kiri198 showed the start time of "0202 11:53", the latest time of '2246', and Values of Measurements. The elapsed time was 1 day 10h53m. It means that TDS298 and Kiri198 worked for the time. I pressed OK button in MsgBox of TDS298. TDS resumed tick, it did not update the received data. I closed COM port and opened again, and TDS resumed receiving data. I also pressed button in MsgBox of Kiri198, and the program disappeared.
23:44 Feb03 GMT+9

TDS298 works on WindowsXP, and it needs TABCTL32.OCX and MSCOMM32.OCX
I tried running TDS298.exe for WindowsXP on 400MHz PC. I have just programmed it for Windows98 on the same PC. Windows XP refused, I suppose. The MsgBox showed, "TDS298.exe - component が見つかりません" in the caption, and "VB40032.DLLが見つからなかったため,この application を開始できませんでした。application を install し直すとこの問題は解決する場合があります。" with prohibition icon. So I copied VB40032.DLL in C:\Windows\System to E:\Windows\System.

I tried again, but VB4 refused. The MsgBox showed 'TDS298' in the caption and "Can't load (or register) custom control 'TABCTL32.OCX'. So I copied it in E:\Windows\System. I also did another custom control 'MSCOMM32.OCX'. I ran TDS298.exe and confirmed to work for WindowsXP. Task Manager tells that TDS298.exe use 96% of CPU. After all,
    TDS298.exe works on WindowsXP. It needs VB40032.DLL (1995/08/15), TABCTL32.OCX (2000/12/06) and MSCOMM32.OCX (1995/07/26).
10:19 Feb05 GMT+9

VB4: Description of Exe Options is not multi lines
Fields of Exe options
FieldsOS propertyVB4 Fields
File version
Product version
Legal CopyrightSingleMulti
Company NameMultiMulti
Legal TrademarksMultiMulti
Seishiki File NameMultiNone
Product NameMultiMulti
Naibu NameMultiNone
Although I made exe files, I have not remembered how VB4 description is different from propery of OS. We can write many characters in the description field. But OS shows the truncated string of the description. We have to scroll the description to look at the end. I had better write the description in the comment field. So we can see at once.
20:35 Feb05 GMT+9

Task Schedule to open Notepad at every minute
I added Notepad.bat to do at every minute on Task of Windows98. I wrote the batch file by Notepad and confirmed to open "notepad Meas.txt" from DOS prompt. The DOS prompt screen displayed reccurent "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Basic\notepad Meas.txt" I found the duplicated name of Notepad.bat and Notepad.exe. I changed the name of Notepad.bat for Pad.bat. Task Schedule and Pad.bat opened updated Meas.txt. But Screens of Notepad increased, how do I close the old screens? I do not know such command.
15:21 Feb08 GMT+9

HDD working temperature
This morning room tempeature indicator of fan heater showed 2°C, when I powered on the heater at 9 am. I was anxious about the HDD of 400MHz PC. The fan exhausted cool air then. 1.7GHz PC flowed warmer than 400MHz PC. All the electronic parts consume current more or less. Especially capacitors of power supply and CPU are good for lower temperature. How about HDD? Generally speaking of electronic devices in room, they may work at 5°C. The HDD of dissipated current are 0.72A at 5V and 0.52A at 12V. Although all the three programs of TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 access to the HDD at every minute, I scarcely see that LED of HDD turns on. So the current at 5V might decrease compared with full access. 12V is power supply of spindle motor. It rotates constant, so the current is also constant. The HDD seems to dissipate 6.24W at least. I feel warm a littel than 2°C, when the fan heater temperature indicates 15°C.
11:31 Feb09 GMT+9

VB4: Out of memory
Programmed values for text box
Start time--20:5821:52
I almost finished program Slip2 to list and save Meas.dat from Kiri198. I made Slip2.exe and ran it. It showed MsgBox with "Out of memory". I doubted capacity of a text box that limits size of 32K. I programmed so as to show its margin. The table shows the results. There were margins of characters to fill the text box. The next I read Help file of VB4 about run-time trappable errors carefully. I knew 64K memory segment boundary,
    More memory was required than is available, or a 64K segment boundary was encountered. This error has the following causes and solutions:
  1. You have too many applications, documents, or source files open.
    Close any unnecessary applications, documents, or source files that are open.
  2. You have a module or procedure that is too large.
    Break extremely large modules or procedures into smaller ones. This doesn't save memory, but it can prevent hitting 64K segment boundaries.
  3. You are running Microsoft Windows in standard mode.
    Restart Microsoft Windows in enhanced mode.
  4. You are running Microsoft Windows in enhanced mode, but have run out of virtual memory.
    Increase virtual memory by freeing some disk space, or at least ensure that some space is available.
  5. You have terminate-and-stay-resident programs running.
    Eliminate terminate-and-stay-resident programs.
  6. You have many device drivers loaded.
    Eliminate unnecessary device drivers.
  7. You have run out of space for Public variables.
    Reduce the number of Public variables.size of procedure
When I found it stopped at 21:28, the Elapsed time was not correct. I fixed its bug. The 1.25h and 1.21h mean 0.5h and 0.48h actually. I had missed to record Records and Start time at first. I ran it on VB4. VB4 stopped and showed at a doubtful code. I amended the codes not to be small carefully. I tried an increase of 32K limit. VB4 showed "out of memory" and stopped at the code of the text box. Now the error disappeared and the program of Slip2 has run for 13.0 hours.
13:51 Feb09 GMT+9

VB4: Can't make exe
I wanted to make Slip2.exe by VB4, but VB4 showed MsgBox "Permission denied: 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Basic\Slip2.exe'". So I tried to move old Slip2.exe to other directory. But Windows showed MsgBox "Slip2を移動できません。指定されたファイルは,Windowsが使っています。" with stop icon in the caprion of "ファイルの移動のエラー". I had to rest Windows.
17:05 Feb10 GMT+9

Sharing updated files at every minute
29898Pro98Hub blinks
39898ProProHub blinks
7HomeHomeProProHub blinks
8HomeProHomeHomeHub blinks
9HomeProHomeHomeHub blinks
15ProHomeProHomeHub blinks
TDS298.exe and Kiri198 can reads and write a shared file in LAN. I tested the sharing with 400MHz PC on Windows98 or WindowsXP Home and 1.7GHz PC on WindowsXP Pro. TDS298 writes Meas.txt. Kiri198 reads Meas.txt and writes Meas.dat. LEDs of hub blinked fast in some cases. They occurred when Kiri198 read Meas.txt from another PC. Kiri198 is to watch Measurements from remote PC. Case 6, 10 and 11 are favorable for watching Measurements. How about Windows98? Task schedule and a simple bat file to copy can also access to Meas.txt on Windows98.

Measuring conditions of Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) Tektronix TDS310 are 4 Measurements. Others are default of TDS310. 1.7GHz PC has two COM ports. I used COM1. Refer other specifications of 400MHz and 1.7GHz PC.
0:54 Mar01 GMT+9

Screen shot file format
I will upload TDS298 and Kiri198 for Vector site. Vector accepts three screen shots, as follows,
  1. Format: JPEG, GIF, PNG
  2. MAX Pixel: 800x800
  3. File size: 200KB
I downloaded WinShot, and tried capturing screen shots of TDS298 (454x169 pix) by JPEG, GIF and PNG. The file size of JPEG format was 25KB. The others were 9KB. A site shows how to use the formats for photo, icon, CG and etc. The author of WinShot is the same as JTrim.

I found that the screenshot looked different from IE8 + WindowsXP and IE6 + Windows98. IE6 and Windows98 showed distorted images.
18:21 Feb12 GMT+9

FDD of 1.7GHz PC doesn't work
I wanted to copy some files on Windows98 400MHz PC to 1.7GHz PC. I copied two files from FDD at first. I tried copying another two files again. Explorer of 1.7GHz PC does not show the file list correct. I doubted the floppy disk at first. I replaced another disk. The result was the same. I restarted the PC. The result was the same. I powered off and powered on at 16:10 at last. WindowsXP showed MsgBox "ドライブAのディスクは format されていません。今すぐ format しますか?" I gave up copying a file by FDD. Why does device manager tell working normal as always?
18:05 Feb12

Login Vector site
I tried logging in Vector site, but failed. I asked the password again. I got a new one. I tried again, but the result was the same. Vector tells that we will have to wait for a day. I have just accessed to my personal data. How have I done? The site opens a new page, when I click a button. And the page is hidden.
18:33 Feb12 GMT+9

Upload TDS298 at Vector
Screen shots of TDS298
Click position to login
I could login at Vector site and uploaded TDS298.exe. TDS298 is a program to get Measurements of Tektronix DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) at every minute. The time is syncronized by PC calender clock. If the PC clock is fixed by NTP (Networl Time Protocol), the time is very precise. I also uploaded the sreen shots to describe the program. With a click at "Soft sakusha soft ... kata he", the site shows login screen. I could not find at once because the site shows a lot of ads. And there are two login screens to register software without PA and change personal information with PA.
23:35 Feb15 GMT+9

Programming to lower CPU duration
Task Manager of WindowsXP tells processor duration. TDS298 uses 94-96% of CPU on 400MHz PC because of infinite loop program. I added Sleep function to do DoEvents.[6] I changed to read the parameter in a text box. I tried some values of 0, 1, 10, 100, 1000, 3000. In case of 3000, the right now clock showed a leap of 3s. Big value occurred slow response of mouse click. It is very different from 0 and 1. Although Taskmon shows 30% duration on Windows 98 when the parameter is 1, Task Manager shows 0% on WindowsXP. I found that multi task processing of WindowsXP is more excellent than Windows 98.
13:01 Feb16 GMT+9

Upload Kiri198 at Vector
Screen shot of Kiri198
I uploaded Kiri198.exe at Vector site. Kiri198 is a program to get Meas.txt from TDS298 and shows it at a remote PC in LAN. I improved Kiri198 not to use CPU at 100% duration.
23:59 Feb16 GMT+9

Upload Slip2 at Vector
HistoryHtm table
I uploaded Slip2.exe at Vector site. Slip2 is a program to get Meas.dat from Kiri198 and shows the history of Measurements by Tektronix DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope). Slip2 also writes Slip.htm of the history of Measurements. The screen shots shows an example for the solar cell that I tested today. Kiri198 stopped and showed MsgBox "Input past end of file" at 15:36, so I changed Idle 1000 for 1500.
20:47 Feb18 GMT+9

Hyojun image quality of JPEG will be enough
I did not know that Fine Pix Viewer could save three levels of JPEG image quality, saiko, ko, hyojyun. I compared saiko with hyojyun. The file size of hyojyun and saiko are 61 and 209 KB in case of 810x910 pixel. Hyojun image quality of JPEG will be enough at my site.
0:33 Feb18 GMT+9

Acrobat Reader 5 cannot read JOGMEC's pdf file
Acrobat Reader 5 cannot open JOGMEC's pdf file on 400MHz PC. It says, "File wo shufuku dekimasen". I downloaded Acrobat Reader X (10.1.2) and installed on 1.7GHz PC. Reader X works on faster than 1.3GHz CPU. Why do Japanese public organizaion demand new Acrobat Reader version? Whle I can read IMF's report by Acrobat Reader 5 on 400MHz PC.
16:13 Feb19 GMT+9

Where can I register to upload my programs at?
Found programs
I knew a few site to upload in English.[7] They are Freeware Guide, Tucows and CNET. I looked for programs by keywords of measurement and oscilloscope. The table shows the numbers of my related programs. I accessed to, and tried the registration. But the confirm mail did not reach me, though I waited for 15 minutes. I gave up my address I tried the registration The confirm mail reached at once. I could finish the CNET upload registration. Yahoo's email always delays than Gmail. I use both Gmail and YahooMail as the needed quick response.
20:55 Feb21 GMT+9

1.7GHz PC always acceses to HDD, when I browse
Googling is always sluggish on 400MHz PC. I have changed 400MHz PC for 1.7GHz PC to look for sites for a long time. WindowsXP Pro showed MsgBox, "Windows -仮想 memory 最小値が低すぎます。" in the title bar, "System no 仮想 memory ga nakunatteimasu. 仮想 memory page file size wo 増 yashiteimasu. kono 処理 no 間,ikutukano application no memory 要求 ga 拒否 sarerukoto ga arimasu. 詳細情報 ni 関 shiteha Help wo 参照 shitekudasai." 1.7GHz PC has 256MB memory, while 400MHz PC has 384MB. Certainly 1.7GHz PC always accesses to HDD, when I browse some sites. I may as well increase memory of 1.7GHz PC.
21:26 Feb21 GMT+9 ristricts 2-byte Japanese space character
I tried uploading my TDS298 program to a few times, but it refused to accept Long Description at Step2. It said, "Your submission includes invalid characters. Note that only characters on a standard English keyboard will be accepted." I shortened the Long Description step by step. It was the same. I changed Editor Hidemaru to read the Long Description by UTF-8. Hidemaru detected that a space is different from UTF-8 code. I always edit text in Shift_jis. All most of Japanese people write English text by Shift_jis, because Shift_jis includes Ascii. I looked at code table that WindowsXP shows. I knew that Microsoft calls kanji unified CJK Ideograph. Hidemaru does not support unified CJK Ideograph but Shift_jis, UTF-16, EUC-jp and JIS. Or is UTF-16 the unifiled CJK Ideograph? Microsoft devised Shift_jis code and it was standard of PC on MSDOS in Japan, though Government and the followers had decided to JIS. Anyway I could submit TDS298 to It was unnecessary for Free Software to do input at Step4 and Step5.
16:44 Feb24 GMT+9

Is System Monitor of Windows98 a fool?
I found that System Monitor of Windows98 does not display correct CPU utilization. When I run TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 on Windows98, System Monitor shows 35% of processor utilization. I closed all the three programs, but the value of CPU utilization is the same. The value shows 80%, when I run IE6. Microsoft describes it a little.[8] What is active couter, when all the applications closed?[9] System Monitor seems not to detect active object. While Task Manager of WindowsXP is good. I am a fool who I trusted the System Monitor to make my programs.
10:16 Feb27 GMT+9

Private Type and Global
I have just programmed a screen application. The sreen size of Slip2 is 7590H x 5895W. Although it is not so big, I want to draw a graph on Slip2. So I set up another screen or form. I knew Global declare, but VB4 allow my user-defined Private Type with Global declaration in BAS. I do not know the syntax. I will add math function to calculate current, because TDS300 series do not support Math in Measurements.
15:27 Feb28 GMT+9

Save text encoding UTF-8 by Hidemaru
I got an e-mail from CNET that Kiri198 is broken.
    Reason: The application that you submitted is broken.
    Please re-submit your product information after these issues have been corrected.
I tested the version again. It worked. I am doubtful that description of Kiri198 is broken. I read the text in UTF-8. Hidemaru found six undecoding scripts. some of them were ':'. I gave up writing the description of Kiri198 in English and Japanese. I seperated text in English, and renamed it Kiri198-2.txt. I also stopped displaying current directory in title bar and text boxes to open Kiri198.exe. I have to be careful for the kinds of encoding, when I save by Hidemaru. I re-submitted Kiri198 again.
21:30 Feb28 GMT+9

Kiri198 shuts down when it receives truncated Meas.txt
Kiri198 stopped when I powered off DSO TDS310. Error message showed "Run-time error '62' Input past end of file". TDS298 showed only tag of Measurement quantity and date. I programmed that Kiri198 will not accept such truncated Meas.txt. I also found that Windows98 PC can access to WindowsXP PC. I understood wrong. I corrected the wrong description.
0:45 Mar01 GMT+9

IE6 visitors are less than 4%
When I make VB4 application, I run VB4 on Windows98. Browser is IE6. Recently I have written html by IE8 on WindowsXP. I found that my html looks poor a little, when I browse by IE6. I accessed to Google Analytics, IE6 visitors to my site are less than 4% of all IE series. I may not care IE6 users now.
1:23 Mar01 GMT+9

FD is broken
I tried copying my work to a floppy disk to back up program source in HDD. Windows showed error. I opened shutter of the floppy disk. I found a circular scrach. I sometimes saw such disks 20 years ago. I might eject it from FDD too early. I do not lose any data in HDD, but I lost the history of backup in February. I moved backup.txt from drive f: to c:, because Windows98 does not recognize f:. I decided not to ejcet the work FD and to stay in FDD all day long. It is not work FD but temp FD.
11:44 Mar02 GMT+9

Kiri198 blinks little
Kiri198 watches Meas.txt in the other PC through LAN. Infinite loop program to watch occurred that LED of hub blinked very often. I used timer this time. It decreased the LED blinks drastically, though it samples 500 times per minute by default. The default sampling time is 120ms. I think that it is enough to get Measurements from Tektronix DSO TDS300 series at every minute. I also updated the program screen and decreased to the size of 82%. The original was W5550 x H2100.
16:32 Mar02 GMT+9

TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 worked with HTTPD server well
Used versions and conditions
Name versionConditions
TDS298, Idle=300
Kiri198, Idle=1000
I am programming to revise Slip2, so I need Tektronix TDS310 to debug. The TDS310 can verify that TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 run with HTTPD server at midnight while I sleep. I charged a pair of Eneloops during midnight recorded supply voltage and application voltage at every minute. TDS298 showed high CPU utilization of 98%.
22:11 Mar07 GMT+9

Idle of TDS298
The new version of TDS298 happens to make truncated Meas.txt. I have reformed TDS298 not to use CPU at high rate. I think that this caused to interrupt Kiri198. I increased the value of Idle of TDS298, 300, 800 and 1500. Even the value of 1500, TDS298 made a truncated Meas.txt in one hour 15 minutes on WindowsXP Home of 400MHz PC.
15:25 Mar08 GMT+9

Patch work not to make truncated Meas.txt
I decided to do patch work of TDS298 not to make truncated Meas.txt, rather than I do patch of Kiri198. I did trial and error, I finished. As the result, TDS298 does not make truncated Meas.txt even if Idle is only one. TDS298 ver1.01.0004 runs well for 14.5 hours. The conditions of TDS298 are 9600bps, Measurements:1, COM1, Idle:1, Duration:1. The receiving conditions of Kiri198 1.00.0031 are Idle:1000, Sampling:1200. They run on Windows98 of 400MHz PC. However, I do not know why TDS298 of old version worked well on WindowsXP Pro of 1.7GHz PC. Probably fast CPU might cover up the defect.
19:07 Mar09 GMT+9

How to use DoEvents with MSCOMM
I have been writing readme text to revise TDS298 while running TDS298 and Kiri198 on WindowsXP Home of 400MHz PC. Kiri198 occurred 'Input past end of file' in one hour 25 minutes. I increased to the value of Idle 1500 in Kiri198. I ran them, but Kiri198 showed 'Truncated Meas.txt: 0 Bytes'. I gave up the patch work. I decided to debug serious. I know where the bug occurs. It is about MSCOMM. I have written a tiny finite loop in serial communication. Although I wanted to do infinite loop and DoEvents to wait for receiving data, MSCOMM does not accept DoEvents. I tried building the receiving codes outside of MSCOMM. I could do infinite loop and DoEvents. I ran TDS298 synchronized and Kiri198 on Windows98 of 400MHz PC. Idle of TDS298 and is 1. Measurement is 4. Kiri198 is the same before as Idle:1500, Sampling:1200. TDS298 and Kiri198 worked for 11h02m and 12h24m.
11:43 Mar12 GMT+9

Long description of prefers UTF-7 than UTF-8
I uploaded the new version of TDS298 yesterday. As always, I was troublesome with long description of TDS298. Although I prepared it by UTF-8, refused because of non English keyborad character. I paseted each line in the long description box and click NEXT. I confirmed the next step and click BACK. I repeated again and again. I found that a space key was zenkaku space used in Japanese text. Zenkaku space is double space of hankaku compatible to ASCII. My using dditor Hidemaru does not support ASCII any more. I tried encoding the long description by UTF-7. Oh, mojibake appeared. The staff of would see it. I adopt UTF-7 instead of UTF-8, though UTF-7 is obsolete. I suppose that commons in the US read and write English in ASCII even now. It means that UTF-8 is not suitable for me to write in English, because the US people seem not to read English by UTF-8. I stop beginning to write html by UTF-8. IE8 shows encoding Unicode (UTF-8). Wikipedia in English tells that UTF-8 surpassed ASCII untill 2007. In fact, I changed auto recognition of encoding of IE8 for UTF-8, and the long description text box of became fast a little. Uploaders to CNET had better not to use UTF-8 for ASCII. Should I go backward shift_jis Japanese code too, because shift_jis is more efficient than UTF-8. UTF-8 needs 3 bytes to express a Japanese character.[10]
23:44 Mar12 GMT+9

Priority of TDS298 or Algorithm
I started and ran TDS298 1.01.07, Kiri198 and Slip2 on WindowsXP Pro of 1.7GHz at 17:33, but Kiri198 stopped because of receiving truncated Meas.txt at 2:31, the next day 11:35. I changed the value of Idle of TDS298 to 100. But Kiri198 stopped at 11:59. I changed priority of TDS298 from normal to real-time at 14:42. Yokogawa tells higher priority of logging data of recorders at page 42.[11] Or should I change the TDS298 program?

I took DoEvents in infinite loop, but TDS298 has to pass CPU utilization for other tasks. How does Windows run at real time? I knew that WindowsNT does real time processing by 10ms time slice,[12] but I confirmed that 1ms of sleep was effective to decrease CPU utilization on Windows98. Another table shows priority of process and thread.[13]

I changed priority of TDS298 at real-time, and I ran TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 on WindowsXP Pro of 1.7GHz PC. An hour later, Kiri198 showed Msg of truncated Meas.txt. Priority is not related at all.
17:47 Mar14 GMT+9

Handshaking of TDS298 or input buffer
As for bug of truncated Meas.txt, I doubted handshaking and changed comRTS, but the bug happened in 31 minutes on Windows98 of 400MHz PC. I replaced input buffer for a fixed string not to chang the contents of Meas.txt. The new TDS298 worked for 7 hours 28 minutes on Windows98 of 400MHz PC, but it made truncated Meas.txt in one hour 29 minutes on WindowsXP Pro of 1.7GHz PC.

Does TDS298 truely make truncated Meas.txt? I reviewed Kiri198 coding again and removed check of truncated Meas.txt. I also changed format of right time expression.
18:18 Mar14 GMT+14

Windows Update stopped my experiment
I have run TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 to confirm whether to happen to an error or not all day long on WindowsXP Pro of 1.7GHz PC. The PC is for server of my site. Windows updated in the early morning and stopped my experiment. I opened Slip2 and found that Slip2 recorded the latest record at 07:22. I stopped auto-update Windows. I had set up at 7:00. It was the worst time because more most of visitors to my site accessed after 3 am to 8 am. After all the new version of Kiri198 and TDS298 were working for 21 hours 31 minutes.
12:16 Mar15 GMT+9

Mojibake occurs in utf-7
I wrote readme text in utf-7 and read it. I found some symbols mojibake. They were \ (+AFW-), @ (+AEA-), % (+ACU-), + (+-), _ (+-AF8-). I gave up using utf-7. Editor Hidemaru prepares for oubun (Latin). Mojibake disappeared in Latin, but the font of Courier New is big width. I made oubun independent in Hidemaru, so Hidemaru displayed some fonts applicapable for oubun. But more than half do not show '\' correct. Only Courier, Courier New, Lucida Console and MingLiU showed correct. I adopted Courier. Courier has only three sizes of font 9.8, 12 and 15.
22:21 Mar16 GMT+9

Mojibake of symbols occurs in utf-7
I have read readme text of TDS298 coded in utf-7 by Editor Hidemaru. I found some symbols mojibake. They were [ (+AFs-), ] (+AFO-, / ( +ACY- ), \\ (+AFwAXA-). I encoded in oubun (Latin), and fixed them saved in the revised readme txt. I do not know why Hidemaru does not encode utf-7 correct. But I knew why utf-7 shows space correct and Latin encodes good.[14][15]
23:27 Mar18 GMT+9

VB4: Graph control
I try drawing lines graph in Slip2. VB4 supports a custom control for graph by Bits Per Second. I could not draw it as I wanted to at first. Googling, I looked for a hint to draw in Japanese but I could not find it. I began reading VB4 reference p87-154. The reference writes "select the GraphData property in the Properties window". There is a GraphData property, but I cannot select. I found that there is another GraphData property in Custom of Properties. I made trial and error for a week in little. I could draw a line, but the custom control drew crossing lines when I wanted two lines in a graph. That troubled me a week. After all I spent a few weeks to draw lines graph. I think that there are too undocumented rules to draw.

It reminds me of stumbling to draw a graph when I bought a PC for the first time more than 25 years ago. The PC has 8086 compatible CPU called V30. It has ROM BASIC called N88-BASIC. I tried drawing a graph by N88-BASIC, but I gave up. The PC also has Japanese ROM font and GDC (Graphic Device Controller) to draw. I got a job to develop image processing sensor for FA (Factory Automation). Such a device was expensive and difficult for a worker to handle in the field those days. It seemed that there big needs for FA especially assembly electronic boards. The project was to develop simple and cheap. Then a maker announced to sell such a device simple and fast. We did not know why the device was fast and cheap. One staff opened the box and found the secret. The GDC by NEC was used for image processing. The designer of the maker did not use high performance CPU. The GDC operated AND or OR faster than expensive high performance CPU. The imaging sensor drove out other expensive ones by small makers. The NEC itself sold out its machinery divison to product assembly board or inserter for Canon. Nobody does not think to use GDC by NEC for FA among our staffs, though we usually used NEC PCs. The application was beyond NEC management staff's thought. Kodak also had great technology about image processing, but Kodak was bankrupt. NEC and its workers agreed to cut their salaries 4% this year. NEC was a brilliant company of Japan 20 years ago. Bussiness is interesting.
15:25 Mar19 GMT+9

Temperature of HDDs
Principle data by CrystalDiskInfo
Disk Size160.0GB40.0GB
Buffer Size2048KB2048KB
Transfer ModeUltra DMA/100Ultra DMA/100
Power On Hours11697h42594h
Power On Count10841236
Temperature28C (82F)Unknown
I worry about rising temperature of HDD in my server in summer. Tokyo Electric Power Company occurred nuclear power reactor melt down in 3 reactors last winter. Although I do not supply from TEPCO but Kansai Electric Power Company, KEPCO is forbidden to make power in nuclear reactors. KEPCO dependende on half of power in nuclear reactors. The electricity fee charge may rise this year. I want to decrease time using air conditioner in summer, though it is very hot in summer. I looked for application to measure HDD temperature. I downloaded CrystalDiskIno and tried it. It did not show HDD temperature of 1.7GHz PC, but 400MHz PC. Another application of HDD Ondokei site also cannot measure the HDD.[16] The HDD may be too old not to support measuring temperature. But ScanDiskInfo tells useful information about the history of usage. The table shows the data of HDDs of 400MHz and 1.7GHz PC.
18:01 Apr01 GMT+9

Estimate life of HDD
Worst signs by CrystalDiskInfo
01Read error rate99200
03Spin up time9795
04Start stop times9999
05Replaced sectors100200
07Seek error rate60253
0ASpinup retries 100100
0BCalibration retriesNA100
0CPower-on times9999
BBReports unable to correct errors88NA
BDHigh fly writes100NA
BEAir flow temperature50NA
C6Sectors unable to recover100200
C7UltraDMA CRC errors200200
C8Write error rate253200
CAData address mark errors253NA
Electronic parts usually deteriorates as working temperature rises up. A site estimates that MTBF of HDD is the same at 40°C.[17] I think it wrong. Capacitors or soldering deteriorates constantly at 40°C. The distribution of broken HDDS shows that there are two big causes to break down. I do not think that their causes are from mechanical failure, because the time span is only 60 monthes (43200h). SMART tells little errors before HDD crush. I compare the signs to break down 140GB and 40GB HDD. A blog suggests the life of HDD about Google's usage. 56% of broken down Google's HDDs did not show any sign of SMART. Howevrer, there are some correlations with some SMART parameters and break down. Google announced strange data about low working temperature of HDD.[18] My 160GB HDD rises up 6°C, when scan disk runs. Did the Google's low working temperature HDDs work? Or were they cooled by unusual methods? ICs working temperature usually rise up 10 to 20°C than ambient temperature.
0:00 Apr02 GMT+9

Win98 does not include SMART of HDD
CrystalDiskInfo does not support Win98, but HDD Ondokei does. I downloaded it and tried installing. But MsgBox showed, "Smartvsd.vxd file ga mitukarimasen". Microsoft tells to move smartvsd.vxd to Windows\System\Iosubsys from Windows\System. Strange. I have looked for it, but none. I looked for information in Dell's site. Dell explains as follows,
    The file SMARTVSD.VXD is a driver that allows S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology) errors to be displayed in the LDCM (Intel LANdesk Client Manager). S.M.A.R.T. is a BIOS-level diagnostic that monitors hard drive functionality. This feature is supported on some Dell computers. This file is not part of Microsoft Windows 98 and is licensed by Intel for distribution with Landesk. 2003-12-18
I gave up monitoring HDD temperature on Windows 98.
13:15 Apr02 GMT+9

Binary editor Stirling
My application Slip2 changed data format to record Measurements of Tektronix Oscilloscope TDS310. I would prepare two procedures at first. But one will not get Measurements by old data format. I thought that a binary editor could modify the old data. I downloaded Stirling and tried adding an integer data. But I found difficult to add a data, though I could delete. So I divided two parts of old data format and new ones. Stirling can refer to data in one's defined structure definition. It is very useful.
13:49 Apr04 GMT+9

Application with a graph by VB4 does not run on WinXP
I programmed an application with a graph by VB4's custiom control graph32.ocx. I copied graph32.ocx, gsw32.exe and gswdll32.dll to Windows\System of WindowsXP Home. But error MsgBox told, "Run-time error '11' : Division by zero", otherwise the application works well on Windows98. A few sites tells some additonal dlls to work graph32.ocx on WindowsXP.[19][20] So I added olepro32.dll, msvcrt40.dll, mfc40.dll and mfcans32.dll. But the same error MsgBox appeared. I thought SetupWizard of VB4 would tell essential dlls. I ran it, but errorMsgBox showed,
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Basic\Slip21.exe
    File not found
    An error occurred trying to rebuild the project's .EXE or .DLL
Strange! SetupWizard does not recognize codes genereated by VB4. I suppose that SetupWizard does not support addtional gsw32.exe. gsw32.exe is graphics server and necessary for display a graph by graph32.ocx.
20:07 Apr05 GMT+9

Which of VB6 or VB2010 is low cost for me?
MemoryStatus quoIncrease
I have given up making application with graphical custom component graph32.ocx for WindowsXP. VB6 works on WindowsXP, but is available learning edition only by auction. VB2010 works on WindowsXP and WIndows7 and is free. Which of VB6 or VB2010 is low cost for me? I had given up running VB2010 judging from the specification on 400MHz PC before. Now my 1.7GHz PC satisfies minimum requirement of CPU clock, but it has to increase to 1GB from 256MB. The PC's upper limit of memory is 1GB. It is reasonable why I feel it sluggish to see some sites. What kind of memory do I get? Buffalo describes some kinds of memories and tells the kind, if you input a maker of PC.[21] My 1.7GHz PC is Dell's GX240. I knew that the memory was DIMM and applicable for ECC or non ECC by User's guide. It will take much time to know the newer VB2010 by myself.

What kind of SDRAM do I get to increase memory? Looking at User's guide of Dell GX240, there are two notches on the connector part and memory architecture is 133MHz SDRAM. OKWave site shows that CL2 of SDRAM does not work on GX240.[22] Strange! The SDRAM of does not synchronize at CL3, does it? A site describes about CAS Latency.[23] Looking at auction site, there is Registered type. What is it? I found that Registered is one clock slower than usual Unbuffered type.[24]
0:54 Apr06 GMT+9

512MB of PC133 SDRAM is more expensive than twice DDR2-533
VB2010 needs 1GB memory, but my 1.7GHz PC has only 256MB. It is capable of 133MHz SDRAM by Dell's User guide of GX240. 512MB of the PC133 SDRAM is ¥1260 on sale, while DDR 1GB of DDR2-533 is ¥1100. Newer type memory is cheaper per MB than older one. I bought the PC last summer. I had better buy newer model a little. Looking for used 512MB of PC133 SDRAM, I found it in Rakuten. I registered my personal information in the site. Rakuten requests mobile phone number to register. Rakuten collects personal mobile phone e-mail addresses. Mobile phone address is much valued than usual email address for Rakuten. I bought two memories, Transcend's 512MB SDRAM 168Pin DIMM PC133 Unbuffer Non-ECC.[25] I found that CL = 3 in Transcend site. Transcend sells PC133 even now, though Buffalo finihsed it.
  1. 512MB PC133 x 2- ¥1000
  2. Shipping---------- ¥160
  3. Rakuten charge---- ¥102
  4. Total------------ ¥1262
23:22 Apr06 GMT+9

Yahoo Japan site occurs IE6 error
Yahoo Japan site always occurs IE6 error on Windows98, when I clicked an article of topics. MsgBox shows, "Mondai ga hassei sitatame, Microsoft Internet Explorer wo shuryo shimasu..." I looked into Yahoo Japan's Help, I changed options of Java aplet script and privacy, but the result was the same. I looked at contents of error, the cause was flash9n.ocx. I knew why WindowsXP Home does not occure such errors, because WindowsXP and 400MHz are not capable for flash player. So I did not install any flash player on WindowsXP of 400MHz PC.

Yahoo Japan says, "We support IE6. You should update flash player version." In fact, we may have to install flash player version 10 to see its page. It needs CPU faster than 450MHz. Should I uninstall flash player on Windows98? 1:06 Apr08

Has Java's new version occurred to display bad?
I saw Java's icon on task bar of 1.7GHHz PC. I clicked to install new version. A few day later I have found that Ninja site shows larger fonts not as usuall and Livedoor Blog shows horizontal scroll. And Gmail shows unusual dots in the rows of mail list. I changed screen resolution 1280x1024 from 1024x786. Horizontal scroll of Livedoor Blog site disappeared and unusual big fonts of Ninja site got small. But Gmail was the same. I changed kan-i (simple) HTML for HTML. The dots disappeared but it takes much time to display. I confirmed the new Java's version6 update31. I also confirmed old Version 6 Update 29 of 400MHz PC. Java's system requirement are,
  1. OS : Windows 7, Vista, XP/2000, WindowsServer2008, WindowsServer2003
  2. CPU : Intel processor & 100% compatible (faster than Pentium 166MHz)
  3. Memory : 64MB RAM
  4. HDD : minimum spaced 98MB
I suppose that latest Javascript does not work on Windows98. Java works on low speed CPU of 166MHz.

Is commit charge the same as paging files?
Commit charge of [MB]
Physical memory [MB]
I feel that 1.7GHz PC accesses to HDD more frequently than 400MHz. I compared commit charge of Task Manager among them. The commit charge of 400MHz PC increased and is 222MB now. Why the commit charge did increase? Should I restart my server on occasion to decrease commit charge? If Internet Explorer runs, it uses more than 50000KB of memory and decreases system cache. A site tells that commit charge size is the same of paging file size.[26]
14:30 Apr09 GMT+9

How to remove the power supply of GX240
CapacitorLeft CapacitorRight
I opened the cover of GX240 to increase SDRAM for the first time since I bought it last August. The mother board was not covered with dust at all, though six chemcal capacitors leaked the contents and piled on the top, two capacitors of the same type swelled the top. Or silicon compand on the tops might changed for life and heat. The left capacitors may be heavily damaged because they are surrounded by heat sinks on both sides. Anyway I replaced a 256MB SDRAM for two 512MB SDRAMs. I tried power-on, but it did not run. I opened the cover and confirmed to light on LED on the mother board, but none of LEDs on the rear panel light on. I thought the power supply broke down. Googling, I knew the dimension of Dell's power supply is not common. Looking how to remove the power suppy at Dell's site, I tried several times but could not remove. I happened to press down the body and slide the right as the drawing. I could remove it.[27]
I always feel irritated to access to the Dell's support site. I learned English documents is faster than Japanese. Strange.
15:43 Apr10 GMT+9

Power supply for Dell's small form-factor
Color code of small form-factor
I looked for the power supply for small form-factor. The new one's price is ¥7980. The used one is ¥1000 by auction site. I know that power suppy is the worst reliable part. MTBF became short as GX has run for my server all day long. I found that the label of 'GUARANTEE VOID IF ROMOVED' has been torn already, when I loosened the four Phillips-head fixed screws. A site describes that pin assignment of the small form-factor is the standard of ATX power supply.[28]
But the color code is different from the table. The table shows the real color code of Dell's model of HP-L161NF3P. Some sites describes how to test power supply. If green P14 of shortens wiht black P13 or P15, the fan rotates. However, a power supply maker explains that the way might not be OK if the power supply flows 2A of 5VDC. Anyway I ordered Amazon SFX power supply.

The fan does not rotate smooth, when I rotate by finger. The rating of the brushless fan is 12V 0.12A of ADDA brand. The dimension and model are 60x60x10 mm and AD0612MS-GA0. 12VDC broke, didn't it? The FDD broke down just before, But HDD has just worked. Almost of secondary chemical capaitors have swelled. Googling, I knew that the fan is not on sale. I gave up repairing the Dell small form-factor power supply.
19:13 Apr10 GMT+9

Life of ADDA fan
I accessed to ADDA site and looked at the specifications of AD06, but life is not shown.[29] While Sicoh giken shows life. A fan of Sicoh has 30000 hours life at 3000 rpm. If it works all day long, it has only 3.4 years life. If I bought a used Dell's small form-factor. The fan will not rotate enough speed. And I cannot get 10.5mm thick one at once in Japan.
20:52 Apr10 GMT+9

Compare GX240 power supply with ordinary small form one
5V, 3.3V80W74.7W
5VFP SB10W8.5W
Small form-factor power supply
Dell's small form-factor GX240 had model of HP-L161NF3P. The table shows the capacity of the outputs. ATX power supply has 3.3V. SDRAM works at 3.3V[30]
Although 66MHz PC has AT power supply, the power supply cannot use for ATX because AT does not have 3.3V output. I show the dimensions of Dell small form-factor and SFX230 (micro ATX).
  1. Dimensions : W59xH64xD214 mm (W125×H63.5×D100)
  2. Weight : 1±0.5 kg (0.663±0.002)
  3. Fan : 60x60x10.5 mm (80x80x15)
22:36 Apr10 GMT+9

I bought Ichi's power supply SFX230.[31] The dimensions are completely different from Dell's.
  1. Connect the 20P and 4P of SFX230 with the mother board (M/B)
  2. Connect AC cable with the power supply -> Yellow LED of the M/B turns on
  3. Turn on the power switch of the front panel with the cover open -> Another green LED of M/B turns on and the fan of power supply rotates
  4. Diagnostic LED turns on. A, B and C turn green. D turns yellow
I have been able to cofirm that the power switch works. I worried about the roughly folded flat cable with M/B and the small front board. If I turn off the power switch, Green LED of M/B and diagnostic LEDs turn off. The fan of power supply stops. I suppose that 3.3V and/or 5V of the small form-factor power supply broke down.
21:58 Apr12 GMT+9

IE8 occupies CPU even after closing the windows
I found that IE8 occupies CPU after closing the windows. Task Manager shows that IE8 uses 97% of CPU and 153,348KB resources. Commit charge is 466MB. LED on the front panel does not ligt on. It seems IE8 or Windows does not release memories. Strange. I enforced to finish IE8. CPU utilization decreased to 4%.
1:05 Apr11

400MHz PC works as Httpd server temporarily
I installed server application AN HTTPD on 400MHz PC because of breakdown of 1.7GHz PC. I have confirmed that Httpd server works by WebSitePulse. I choiced Java option to display a bar time chart because 400MHz PC does not have flash player. I had better learn Java script to display graphs in my site. I also tested R-PC10.htm of 79.41KB. It took 1.8943sec. The transfer rate is 41.9 KB/s. My nominal upward transfer rate is 100Mbps. Where is the bottle neck to show poor result?
  1. URL tested:
  2. Test performed from: Seattle, WA
  3. Test performed at: 2012-04-11 06:17:31 (GMT +00:00)
Web Page Test results
#URLStatusTimeDNS (sec)Connect (sec)Redirect (sec)First (sec)Last (sec)Total (sec)Size (Kb)


16:66 Apr11 GMT+9

HDD power connector pin assignment
I removed 4P power connector of the internal HDD in Dell GX240 to remove power supply. I try inserting the connector again, but there is no boss not to insert wrong. Googling, I looked for the power connector pin assignment. I could not find. I try removing the HDD and confirming the pin assignment. Oh, the HDD is stick to the back. I found no bracket to fix and remove. The last owner fixed the HDD with the frame by rubber adhesive. It means that I cannot replace the HDD when it breaks down. I am disapppointed to the deal last summer. Reading at Dell's referrence and trouble shooting guide, it describes, 'seikakuni sashikomi ga dekiru youni chousetusareta 4pin connector ga tuiteimasu'. I found that there is two chamfered corners on the long side, viewing from the tip. It was a relief to fail safe. Ichi's SFX230 has one small 4P connector for FDD or DVD. GX240 has both of FDD and DVD drive. So I am to reuse Dell's small form-factor connector harness for HDD, FDD and DVD drive. The Dell's 4P connector is peculiar. It is angle type and has a branch.
0:43 Apr13 GMT+9

GX240 CPU fan
I am afraid of breakdown of GX240 CPU fan, as the power supply fan has broken. I looked for the model of the CPU fan. Minebea calls it blower fan motor.[32] The model is BG0903-B044-VTL. It means,
  1. 09 : Dimension 95mm
  2. 03 : Thick 30 to 33mm
  3. B : Ball bearing
  4. 04 : 12V
  5. 4 : Speed grade 4 (5 is the fastest)
  6. V : Speed variable with detecting temperature
  7. T : Temperature sensor PWB
  8. L : Lock signal
Dell adopted good fan which has ball bearing and lock signal. The life is 10000 hours at 25°C. If the fan locked, diagnostic application or BIOS would tell the bad status. While the power supply fan locked, users cannot watch the rotation because the fan blade in the middle of the PC body. But I might not be able to get a Minebea CPU fan for replacement at once. I suppose it takes 30-50 days.
13:19 Apr13 GMT+9

Extend harness for power supply SFX230
I bought 20P harness for extension of 45cm to connect SFX230 power supply. I will the SFX230 outside the GX240 body. I cut wires of 4P connector for mother board and harness for HDD and CD-ROM. I reused the 4P connector and harness for HDD, FDD and CD-ROM. I connected them with SFX wires. I could elongated the length enough. I tested step by step watching BIOS message on the monitor because I am anxiout about extension of power line. I was taught to lay power line short considering noise effect. The bus clock of GX240 is 100MHz. WindowsXP Pro launched at last. I confirmed 256MB of memory by property of my computer. I turned of power switch and pulled out the AC cable. I changed the 256MB for 512MB. I turned on and confirmed 512MB. I added 512MB of memory and confirmed 1024MB by BIOS screen and my computer property. I tried IE8 and YouTube. I feel decreased access to HDD. I think 256MB was little for IE8.
19:53 Apr14 GMT+9

400MHz PC can watch TBS News-i
I happened to access to TBS i to confirm to the volume control of audio. TBS News-i has another option not to use flash player.[33] I could watch a news letter clip by Windows Media player 9 on WindowsXP Home, though the site shows "Saishin no Flash plug-in wo goriyou kudasai" at first. Windows Media player indicates the transfer rate of 291Kbps during the video clip. In fact, the transfer has already finished because the hub of access LED did not blink at all. My line has 100Mbps bandwidth.
17:32 Apr15 GMT+9

AC cable with SFX230
I have used a AC cable with 2.35m long for 1.7GHz PC (GX240). A new power supply SFX230 attached a AC cable with 1.3m long. The cable allows 7A. Japanese makers usually use 6A cable for small power devices. I changed the long AC cable for the new short one.
23:18 Apr15 GMT+9

Function Shell of VB4 returns long value
I tried implanting function Shell in my new integrated application. But MsgBox shows, "run-time error : 6 'overflow'". I looked for overflow in Help file of VB4.
    An overflow results when you try to make an assignment that exceeds the limitations of the target of the assignment. This error has the following causes and solutions:
    The result of an assignment, calculation, or data type conversion is too large to be represented within the range of values allowed for that type of variable.
    Assign the value to a variable of a type that can hold a larger range of values.
    An assignment to a property exceeds the maximum value the property can accept.
    Make sure your assignment fits the range for the property to which it is made.
    For additional information, select the item in question and press F1.
VB4 does not describe anything about type of return value of Shell. Without any reference the values may be long type, I suppose.
20:11 Apr17 GMT+9

VB4: Mystery of MsgBox
I sometimes write MsgBox to program by VB4. MsgBox does not show the title correct with vbOKCancel and vbExclamation together. I found that I should conbine them with '+' not but '&'. Help file of VB describes to code buttons.
16:36 Apr19 GMT+9

Rebuilt Dell GX240
HarnessAngle Harness
Angle branch connectorExtended by Dell's
The power supply of GX240 broke down. I made the harness for a usual small form power supply to rebuild Dell GX240. The left photo shows a Dell harness with angle branch connector. The rea space of HDD of Dell GX240 is too tight to apply for usual connector. The right photo shows extendended harness by soldering old Dell harnesses.

HarnessHoles HarnessAssy
Power supply bracketAssy
There are two holes in the bracket for Dell's small form-factor power supply. I was to make use of the holes for fastening the harness. There is a thin metal sheet for EMC between the chassis and the small form-factor power supply. The edge of the sheet is sharp. It would hurt the harness. I attached a sheet with a hole for the harness by paper. The right photo shows the assembled harness. I bought the 45cm extendended 20P connector online.

Power supply
I set up the rebuilt GX240 on the work desk. The photo shows the rear of the new power supply for GX240. I choiced small form factor PC for my server, considering maintenance. I think Dell's mechanical design is good, but the fan of the power supply is poor. I do not think life of power supply. The life was only seven months. Server works all day long. I should have choiced common design PC considering replacement of power supply, CPU fan and HDD.
20:31 Apr20 GMT+9

Why did YouTube adopt Adobe Flash player?
As I could watch TBS news-i video clip by Windows Media player, I looked for the minimun requirements of YouTube.[34] I checked them for 400MHz PC. Chip set 440BX of 400MHz PC may not use PC133 SDRAM as video RAM. Even if I replaced the 400MHz CPU for 500MHz, the mother board has video chip on board not but with a video card. 440BX or the on-board video chip are the neck of improvement. I don't know why YouTube adopted Adobe Flash Player.
  1. Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 later : NG
  2. Explorer 7.0 later : OK
  3. 500 Kbps faster broadband : OK
  4. OS updated Windows 2000 later : OK
  5. Processor 500 MHz faster : NG (400MHz)
  6. RAM 128 MB more : OK
  7. Video card 64 MB more : NG (8MB)
  8. Sound card 16-bit more : OK
2:47 Apr21 GMT+9

VB4: Common Dialog Boxes custom control works on WindowsXP
I have not used Common Dialog Boxes custom control in programming a few applications by VB4, though I did almost 20 years ago. I have just tried it in Slip21 applicaion this time. VB4 Help file describes that FileName property gets a choiced file name. In fact, the file name includes path name. It is useful for me. I could arrange Slip21 easily, but I was afraid of working on WindowsXP. I made Slip21.exe and tried running on WindowsXP. MsgBox appeared, "Can't load (or register) custom control 'COMDLG32.OCX'" I confirmed that there is none in Windows and its sub directories. I copied it in C:\Windows\System to the WindowsXP directory. I ran Slip21 and worked. I was afraid that it might not work because the appearance is different in Windows98 from WindowsXP. The later OS is compatible as for the old custom control dated in 1999. The Common Dialog Boxes could decrease a text box for input.
15:26 Apr23 GMT+9

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