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My old PCs

Hidemaru html viewer is uncapable for Windows 98
I changed browser mail for Hidemaru mailer, because ads of Yahoo's web mail became big when I login. So I have begun Hidemaru mailer again. RCG always send html mails. Hidemaru mailer does not show html mail.

I looked for any hint for help in Hidemaru mailer. I checked an option for html, but the mailer refused. I found necessary to install html mail viewer for Hidemaru mailer. Googling, I opened Hidemaru site. Hidemaru html viewer is uncapable for Windows 98.

I began reusing web mail. With Yahoo web mail again, I can see html mail.
13:42 Nov27 GMT+9

Install ActivePerl for Windows 98
ActivePerl is a tool to execute Perl program for Windows. But Activestate have stopped distributing ActivePerl for Windows 98. Googling, I looked for old version of ActivePerl. There are a few sites to have the archive. But they are not free inspite of free distribution of Activestate. Funny business. Vector is a free site to download free distribution in Japan. I have registered my program there. I found a free site in Geocities and downloaded ActivePerl-[24] I looked into a site how to install ActivePerl.[25] I ran ActivePerl, as Activestate's guidance wrote. I typed 'Perl -v',

    This is perl, v5.6.1 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
    (with 1 registered patch, see perl -V for more detail)

    Copyright 1987-2001, Larry Wall

    Binary build 638 provided by ActiveState Corp.
    ActiveState is a division of Sophos.
    Built Apr 13 2004 19:24:21

    Perl may be copied only under the terms of either the Artistic License or the
    GNU General Public License, which may be found in the Perl 5 source kit.
    Complete documentation for Perl, including FAQ lists, should be found on
    this system using `man perl' or `perldoc perl'. If you have access to the
    Internet, point your browser at, the Perl Home Page.

I could confirm that ActivePerl worked.
9:50 Nov21 GMT+9

Install AN HTTPD
I installed AN HTTPD, as a site described. I copied my index.html to www directory. I typed,
IE6 showed my home page on Windows 98. I downloaded Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 95, 98, and Me from Microsoft.[23] It needs to install ActivePerl.
20:19 Nov20 GMT+9

Download IE5.5
I tried downloading IE5.5 from the site which I told yesterday. I tried twice, but failed. I clicked, and IE6 connected to Opera site. I set up IE6 to save the desktop. The transmission was cut off on half of downloading. The file size and transfer rate were 48.7 MB and 45 kB/s. Instead of giving up a download of Japanese edition, I downloaded English version from another site.[22] The file size was 84.1 MB. I could download it, though the transfer rate was slow 24 kB/s.

I customized options, when I installed English version of IE5.5 on Windows 95. I do notinstall multimedia, messenger and outlook. It took a long time to install, a message box of Windows Update poped up,

    An error ocurred loading "C:\Program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\ieinfo5.ocx". The file may not have been installed or it has been corrupted.
I ran the explorer, it took time to initialize the program. I accessed and Google's home page showed abnormal command buttons. Yahoo's home page showed that it needed at least IE6 to look in the site. I tried googling, and typed a few words. IE5.5 did not show the input words at once. The response was slow. Google's sorting works. I trieda login of Gmail. IE5.5 hung up. I have to reset Windows 95. I also tried login of Yahoo's web mail. I could browse my folder, but too slow to display. My 66 MHz machine of Windows 95 and IE5.5 may be a personal web server for my CGI test. I confirmed how much space did IE5.5 occupied in HDD. Windows' directory has 261 MB. It was 31 MB, when I installed Windows 95 itself. IE5.5 occupied almost of the folder. I have to two other programs for CGI test. Do the 66 MHz machine work?
19:13 Nov19 GMT+9

IE version for installing AN HTTPD
Looking at an example of installing AN HTTPD, a browser may need.[20] Naturally IE6 does not work on Windows 95. And Active Perl needs IE5.5 at least. Active Perl is a tool for Perl language programming. Googling, One can download IE5.5 from a site.[21]
21:59 Nov18 GMT+9

Personal web server ( PWS )
I decided to use my old 66 MHz machine for a personal web server. I will learn Perl or PHD language for CGI. OS of the machine is Windows 95. Googling, there is three ways to build an experimental server in LAN.

  • Microsoft's PWS
    It seems to be the easiest way for me to learn CGI. Microsoft anounced that there was a memory leak problem in PWS program.[16] It is OK in my case for practice, but I will have to install another program for a server on Windows 95 and learn the program a little, when I will open a server in future.
    It works on Windows95, Windows98, WindowsMe, WindowsNT 4.0, Windows2000, WindowsXP.[17]
  • Apache
    It was not originally for Windows. It supported Windows 95 or NT since ver 1.3. It has a fatal problem for CGI user
      Windows 用の Apache バージョン 1.3 系では同期的な呼び出しが実装されています。このことは、バッファされていない結果が直ちにブラウザで見られないという CGI 制作者にとっては大きな問題の原因になります。これは、Apache の CGI に記述された動作ではなく、Windows への移植の副作用です。Apache 2.0 では、望まれる非同期の動作を実装が行なわれていて、 NT/2000 での実装で、CGI が額面通りの動作が可能になることを 期待しています。
    Otherwise ver 2.2 does not work on earlier Windows 2000.[18] In case of Windows 9x, I had better install ver 2.0. But another document wrote that,[19]
      Skiping the long explanation, nothing less than Windows 98 is going to get you anywhere at this point. Upgrade. Or install a free and supported operating system.
    Release date of ver 2.0.64 and 1.3.42 was released 2010-10-19 and 2010-02-02 each. I had better give up installing ver 2.0.
So, I adopt AN HTTPD. The latest version was released in 2006.
21:38 Nov18 GMT+9

Comparision with Sakura

Sakura litePerl5.8OKOKNG\208
Geocities +Perl5.8
I have registered Yahoo geocities' server, but it is not available for CGI in my option. It needs exra fee \500 a month. It is \6,000 in a year. I compared Geocities with Sukura rental server.[14][15]
15:18 Nov17 GMT+9

I confirmed that Sakura did not insert any advertisement on browsing web mail. Yahoo enlarged ad image, when one logs in. The ad image is 19 x 15 cm size. I set up a frame of favorite on IE6. So the Yahoo customer's ad pushes my login box into the right side. It is unpleasant for me. I will use e-mail software again. Yahoo allows to reserve capacity of 1 GB in mail server, so I will not back up log of mail software. I had used Outlook express, Outlook and Hidemaru mail before. Outlook was heavy and slow. Outlook express does not have sorter, though it is simple. I will install Hidemaru mailer again on Windows 98.
11:11 Nov20 GMT+9

Crawl of Google's robot
I accessed Google web master again. The diagnostics was the same again. I confirmed Google's roboto crawled five hours ago then. The roboto crawls under robot.txt. The robot.txt is under control of, so I cannot control and revise the robot's crawl, I think. I will have to have independent domain to get google diagnostics information at once.
13:04 Nov17 GMT+9

Vector have stopped accepting LZH archived files
I tried uploading my TDS.exe to Vector site. But Vector bans LZH now. Googling, I found Vector's announcement.[13] So I uploaded TDS.exe with zip format.
15:50 Nov12 GMT+12

Diagnostics of Google web master
I corrected description of my site, because diagnostics of Google web master pointed out the descriptions. But Google web master shows the same evaluation before. Witout purchase of an advertisement, Can Google do a new diagnostics? I wrote that Google web master tool was useful before on 4 November.
14:53 Nov12 GMT+9

Installer of VB4 does not work well on Windows 7
I downloaded my program TDS.exe from Windows 98 on Windows 7. I opened the program, and a message of no 'VB40032.dll', as I supposed so. I downloaded TDS0.lzh from my site. and I tried installing the program, but a message of "There is not enough free disk space on one more drives." I clicked 'Exit Setup'. A message appeared that is "TDS Setup was interrupted before your new software was fully installed. You can run TDS Setup in its entirety at a later time to complete the installation. Setup will now start the application removal utility to remove temporary installaion files." I kept 2 files of VB40032.dll and stkit432.dll in Windows\System32 directory. The character of 0x5c is called back slash and assigned as delimiter usually, but the code is also assinged as yen code in Japanese.

I found that installer of VB4 did not work on Windows 7.
20:17 Nov09 GMT+9

Windows 7 can gain access to Windows 98, otherwise not
Sharing between Win98 and Win7

Icon of ExplorerAccess
Googling, I tried accessing Microsoft's site to get information about keywords of 'Windows 7' '異 naru Windows' '共有', but cannot open. I suppose that Microsoft do not support IE6. Another site shows to change '共有詳細設定 no 変更' in home network of control panel on Windows 7.[12]

    Password 保護共有 → 無効
I changed the option, and Windows 7 can give access to Windows 98 and Windows 95. Otherwise, this time a message box appeared that "\\xxxxx ni access dekimasen. kono 要求 ha, network de support saretemasen."
19:52 Nov09 GMT+9

Access to Windows 7 through Windows 98
Lan between Win98 and Win7

Icon of ExplorerIPC$Ping
I wanted to send a program file to Windows 7 machine through 400 MHz machine of Windows 98. I opended explorer, and cliked the name of Windows 7. But a message box appeared to enter a password. I tried a few passwords, but failed. This time I looked for the Windows 98 machine through Windows 7. There is no computers on home network. I confirmed 'ping' command. Ping showed that TCP/IP was avilable before. This is a problem of Microsoft Network. A site explains that IPC$(Inter-Process Communication) approves of access to resource of computers.[11] I will have to register names and passwords of the workgroup on Windows 7.
12:30 Nov09 GMT+9

COM port number of 400 MHz machine
I tested my programmed exe file to use RS232 port in 400 MHz machine of Windows 98. The program displayed a messeage box with "Run-time error '8002' : Invalid Port Number". I opened device manager, and found that COM port number was one. I will fix the program to select a port number of RS232. I also changed description of specifications of my old PCs.
11:33 Nov07 GMT+9

Setup wizard in VB4
Version of controls
I read setup wizard in programmer's guide in VB4. I thought the program is very useful. I made a tiny exe file. I clicked the setup wizard. The manual writes that we can save in network format. But the program refused not to allow the same drive of installed VB. I had allocated the entire capacity of HDD in C drive. I cannot create a new drive. I will have to use 400 MHz machine. This machine has two logical drives. The setup wizard showed that 4 disks of 1.2 MB. It is too big size. I omited grid and data control, and the size decreased 2 disks of 1.2 MB.
Version of DLL
The setup wizard check file version of necessary components, when a user install. The setup wizard can show the versions of controls. I confirmed version of DLLs by property of the files.
19:44 Nov04 GMT+9

Make exe file in VB4
I am programming VB4 on Windows 95 of 66 MHz machine. I have saved my project in another PC's drive. It is easy to refer and back up the files to MO drive. I tried making an exe file, but VB4 was frozen. So I tried saving the project on 66 MHz machine. VB was frozen. I tried saving the saved form on 66 MHz machine. VB was frozen. I copied the form to 66 MHz machine, and created the same project. When VB called a project or a form from another PC, I found that VB could not save as project or form. To make exe file, VB needs form or project on the same machine.
18:27 Nov04 GMT+9

Google web master tool
I have registered my site to analyze how vistors looked. The tool has a function to diagnoze sites. I could understand that a few links had not been available and some titles duplicated. The diagnostic tool is useful.
11:06 Nov04 GMT+9

Image scanner and Image viewer
My family use a fax machine which is a scanner for PC. The machine cannot apply for Windows 98. So I had used a USB memory stick from scanner to Windows 98. But the data format is pdf only and I lost the stick. I decided to use my family Windows 7 machine. I tried installing the scanner's driver. The site shows that a CD is necessary for installing. I also lost the CD. I happened to see the CD im my room. The CD showed that the suitable is not conatined and guided the maker's site. I looked around the site before. Without the CD, is it available? I could install it. If I scan a page of Nature, image resolution needs 300 dpi. Each of 3 pages is 1.4 to 1.8 MB. I happened to use an image viewer of Windows 7. Rotation is fast. I have no photo editors since HDD crush on Windows 98. Explorer cannot zoom an image. It only enlarge. The enlarge is too big to read a page of Nature. Windows 98 has "Imaging for Windows", which does not save as TIF format only. My old camera saves a photo of jpg file. Do I have to use two different formats?

I miss Kodak's photo viewer which installed 11 years ago. I do not remember the name. Googling, I knew PhotoClick Viewer 1.0 by Kodak. I installed and confiremed. it was different. I will look for a photo viewer to show photos in a folder at the same time for Windows 98. Although I use Fine Pix Viewer of Fuji Film, it cannot show a lot of photos at the same time.

I want an image editor for Windows 98. I downloaded and installed 'JTrim'. I tried trimming a page of Nature. The file size of 1,425 KB decreased 550 KB. I decided to use 'JTrim'.
20:00 Oct31 GMT+9

Time resolution of Sakura watch
Difference in 10 minutes
Delay [s]Difference
0.164+17 ms
0.153-11 ms
0.170+17 ms
0.168-02 ms
0.181+13 ms
0.199+18 ms
0.183-16 ms
0.175-18 ms
0.187+12 ms
Response time of NTP
NTP serverResponse
time-nw.nist.gov170 ms
160 ms
110 ms
ntp.bbtec.net60 ms
50 ms
0 ms
I installed Sakura watch to adjust time of PC on 66 MHz machine as well as another 400 MHz machine. I have registered a NTP server of '' in a default of Sakura watch. I changed it for '' on Windows 98 at first. A site introduced it[8]. The respons time was 50 ms on Windows 98. I repeated run and end three times on Windows 95 of 66 MHz. Response of '' is faster than '' because I am a member of YahooBB.

I have known that function Now of Visual Basic is one second resolution. Sakura watch measures a resolution of 50 ms. Was it programmed by low level without Windows API? VB has a precision of one-eighteenth of a second[9]. I knew that SetSystemTime and SetSystemTimeAdjustment functions can fix at least 2ms[9]. Sakura watch uses Windows API. I looked at a history of delay time by Sakura watch on Windows 98. The table showed delay in 10 minutes, though I wrote that the defalut time was 30 minutes before. It was wrong. 10 minutes is correct. Sakura watch works well on Windows 95.
17:38 Oct29 GMT+9

Boolean in VB
I declared a Boolean variable in General object. But a message box appeared and showed "Statement in valid outside Type block. I may have to declare a type of Boolean. I do not know. So I declared a Integer variable.
14:41 Oct29 GMT+9

Str function in VB
Function Str transforms number into text. I implanted it, but my cord did not work. I found that Str implants a space of prefix in case of positive number. I trimmed it by LTrim function. So my cord works.
9:03 Oct28 GMT+9

List time stamp programming in VB4
I work VB4 and try listing time stamps per minute. I did not think a good algorithm. The code was more complicated. On the way, I found that 66 MHz machine could not control "If sentence" in a second. I wrote a premptitive code to be able to interruput the process. It needs on Windows programming.

I installed MSDN starter kit in VB4 CD. I read a sample of MSCOMM. It was useful.
8:00 Oct26 (GMT+9)

Manipulation of String in VB4
String functions
Len, LenB
Mid, Left, Right
Trim, LTrim, RTrim
UCase, LCasenone
I thought VB4 has few functions for string manipulation. I happen to see a site to introduce the manipulation in VB6. I want 'Split' function now. I have to program to make the function.
19:24 Oct24 (GMT+9)

Compare time stamp of the same files in different folders and drive
I have saved files in MO drive since HDD crush of 400 MHz machine. MO is a optical device as well as CDROM drive. I am anxious about breaking down the MO drive a little ( See below CDROM drive broke down ). I will save files in HDD and back up in MO drive. But explorer of Windows 98 cannot compare between different folders and drives at a glance. I looked for a free file utitility software like 'ecology' in DOS. I downloaded "高速 file 比較 tool", "Win File Shuttle for" and "Zcopy for Win". I adopted "Zcopy for Win" and am to evaluate it.

I have two DOS logical drives in HDD. The size of them are 604 MB. Otherwise MO disk is 599MB. Naturally if occupied capacity of logical drive exceed 599 MB, I will not able to duplicate the drive. So I tried changing size of the logical drive by 'fdsik' command. Strangly I cannot do it. I remember that I could erase or create a logical drive in Windows 95. Do Puppy Linux interfer?
10:20 Oct22 (GMT+9)

Windows 95 version
I could not install an archiver on Windows 95 because of KERNEL32.DLL error. Another archiver did not show local files list. A site recommends to upgrage version of Windows 95. So I looked for a CD of service pack 1 of Windows 95. An introduction document of the CD was a format of .doc. I added word pad for .doc on Windows accessary. I installed the service pack. Version and date of KERNEL32.DLL are,

    Windows 95 -> 4.00.950a
    KERNEL32.DLL -> 4.00.951 95/12/31 405kB
The both archivers did not work on 4.00.950a of Windows 95. Another site shows other upgrades of Windows 95[6]. My version is the same of OSR1. Does OSR2 resolve the problem?

Sometimes IE6 shut down
IE6 shut down sometimes, when flash player works. The error message box shows,

    Iexplore ga 無効 na 命令 wo 実行 shimashita.
    Module : Flash9N.OCX, Address : 015f:0280a95d
I do not know why. Although I want to change flash plyaer 9 for 10, flash player 10 does not support Windows 98. I had better exchange the broken CDROM drive to work Puppy Linux, do I?
09:19 Oct15 (GMT+9)

ASFtp and FFFtp don't work on Windows 95
I installed ASFtp on Windows 95. Strangely ASFtp could connect my server. But it does not show a local file folder of Windows 95. I tried installing another FFFTP to check Windows 95. Ah, Windows 95 showed a message box. It said,

    FFFTP-1 no c06d007eH no reigai desu.
    module : KERNEL32.DLL, address : 0137:bff9a224
This is the same error address, when I tried installing Lhaplus on Windows 95. I will have to work ASFtp on 400 MHz machine of Windows 98.
15:59 Oct14 (GMT+9)

Automatic uploader ASFtp
I searched an automatic FTP program to revise a page of my site. I found BulletProof FTP Client for Windows and ASFtp. BulletProof is shareware and $34.95. ASFtp is freeware. So I downloaded ASFtp and installed on Windows 98 of 400 MHz machine. I cannot connect with my server at first. Referring to setup of FFFTP, I have copied its setup to ASFtp setup. To confirm again, I input the setup by typing keyboard. ASFtp works. If I install ASFtp to 66 MHz machine of Windows 95, I will be able to upload measuring data of TDS310 to my site.
15:41 Oct14 (GMT+9)

Can't install Lhaplus
I tried installing archiver Lhaplus like 400 MHz machine of Windows 98 on 66 MHz machine. But Windows 95 showed an excemption error message box, "module : kernel32.dll, address : 0137:bff9a224" So I downloaded and installed another archiver Lhaca delux version. It works on Windows 95.

I downloaded a MSCOMM test program from a site. It was written in VB6. So I could not add MScommTest.frm, but add the code. I created the form shown in the site[5]. The program could not recieve the data from TDS310 at first, though MSCOMM port was open. Reading TDS manual again, I noticed hardware flagging and changed property,

    RTSEnable = True
The program works.
0:04 Oct13 (GMT+9)

CDROM drive broke down
I have used x56 CDROM drive to start Puppy Linux. The CDROM drive broke down suddenly. Looking into the device manager of Windows 98, the device driver works. I am going to use sharing CDROM drive of 66 MHz machine. Naturally, 400 MHz machine cannot start from the neighbor CDROM drive. So I cannot run Puppy Linux.

I have changed 2 CDROM drives in 11 years. This is 3 times to break down. They endure only 4 years at most. Looking around internet, it had better not hold a CD in the tray of CDROM drive. I always have held a startup CD of Puppy Linux. The CD itself has a longer life than FD. But the drive's life is too poor. I am anxious about MO. I always write files into MO since HDD of Windows 98 crushed. A site looked into how long various media have lasted. MO is alert according to the site[3]. In fact, A PC shop does not have stock of MO drive. I am to decrease writing times to use MO drive. Only Fujitsu and Konica make MO drive[4]. MO is Sony only.
10:06 Oct06 (GMT+9)

Flash player 9
I happened to see Adobe site. Flash player 9 works under reqirement of 128 MB RAM and 450 MHz processor. I downloaded it and installed. Flashplayer9 + IE6 seems clearer than SeaMonkey of Puppy Linux. Is this a difference of display of 24-bit (Puppy) and 32-bit (Win98)? I cannot believe that the sample image has colors of 32-bit depth.
19:08 Oct05 (GMT+9)

DoEvents of VB
I looked into a RS232READ program[1]. My tiny program does not work in the subroutine. I found unknown DoEvents. Looking into reference manual, DoEvents is function to pass control on Windows 95. It is very important that Windows 95 does jobs in the bacground. Without its function, sharing files will be impossible through LAN. I confirmed that Windows 95 or later are suitable to measurement.

    While your 32-bit application is working on a long background task, Windows will switch the processor around to give all applications a chance to use it.
I will use 66 MHz machine for a logger or recorder of measurement data. I asked Tektronix whether to be avilable for old version of WSTRO to control DSO. Tektronix showed WAVESTAR. WAVESTAR requires,
    Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0 with service pack 6, 2000, or XP Professional operating system. 128 MB RAM or greater recommended. SVGA monitor or better 40 MB disk space Appropriate interface hardware to connect your PC to an oscilloscope: National Instruments or equivalent IEEE 488.2 GPIB Interface Card RS-232 serial communications port and RS-232 cable 10/100 BaseT compatible Ethernet card or port

    This is a 30-day demonstration version of WaveStar Software for Oscilloscopes (WSTRO). The program is an easy-to-use software interface between your PC and Tektronix oscilloscopes. WaveStar Software for Oscilloscopes lets you remotely control your oscilloscope to capture, display, analyze, measure and document signal waveforms via GPIB, RS-232 or Ethernet connections.

WSTRO does not support Windows 95 and reqires 128 MB memory. This is why I try programming to capture my old Tektronix DSO.
11:03 Oct05 (GMT+9)

TL.EXE does not work on MS-DOS prompt of Windows 95 JP edtion
TL.EXE by Tektronix does not work on MS-DOS prompt of newly installed Windows 95 Japanese edtion. The program worked on Windows 95 English edition. I restarted full screen MS-DOS mode. The result was the same. I typed command "CHEV". Windows 95 showed a message,

    現在 no mode ha 日本語 mode desu. CHEV command no kawarini JP, US command wo 使用 shitekudasai.
    Please use JP, US command instead of CHEV command.
I remember that Windows 95 overwrites PCDOSV6.1J. Naturally switch command of PCDOSV does not work. I changed US. TL.EXE works. I started Windows 95 and changed US in MS-DOS promt window. TL.EXE works too. I think TL.EXE works on Windows 98, if I changed JP for US mode. If I change US mode, Windows 95 recognizes 106 JP keyborad correct.
12:40 Oct04 (GMT+9)

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