My old PCs
Specifications of my old PCs
TypeAcerDell GX240(19)Dell V400cSystem work
CPUCore 2.67GHzPentium(R) 4 1.70GHzCeleron (Mendocino) 400MHz486DX 66MHz
Chip setIntel H55 ExpressIntel 845Intel 440BX-
Mother boardAcer--AIR 486MI(23)
Memory dimension & size4GBDIMM168P 1GB(20)DIMM168P 384MB(5)SIMM72P 16MB
Memory clock (FSB)133MHz100MHz (400MHz)100MHz33MHz
Video chip & memoryGeForce GTS 450 1GBNVIDIA GeForce FX5200 128MBATI 3D RagePro AGP 2X 8MBATI Mach32
HDDWD3200JS-19PDB0 ATA 172GBWD400BB-60DA0(40.0GB) 37.27GB(21)ST3160215A(160.0 GB) 140.05GB(4)WD2540 503MB
RS232N/ACOM1, COM2 Dsub9p femaleCOM1 Dsub9p femaleCOM2 Dsub25p female
USB (port)USB2.0 (6)USB1.1 (6)USB1.1 (2)N/A
Keyboard/Mouse connectorPS/2 USBPS/2PS/2AT / DSUB9P
KeyboardSKB-SL268BK(36)(35)101US for AT(35)Buffalo BSKBU11BK(7)(35)-
MouseMS Comfort 4500(32)(34)-MS 2 Button-
Power on
Yamaha YST-M8 tone
-Harman HK195 bass & treble
with volume
MonitorLG 19.5" 20m37D-B(28)-15" Dell 828FI-
Horizontal scanning frequency30 - 83kHz---
Vertical scanning frequency56 - 75Hz---
EthernetOn board 1GbpsOn board 100MbpsBuffalo LGY-PCI-TXD(1) 100MbpsLaneed LD-PNE20/TA 10Mbps
CDROM driveHP DVD DH16ABLH ATASAMSUNG SN-124(26)Mitsumi x56(2)Mitsumi x8
FDDN/A3mode 3.5in(17)3mode 3.5incombo 3.5, 5.25in
OSWindows 10 Home(33)WindowsXP Home SP3(27)WindowsXP Home ed.(13)
Windows98 JP edition,
Puppy Linux 4.3.1JP(3)
Win95JP 4.00.950a(6)(10)
KERNEL32.DLL6.1.7601.22653 14/04/12
6.1.7601.22616 14/03/04
5.1.2600.6293 12/10/03 (Home)
5.1.2600.5781 04/08/05 (Pro)
5.1.2600.5781 09/03/21 (XP)
4.10.1998 98/06/12 (98)
4.00.951 95/12/31
Display1600x1200 32-bit(24)-1024x768 32-bit (Win98), 24-bit (Puppy)1024x768 256-color
Window manager--Explorer-
BrowserChrome 43.0.2357.130 m
IE8Jp 8.0.6001.18702IE8Jp 8.0.6001.18702
IE6Jp 6.0.2800.1106
SeaMonkey 1.1.18(14)
IE5.5En 5.50.4807.2300(11)
Flash playerAdobe ver10.3Adobe (Win98)
Adobe NA, Media player 9 (XP Home)
Adobe ReaderXI 11.0.10ver10.1.2(18)ver5-
Japanese IMEIME 10.1.7601.0Microsoft IME2002 ver8.1 IME2002 ver8.1 (XP)
IME98 (Win98)
Geany in Puppy linux(15)
Programming toolVisual Studio 12.0(39)
VB2010 Express
Eclipse Luna 4.4.2
VB2010 Express
VB4 on Windows 98
GDL on Windows 98
AVR Studoio 7(31)
D2CAD 1.31 on Win98/XP
CADLUS Design 4.5 on Win98/XP
JWW 6.21 on Windows 98
JWW 7.04 on Windows XP

(1) Realtek RTL8139/810X family PXI fast Ethernet NIC, replaced Laneed LD-10/100S
(2) Disconnected for FreeBSD, connected for Puppy Linux again. Broke down, and restored now
(3) Replaced FreeBSD7.2, unavailable for installing Windows XP
(4) Puppy recognized the capacity, 12 GB for Windows 98
(5) Increased from 64MB
(6) Changed English edition to use 106 JP keyboard. Tried FreeBSD, replaced PCDOS 6.1J and Windows 3.1J
(7) Changed 101 US to coincide with 106 JP symbol keys arrangement, replaced 101 US again
(8) Notepad may open one file only, while Hidemaru can open some files at the same time
(9) Lhaplus cannot install on Windows 95
(10) Upgraded service Pack 1, Windows 95 has 386 dll files on 20 January 2011
(11) Not available for Japanese edition
(12) Replaced PS2 for AT with transform cable
(13) Version 5.1, Windows XP has 1174 dll files in system32 directory on 18 May 2011
(14) Included in Puppy linux, but unavailable for installing Windows XP now
(15) Unavailable for installing Windows XP
(16) Windows 98 has 688 dll files in system directory on 19 January 2011
(17) Not working on 12 February 2012
(18) Installed on 19 February 2012
(19) User guide shiyou
(20) Replaced 256MB on Apr14 2012
(21) Western Digital Legacy WD400BB specifications
(22) Reused broken Dell's on 3 May 2012
(23) HDD controller broke down in Jul 2012
(24) Changed 1280x1024 for 1600x1200 on 18 Jun 2012
(25) Installed on 15 November 2012
(26) Not working on 14 May 2013
(27) Reinstalled for WindowsXP Pro on 14 May 2013
(28) Replaced broken 17" Iiyama A702H 1600x1200 75Hz(non interlace) on 12 Jun 2015
(29) Replaced broken 106JP for AT on 7 Jul 2015(12)
(30) Replaced OpenOffice4.0 in 2015
(31) Installed 2016-01-26
(32) Replaced broken MS 3-Button 2016-02-13
(33) Upgraded Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 2016-11-03
(34) Replaced Sanwa MA-BL10BK because of poor vertical wheel scroll 2017-03-22
(35) Replaced because of happening not to receive some keys typing 2018-01-14
(36) Probably replaced DOS/V because of missing some keys in 2015-07
(37) Has replaced because Hidemaru does not show zenkaku space clear and no support of spell check
(38) Has replaced to spell check 2017-09
(39) Installed for My SQL 2018-01-10
(40) Version up to speed up scrolling 2018-01

IRQ allocation of Windows98 As for Windows95, See
00System timer
02Interrupt controller
05Sound system
06FDD controller
08CMOS/Real time clock
09ATI 3D Rage pro
PCI stirring IRQ holder
10Realtek RTL8139 NIC
PCI stirring IRQ holder
11PCI stirring IRQ holder
12PS/2 compatible port
14PCI Bus master IDE controller
Primary IDE controller (dula FIFO)
15PCI Bus master IDE controller
Secondary IDE controller (dula FIFO)