My LAN tests
My old PCs
Label information of DSL modem
Current5V 0.6A
CertificationA01-0142JP L01-0239
We use a PC (Windows 98) and 2 game toys (PSP and Xbox) to connect internet via DSL. The 3 machines could not look each other, though there is a router. So I plan that my wife's pipe organ Linux machine and the Windows 98 machine look one another this time. I do not know LAN well. At first, I tried a connection between the Windows98 machine and an old Windows 95 machine (66MHz, 16MB) for practice. The rooter is unknown make which was supplied with the modem by ISP. The modem is PARADYNETM made in USA. The name is DSL Modem Model 6350. The certification are A01-0142JP and L01-0239. The distance is 2.7 km between my home and the phone station. The transmission loss may be 45 dB by NTT West Japan.

Cable test
No effect through 2 rooters Measured date : Feb 23
No effect of LAN cable length Nominal speed : 910Kbps
11°47′5m5m598Kbps 602Kbps
11°50′5m1m603Kbps 586Kbps
11°56′15m1m598Kbps 569Kbps
I connected the router with another router (Buffalo which I used before for ADSL. But the Windows98 machine did not connect internet at all. I bought a 15m cable for a new layout. I checked the router and cables at first. I tested the new 15m cable. The test date was on August 5, 2009. The new layout seems work well. The transfer rates were measured by ADSL speed checker. As I removed unknown router and set up new one, I confirmed transfer rate through other router (Buffalo BBR-4MG).

File share between Win 98 and Win 95 machine
Makers have not made ISA bus LAN cards now. So I bought unused one by internet auction. This time the Windows 98 machine connected internet via the old router well. I do not know why to succeed. Maybe it related property of browse master. I troubled with the simple connection for 2 days. I looked up how to connect in internet information. A site shows that Windows 95 does not have TCP by default. I added a TCP in the Windows 95 machine. The Windows 98 machine could recognize the Windows 95 machine. But The Windows 95 machine did not recognize at all. Another site recommends that a low power machine had better eliminate extra network components. I eliminated Netware and Dialup component that I used for PC communication and FAX via 19.2kbps modem a long time ago on Windows 3.1. I tried and erros. I also added Microsoft DLC that did not work at all. I found Windows 98 did not recognize Windows 95 if NetBEUI component of the Windows 95 machine eliminated. I tried the NetBEUI property several times. At last the Win95 machine recognized the Win98 machine. Although both machines are peer-to-peer networking, 2 checks are necessary in Microsoft Network client and Microsoft Network Kyoyu service.
Inside Windows 95 by Adrian King

I open Network of desktop on both machines, but they do not have shown other machine yet. So I always click on the right button of each mouse, and search another name of machine. Each machine shows the other one. I know why not to show one. Browse Master is disabled[1][2][[3].

I learned a basic LAN using 2 routers this time. The Win98 machine can read 5.25″ FDD of the Win95 and take a large size of folder in HDD directly.

No enough disk space for FreeBSD with Windows 95
I plan to rebuild a Unix machine, but 500MB HDD has no space for FreeBSD. I freed D partition and installed Windows 95 in English. But Windows 98 could not share files with the Windows 95 machine. The reinstall of OS and the trouble of network took almost a week.

PSP (Play Station Portable)
My son has accused me not to connect with his PSP. I bought him a wireless bridge to connect a router with PSP. I asked him any parameters to setup. The PSP set up automatically before. The IP address of the PSP seemed no effective. I thought of an vacant port of another rooter in my room. And wireless brige is unnecessary for wiring. We hoped the PSP searched the new address and setup automatically. But the PSP failed. I told him to setup the new address on manual. So the PSP could communicate and He can google as before.

My son complained that he always had to check network to sign in, when he played the online game. So I allocated him a vacant IP address. But the next day, The Windows 98 machine could not access internet. The IP addres of the machine was reset. I removed a hub connected with a router and the machine. Without the hub, the Windows 98 machine and the Windows 95 machine cannot share their drives and files one another. I have a wireless router which I bought for a Windows 7 machine. The windows 7 machine could not enter internet, when I connected the wireless router (Corega WL2300NM) with the upstream rooter. So I determined to replace the wireless router for the upstream rooter. I connected a phone line into the modular jack for a phone directly. I confirmed to hear a tone of PBX.

  1. Confirmed the Windows 7 machine to connect internet
  2. Confirmed the Windows 98 machine to connect the wireless rooter directly
  3. Confirmed the Windows 98 machine to connect a port of the rooter which connected WAN to the wireless router
  4. Confirmed the Windows 98 machine to recognize the Windows 95 machine through the hub
  5. Confirmed PSP to connect internet, when connects with a port of the rooter
  6. Confirmed Xbox to connect internet
I do not know why to work well if the upstream rooter was removed.

Succeeded in sharing files between Windows 98 and Windows 95
I could share files in both machines, as insalled above. I changed parameters of network property of Windows95 machine, and I deleted and added protocols again and again. It passed two days while trouble shooting. I checked my memo for installing Windows 95. I wrote a message of Windows 3.11 NE2000 Compatible Interrupt 3. Windows 95 allocated new interrupt 11 or 15 automatically. I looked at device manager which might recognize Ethernet card properly. I doubted rooter, so changed connection of LAN calbes.

Difference of some files between Win98 and Win95
I changed a browsing site at first. I knew ping command useful to check a rooter and connection in case of TCP/IP in dos prompt. I thought the Windows 95 machine had better connect TCP/IP instead of NetBEUI in future. I installed TCP/IP protocol on the Windows 95 machine. I connected a port of the rooter that the Windows 98 machine responded correct. The Windows 95 machine responded time out. I happened to see a site how to use winipcfg command in Windows 95. I tried it, but the machine failed. I rememberd that installer told netwrok card might not work and will have to setup or something at a few second. I determined and added a driver from control panel. I confirmed device manager which showed an exclamation mark at the new driver, so I deleted 'Realtek RTL8019 LAN adapter or compatible' from network property. Rebooting, the device manager restored the RTL8019 LAN adapter. I tried it again. The result was the same. I thougt I had to take off the card once. I looked in a manual of the LAN card. The card prepared for setup program in DOS. I selected 'Jumperless' for 'Plug & Play'. I selected IRQ and I/O address. This time Windows 95 stopped installing compatible driver automatically. I could installed 'Laneed LD-PN Series Ethernet Adapters and worked ping. Ping replied time. I changed cable connection of the rooter. Winipcfg showed of IP address. I could not rewrite IP address, so I rebooted. The result was the same. I tried a connection of the upper flow side cable. Winipcfg showed a new IP address at once. I tried ping of the Windows98 machine. Ping replied 1 or 2 ms. I was glad very much, because I troubled a long time and the Windows 95 machine proved to communicate TCP/IP. I have disliked NetBEUI protocol, though it may have a merit of security aspect. Do you know a program to check NetBEUI like ping, ipconfig and winipcfg command? I googled to troubleshoot and referred some sites in Japanese. Windows 95 accept a number as ID name. But ping does not recognize number of name. So I added an English character at the number.

Change the cable between my server and bridge
I have adopted Dell GX450 for my new server since August 2011. I changed 5m red cable for 1.5m length black cable.
12:29 Nov16 GMT+9

 eo net (WAN) tests
Optical fiber cable speed test
WAN test [Mbps] Time: 15:49-15:56
I adopted optical fiber on 25 Oct 2011, but the baud rate was poor. I asked eonet tech support the poor result by email. The support recommended to test by direct connectivity without router effect, and referred to set up new PPPoE. I don't like to set up it because the Windows7 PC is for my family. I decided to test connected by wired 1.7GHz PC for my server. To do a test by IE, I think that the test needs a flash player and the latest version will not work on 1.6GHz PC, maybe. Googling, I knew the system reqirements of Adobe flash player 10 at a site,
  • Windows 2000, XP(SP2 and above), Windows Server, Windows Vista., Macintosh OS X, Linux
  • Intel Pentium 450MHz, AMD Athlon 600MHz processor (for Windows); Intel Core Dual 1.33GHz, PowerPC G3 500MHz processor (for Mac)
  • 128MB or higher Graphic RAM.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0/ 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.x/3.x, Opera 9.5 or later, Chrome 2.0 or later on Windows Mozilla Firefox 2.x/3.x, Opera 9.5 or later on Macintosh OS X
  • ReaHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu erc. OS is also supported.
I installed flash player 10, though I don't want to install it in fact because Adobe recommends to install newer version persistent in task bar. I ran a test by eonet support three times on 4 November 2011. The table shows the result. Averaging both speeds of up and down are more than 70% of nominal 100Mbps. The result is good. I also tested by Radish Network Speed Testing and got downstream 69.42Mbps and upstream 75.64Mbps, reported in detail. However, I don't know why new wireless Windows7 PC shows poor baud rate.

IP address changed when router powered off
When I powered off router, I found that my IP address of eonet changed from to
14:55 Nov15 GMT+9

Router cannot reply to a ping
I asked for Corega's support why stealth mode would not be unable. It replied broken, and Corega will be able to repair. But Corega does not offer the alternative one for repairing. I do not want to stop my server for a week or two weeks. The fee is ¥8,000 in Corega's list (CoregaRepairing_price.pdf) at least.
15:07 Nov15 GMT+9

Googlebot's activity
Viewed results in 2011-2012

Pages/dayDownloaded/day [KB]Download time [ms]
I changed 66MHz PC for 1.7GHz PC for my server in August 2011. Google Web Master Tool reports Googlebot's activity by historical graphs in 90 days. I sometimes look into the data to watch my server. Although Web Master Tool reports "Outo ga togiremashita" when Googlebot accessed, download time is fewer than three seconds. I looked up crawl data on 6 January 2012. As the data in September was eliminated, download mean time improved 1.6 times comparing with Dec02.

Google Web Master showed disconnected 12 times
Google Web Master showed disconnected 12 times on 20 January 2012. The files were listed in AN HTTPD log files on 20 and 21 January. Code 304 means 'Not Modified'. The 304 does not transmit resource because client's cash is updated.[4] IP address is the name of So I will ignore Google Web Maseter's disconnected file list.
  1. E-Longtom.htm - - [21/Jan/2012:14:58:45 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Longtom.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  2. 3664F.htm - - [21/Jan/2012:13:51:31 +0900] "GET /rp/3664F.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  3. readmeX.txt - - [21/Jan/2012:02:44:13 +0900] "GET /rp/readmeX.txt HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  4. InternetExplorer6ServicePack1.txt - - [21/Jan/2012:02:43:12 +0900] "GET /rp/InternetExplorer6ServicePack1.txt HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  5. RiverSnail.htm - - [21/Jan/2012:02:17:48 +0900] "GET /rp/RiverSnail.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  6. E-Radar.htm - - [21/Jan/2012:01:51:51 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Radar.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  7. E-Merchant.htm - - [21/Jan/2012:01:06:31 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Merchant.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  8. E-Marines.htm - - [21/Jan/2012:00:23:09 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Marines.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  9. E-Engine.htm - - [20/Jan/2012:22:54:41 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Engine.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  10. E-Cipher.htm - - [20/Jan/2012:21:59:43 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Cipher.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  11. E-Expenditure.htm - - [20/Jan/2012:21:05:02 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Expenditure.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
  12. E-Grumman.htm - - [20/Jan/2012:20:09:28 +0900] "GET /enokiepisode/E-Grumman.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 0
 Time interval of Sakura watch for NTP
OSWindows98WindowsXP HomeWindowsXP Pro
I have used Sakura Watch to cyncronize PC's clock now. I elongated the intervals of Windows98, WindowsXP Home and WindowsXP Pro. The table shows the latest intervals.
14:36 Feb16 GMT+9

[1] Hokano computer ga mienai
[2] Saidai 51 pun
[3] [W95] browse master no settei oyobi, sentei ni tuite
[4] HTTP status code ichiran

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