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VB: There is no SSTab in the tool box of VB4 in 400MHz PC
I copied TDS1 project files into 400MHz PC for backup. I am afraid whether the project runs on 400MHz PC. VB4 showed a corrupted form. A tab custom control disappered in the form. I compared the tool boxes of 400MHz and my server. 400MHz is one less than my server. So I operated Menu -> Tools -> Custom Control... A message box appeared,

    [!] Object server not correctly registered
I clicked 'OK' six times. VB4 showed a list. There is no tab control in the list. I uninstalled VB4, deleted VB3. I reinstalled VB3 VB4 from control panel. The new VB appeared with the SStab this time. Did I install VB3 from Explorer or Start menu? I do not remember. I opened the TDS1 project correct. I tested to add a custom control from menu. VB4 showed the exclamated message as before.

VB4 tells to record product ID, when installing. I wrote down the numbers on the inside of CDROM package sheet. I counted ten IDs for 66MHz PC ( server ) on Windows 95. I installed VB4 ten times. Windows 95 is more times than VB4. I was to install Windows 3.1J or Windows 3.11 for Workgroup are much more. I will not buy a upgrade edition of OS any more.

TDS1.exe worked untill 20:18 today.
20:00 Jul03 GMT+9

TDS1.exe has restored now
Although I am troubled with a run time error, I could restore TDS1.exe program. The error was page violation. Page is concept of code or memory unit. The size is 64KB. It seems that TDS1 and AN HTTPD may not work on Windows 95 well. Once TDS captures right to run, it is always all right. I think that Windows 95 cannot handle time slice programs at the same time. I could access to my server ( AN HTTPD ) by LAN hosts and see output ( Meas.txt ) of TDS1.exe, befor Windows 95 crashed. I was a user of TSS, when I was a student of TIT ( Tokyo Institute of Technology ). I was not interested in OS at all. Hacking was very rare those days, wasn't it? My server was threatened by a remoto computer from Russia.
17:10 Jun03 GMT+9

Explorer cannot cut and paste
Explorer of my server showed an error message,
    File no idou no error
    [x] xxxx wo idou dekimasen. Access dekimasen.
    Disk ga ippaide naika, write protect sarete inaika, mataha file ga 使用中 denaika kakunin shite kudasai
So I copied one of the two file, and pasted it to destination and deleted the origin. Explorer could not do another one as well. The both were 20KB size only. I doubted Windows 95. I ran MSDOS prompt. Ping worked. I powered off it and restarted Windows 95 and Explorer. Explorer showed the failured file to the destination. I suppose that Explorer would be unstable, when Windows 95 hangs up.

I looked at my server's log. A site tried to access to my server in every second. I suppose that such server's job eat up memory. Windows 95 handles up to 64KB only at once. I worked VB4 then. I want Explorer to work at anytime.
11:03 Jul03 GMT+9

VB: formname.log is error description
I have been programming TDS1. TDS1 is new version of getting measurements of Tektronix's DSO output by RS232 serial interface. My server receives and uploads the data. I missed to back up a form that is like source code. I tried to make a new project and add an old form. But VB4 refused. I pasted all the componet of the old form. Strangely MSSCOM became a picture box. I ran. A message showed, "Method or data member not found". I knew that VB4 write formname.log in the same directory of the form. I opened the log and referred to serial control. Certainly, the error message was "Error during load. Refer to 'A:\TDS1.log' for details".
22:08 Jul02 GMT+9

Enoki Sensor - My new site name
Enoki Sensor
I change the name of my site, Enoki Flying Board into Enoki Sensor today. I also have created a new banner by tools of Lancorvel's site.[18] In fact, I forgot where I created the banner of Enoki Flying Board.
17:49 Jul01 GMT+9

W95: Parameters of LAN
I am afraid of my server's OS corruption. I had better write down a meno. The memo will be a hint in the next setup. When I click network's property on desktop, there are three tabs.

1. Network no settei
Genzai no network kousei
 Microsoft Network Client
 Laneed LD-PN Series Ethernet Adapters
 Microsoft sharing service
Log on
 Microsoft Network Client

2. User information
Computer name: xxx
Workgroup: workgroup
Computer no setsumei: xxx

3. Access ken no kanri
[v] Password wo settei

The items of Genzai no network kousei have property each, as follows,
1. Microsoft Network Client -> Default

2. Laneed LD-PN Series Ethernet Adapters
 Driver no shurui: Enhanced mode
 Bind: TCP/IP
 Shousai settei: Adapter Slot Number -> none
 Resource: Genzai no settei

 IP address: automatically
 WINS settei: use DHCP
 DNS settei: use DNS ->
 Shousai settei: Propery -> none
 Bind: [v] Microsoft Network Client
 ----- [v] Microsoft sharing service

4. Microsoft sharing service
 LM announce: No
 Browse master: Auto

Robots: Oh, my server might be dying for a month
I looked at my server's log. Although the log shows IP address, I do not know who is. A site named "IP hiroba" shows details of the IP address.[17] But I have to paste an individual address. Robots of Google, MSN, NHN and Baidu come to my server. Visitor's country are from US, Japan, Sweden, France, Korea and China for two days. Google's robots come frequently now. I remember that Google Web Master Tool graph showed no downloading and ms since the end of May. My server might be out of order since then. To see a log file sometimes is important for diagnostics. It may mean that my server is not always right, if 400MHz PC can access to my server by hosts. Web Master Tool accessed, but could not approve my site before. Maybe Google's robot cannot download index.html, I think. Oh, my server might be dying for a month.
9:06 Jul01 GMT+9

Why does my server hang up?
My server's hangup
Jun30 16:24OK
Jun24 16:12Fatal OS corruption
Jun23 18:33Blue screen, OK
I found that my server has hung up at 16:24 because I tried to access to the server by LAN. The status of the server was the same, when Windows 95 broke. Windows 95 has stopped to restart safe mode. I pressed space and Windows 95 ran. I finished Windows 95. I turned on and restarted Windows safe mode.

I miss to save logs, when Windows 95 broke down. DOS worked at that time. The latest hangups were all in the evening.
20:16 Jun30 GMT+9

Favicon error in my server log
I looked at some favicon errors in my server log. What is favicon? A site tells the favicon and how to solve errors in Linux.[16] And it introduces a free favicon site. Although I downloaded it, I worry a virus because favicon is binary data. I also googled how to resolve the error message on AN HTTPD. Famous site tells the favicon site.[15] I think that the favicons are safe. I clicked the zip file by right click and choiced tha Spyware Doctor opened. The PC Tools scaned safe. I renamed fav00101.ico into favicon.ico and uploaded.
12:35 Jun30 GMT+9

My site is active by confirmation of server's log
A robot or a visitor put an access foot print on my server's httpd log at 17:27:36 on 29/Jun/2011, - - [29/Jun/2011:17:27:36 +0900] "GET /rp/BATbox.htm HTTP/1.1" 200 1488
Jun30 GMT+9

Information of PNPNT.sys and MPREXE.exe
Information of PNPNT.sys and MPREXE.exe
PNPNT.sysRealtek RTL8019 network driverWindows\System
MPREXE.exeWin32 Network Service Interface ProcessWindows
I was troulbled with PNPNT.sys and MPREXE.exe, when I choiced custom setup of Windows 95. The table shows the information and directory of PNPNT.sys and MPREXE.exe. I think that the both originate from Windows NT because of PNPNT.sys and 'Service'. GDI.EXE burdens varioust roles as well as grafic device. I got the information from propertyof file in Explorer
0:27 Jun30 GMT+9

We should not choice custom setup when installing Windows 95
When I choiced custom setup of Windows 95, installer tried to set up LAN enviornment. But the installer cannot take in componets necessary for LAN, which were originated from Windows NT.

I choiced usual (標準) setup. After finishing the installer, There is no network icon on desktop. I opened control panel and tried setup LAN. I added the Laneed LD-PN adapter and changed property of it. I cannot see another PC and delete the adapter and add to recognize PNPNT.sys in drive a:. I repeated a few times. I found that Windows 95 took in such components step by step. Windows 95 Setup Wizard does not demand PNPNT.sys. It seems to take in PNPNT.sys from D:\JAPPC-AT\Win95.

Windows 95 may break down again, I write down how to install for the next time. It is no use of uninstall Windows 95 after breakdown. So I delete old Windows and DOS.
  1. Format the HDD by bios, it takes an hour and 20 minutes
  2. Install PC DOSJ6.1/V with 101US keyboard and no all the options, it needs four floppy disks
  3. Install CDROM device driver FX series ver 1.16 by default for MSCDEX ver 2.22, boot and test D:
  4. Install CDROM device driver CRMC-FX series ver 1.56 for new device driver, boot
  5. Edit config.sys, and add 'rem' in the old MTMCDAE.sys device driver
  6. Edit autoexec.bat and delete old /D:MSCD001, boot and test D:
  7. Set up Windows 3.1J with 101 US keyboard and no network, choice usual setup while installing without accesaries etc to minimamun file size, it needs 12 floppy disks
  8. Select restart win in the last stage and confirm windows 3.1 and finish power off
  9. Power on and type win, run Windows 3.1J
  10. Click icon menu in program manager -> file mei ow 指定して実行(R) -> select d:, JAPPC-AT\WIN95, SETUP by mouse
  11. Run installer of Windows 95, choice usual setup while installing to check LAN, it takes an hour
  12. Finish Windows 95, start Windows 95 and confirm to run Explorer and MSDOS prompt, finish
  13. Install Service Pack1 of Windows 95 do not install IE, expect improved GDI
  14. Power on and open control panel, open network add adapter with disk for Laneed LD-PN. Network adds Microsoft network client, Netware network client, IPX/SPX compatible protocol and NetBEUI. Set up property of adapter, IRQ and I/O address. Check sharing files. Windows 95 restarts automatically.
  15. Network icon appears on desktop, do double click. Without another PC in the box, click property of network icon. Repeat delete and add the adapter protocol of TCP/IP untill seeing a PC. Do not click skip
  16. Run winipcfg and ping in MSDOS prompt
  17. Delete Netware network client, IPX/SPX compatible protocol and NetBEUI
  18. Open control panel and setup Visual Basic 3.0. Choice full installation and confirm installation completely
  19. Open control panel and setup Visual Basic 4.0. Choice full installation and confirm installation completely
  20. Install IE2 from Service Pack 1
  21. Connect Mojibake
  22. Install archiver LHARC
  23. I installed IE5.5, but it happened a few errors
  24. Install AN HTTPD
  25. Install MSI
  26. Install Dice
  27. Confirm on 400MHz PC and test my web page of at WebSitePulse
23:05 Jun29 GMT+9

Uninstall IE5.5
Errors occur, when I work explore. When I changed a file option, the setup box was in English. I do not know well whether the setup in Japanese on Windows 95 Japanese editon. I suppose that IE5.5 replaced in English. Although the author of AN HTTPD writes to test by browsing, IE5.5 burdens the HDD heavy. IE5.5 and MSDOS prompt cannot work at the same time. And more I need disk space for my site. I also want to install Perl. I do not know why I could install all in my server before. And I did not delete old Windows and DOS then. When I access to the HDD of my server, the other host may not access to my server, I think. I had better look at logs of my server.
Jun 29 GMT+9

Dice: I could install Dice of MSI edition
I could install Dice of MSI edition.
Jun29 GMT+9

MSI: I succeded in installing this time
I failed to install MSI before. I succeded in installing MSI this time. As for MSI, Windows 95 restored the condition of my server.
Jun29 GMT+9

AN HTTPD: Ippan and Log option to watch log files on 400MHz PC
I changed Ippan and Log option a little to watch log files on 400MHz PC.
    Ippan document root: C:\www\xxx
    Log radio button: Everyday
    Error, Sanshousaki, User agent, Process, ISAPI and trace: C:\www\xxx
Jun29 GMT+9

IE5.5: Errors occurred when intalling
When I began installing IE5.5, Windows Update Setup appeared,
    A previous program installation was never completed. You need to restart your computer to complete that installation Setup will close now.
I restarted. Windows Upadate: Internet Explore and Internet Tools showed,
  1. Install Now-Typical set of components
    Typical includes IE5.5 Web browser, Outlook Express, Windows player, and other multimedia enhancements.
  2. Install Minimal, or customize your browser
    Select only the components you want, the folder in which to install them, choose your default browser, upgrade your Microsoft VM (for Java script), or download the files now and install later.
I cheked off Windows media player, Windows Update showed,
    An error or exception occurred while calling the function "DllRegisterServer" in "C:\Windows\System\shdocvw.dll" in theinstalling stage of Browsing Security. Another error occured in the stage of Security. An error occurred loading "C:\Program Files\Common\Microsoft shared\MSInfo\ieinfo5.ocx" in the stage of System Securities. The file may not have been installed or it has been corrupted.
Flickering blue screen appeared. I pressed (Ctrl+Alt) and Delete keys. IE5.5 solved mojibake of by IE2 included in Service Pack 1. The IE2 is Japanese edition. Free disk space is 192MB only after IE5.5 installation.
Jun29 GMT+9

W95: Recovery setup
After installation, I typed winipcfg from start. Winipcfg showed correct parameters,
    Ip settei
    Ethernet Adapter jyouhou
    Novell 2000 Adapter
    IP address: 192.168.1.xx
    Sub net mask:
    Defalt Gateway:
I opened MSDOS Promt for a ping test, and succesive messages appeared. Windows 95 showed "Internat no page 違反です", Win old ap "Error ga 発生しました", Mpr exe, "Error ga 発生しました". I tried installing Windows 95 under custom setup again. This time Windows 95 showed Application error, "SUWIN de 一般保護違反が発生しました" I reseted, and Windows 95 setup wizard showed,
    修復 setup
    前回のsetup de error ga 発生したか,または前回のsetup ga 完了していません。修復 setup wo 選ぶと,前回 error no あった処理を skip します。修復 setup wo 行わない場合, setup ha 前回と同じ処理を行うので,同じerror ga 発生するかもしれません。"
I do not choice recovery (修復) setup because Windows will bypass the network problem, if setup skips. I deleted Netware, NetBEUi and IPX/SPX. Installer failed and tried restore Windows 3.1J. Windows 3.1J broke down, I cannnot upgrade without Windows 3.1J. I began formatting by BIOS again. As it takes a long time to format and install Windows 95. It is untill three times only in a day to try installing.
20:07 Jun28 GMT+9

There was PNPNT.sys in a floppy disk of Laneed LD-PN
Date and size of PNPNT.sys
Although I looked for PNPNT.sys in the CDROM of US Windows 95, US Windows NT 3.51 and Win32 SDK, Ther was none. I happened to see the contents of Laneed's floppy disk for LD-PN. There ws PNPNT.SYS. I choiced custom setup and installed Windows 3.1J under contitions of network of Microsoft Lan Manager 2.1. I choiced custom setup and began installing Windows 95. Although Installer's message showed that "Windows 95 CD-ROM jyou no file PNPNT.sys ga 見つかりませんでした。Windows 95 CD-ROM wo 選択した drive ni irete [ok] wo 押してください". I assigned A: and seemed to clear the driver's step. But instead of PNPNT.sys, Windows 95 Setup showed 'ank16.fnt' in the same way. Installer stopped. I ran Windows 95 from astarter floppy disk. Windows 95 showed that there is no HIMEM.sys.
Jun28 GMT+9

PNPNT.sys is NDIS 3.0 mini-port driver for Windows NT and Windows 95
I had installed PC DOSJ6.1/V, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 in English before to decrease file size. PC DOS has Chev and Switch command to exchange Japanese with English. I tried installing Windows 95 for Japanese on Windows 3.11 for Workgroup. But Windows 95 refused. Now, my site includes a few Japanese words. I had better not install English version of Microsoft OS.

This time I choiced custom setup when installing Windows 95. Installer stopped because of PNPNT.sys. The installer has a skip command button. Googling, PNPNT.sys is NDIS 3.0 mini-port driver for Windows NT and Windows 95.[14] My Lan card, Laneed LD-PN ver 1.0 may not work without NDIS 3.0, I think. As I used it on Windows 95, There is a way to install PNPNT.sys, though I do not know it now. There is another problem. I confirmed that winipcfg is in Windows directory for Windows 98. Why doesn't installer of Windows 95 install winipcfg and ping? I used these commands on Windows 95.
10:22 Jun28

TCP/IP stack may break down on Windows 95
I could install VB4 properly, but Lan does not work on Windows 95. Ping does not reply at all. I looked at property of network several times. I accessed to router and confirmed DHCP address. I also tried winipcfg. Windows 95 showed a message box,
    IP settei
    IP settei wo 読み取れません。
Googling, I found that TCP/IP stack broke down.[13] I had better not install Windows 3.1J. I had installed Windows 3.11 for Workgroup before to upgrage to Windows 95. And I always ignored CD key these times, when installing Windows 95. I looked for first package of Microsoft Developer Network. A CD key is attached to the cover of it. The three volumes includes 26 CDs total. They were distributed in January 1996. I was a member of MSDN. I have been formatting HDD of 66MHz PC by BIOS. I have to wait for an hour and half.
16:02 Jun27

VB4: I failed to install on 66MHz server
I have run TDS1 on 66MHz server. TDS1 is a program that I made for on-line measurement to display received data from Tektronix's DSO. I coded it by VB4. So I need VB4 and tried installing again. My VB4 is upgrade version. I did not chekc for installing Data Access, OLE2.0, Icon-Library and Sample Applications, when I installed VB3. And installer of VB4 showed a message, "Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 - 32-bit Setup was not completed successfully". I clicked OK, another message showed that VB Data_Access_Always_Actions_RegDAOdll was unable to register itself in the sytem registry. I repeated install and _Reg_anibutton and _Ocx_comctl_reg were the second and the third times. I gave up VB4 install and uninstalled AN HTTPD and Dice. I could not uninstall IE5.5. I uninstalled Windows 95. I tried installing Windows 95. Installer of Windows 95 CDROM refuse to install on DOS. But Windows 95 uninstaller failed to restore Windows 3.1J. I gave up reinstall Windows 95. I began the HDD formatting by BIOS.
18:13 GMT+9

Confirmation of my server performance
I have not been able to get confirmation of my server by Google since redirect trouble. I accessed to WebSitePulse and checked my site. I was surprised at the quick response result of 0.3 second at 7 o'clock today. It is Sunday today. It took 5.2 second in the past. I do not why it was improved. I think that line traffic is related to the response time.
Web Page Test by WebSitePulse, first means first byte
#URL Status Time DNS (sec) Connect (sec) Redirect (sec) First (sec) Last (sec) Total (sec) Size (Kb) OK 01:13:15 0.13890.1210 0.00000.3955 0.00010.6555 0.00
The table shows one of the results. Size is zero in the table. The actual size of index.html is 3KB. After all, my serve is active now.
10:47 Jun26 GMT+9

AN HTTPD: Log option
I opened AN HTTPD, but there is no log that I expected. I made a directory of httpd in \www. To memorize options,
    [v] HTTPD server kinou
    HTTP version: 1.1
    Document root: C:\www
    Port: 80
    Default index: index.html

    Log viewer: write
    Log koshin: mainichi
    [v] Log file: C:\www\httpd\httpd.log
    Log format: Hyojun
    [v] error
    [v] sanshosaki
    [v] process
    [v] ISAPI
    [v] trace
9:02 Jun26 GMT+9

MSI failed to install on 66MHz server
When I install Dice on 66MHz server, I needed MSI ( Microsoft Installer ). I tried installing MSI, but failed. So I insalled Dice exe edition. Without MSI, it means that I cannot install Perl on my server.
7:35 Jun26 GMT+9

Dice: Install on 66MHz server
I installed AN HTTPD and Dice on my 66MHz PC. AN HTTPD offers httpt protocol for access to a server. Dice is for a dynamic DNS software, though my IP address has not changed since I built my server.

By the way, it has been hot for five days. The sun lights my labo in the afternoon. A big persimmon tree was cut down in the west of my labo this year. A ume tree was cut down in the west of my labo last year. I thouhgt why neighborhood and the city hall cut trees in the city. Generally speaking, most of Japanese people were farmers for a long time. Farmers do not like trees because trees cut lights and ine and plants do not grow fast because of shades. Once samurai and samurai's local government protected not to be cut down. All most of the Japanese forest depended on Edo Bakufu's protection. Bakufu banned trees along main roads. I live along the old road called Nakasendo. Nakasendo connected Edo with Kyoto via Kiso. Bakufu planted a tree as a mile stone like Romans. If I walk along old Nakasendo some hundred meters, there is a remain of one of the trees. Today my family went a super market to look for a cheap fan for my labo by car. The small city hall officers thought of building roads well. Poles for electricity do not stand on the same line of trees along road. But the town consolidated with another bigger town. The method will fade out and the city hall continue to cut top of the trees not to grow. After all, Japanese people do not love green fields or trees. There is no elementary schools to grow grass in their play grounds nearby. If school children see trees around the school and grass on the playground everyday, there is something to educate. Once samurai's boys learnd such schools to grow trees. Western thinkers found that a civilization would die, if the people cut the forest. Ancient Greek and Middle Ease civilization were their examples. But there is a exemption in the East. China and Korea have developed the civilization, as they are destroying the forest. Japanese farmers and citizen has political right not to grow grass in the playground of elementary schools as well as they will stop nuclear power plants. Where has samurai spirit gone in Japan? Mr. Kan is one of them without the spirit, I think. Kan told a policy maker that politics was a fight of wild dogs, I heard it when my wife watched on a TV.

I like a green field on the back screen of Windows XP. I remember that grass waved in the wind when I was a child.
20:17 Jun25 GMT+9

Install DOS, W3.1, W95, MSCDEX, CDROM and LAN adapter driver on 66MHz server
Windows 95 installer recognizes that a HDD has already installed Windows 95, when usual format is done by command. The Windows CD is an international upgrade edition. It took a few hours to format by BIOS. I installed PC DOSJ6.1/V. The PC DOS does not include MSCDEX. I installed the exe version 2.22 by Mitsumi's CDROM device driver ver 1.16, and ver 1.53. I edited config.sys for the CDROM device driver of ver 1.53. DOS recognized the CDROM drive. I installed Windows3.1J instead of Windows 3.11 this time. I do not care file size and selected quick installation now. I installed Windows 95 and Service Pack 1. Although Windows 95 recognize a LAN adapter, it does not work. I setup IRQ number and IO port of the LAN adapter and installed a device driver for LD-PN ver 1.0. I confirmed that 400MHz PC recognized Microsoft file sharing service. I installed an archiver for installing IE5.5. I installed IE5.5 and tried access to Microsoft update. The page does not support IE5.5 now. IE5.5 crashed,
    [x] kono program ha 不正な処理を行ったので強制終了されます。問題が解決されない場合は,program no 製造元に連絡してください。
    IEXPLORE no page 違反です。
I have not seen such a message since I began browsing by IE8 on Windows XP. I gave up the update to fix that the Windows 95 would hang up in 60 days. I installed AN HTTPD. 400MHz Pc can see by LAN hosts.
10:54 Jun25 GMT+9

Windows 95 corrupted on 66MHz server
I confirmed that Windows 95 would restart and stopped because I inserted a floppy disk in FDD. Strange. I tried to restore, and repeated reset a few times. A message showed, "System.ini file ni 指定された device file ha 壊れています。この file ha Windows no 実行に必要かもしれません。 Wnidows setup wo もう一度実行してください。" Broken Windows 95 does not recognize CDROM drive. I installed Mitsumi' driver and tried installing Windows 95 CDROM. But CDROM refused. I gave up the setup. I began formatting the HDD by BIOS.
18:03 Jun24 GMT+9

Bad effect of my server's redirect
Google Web Master Tool does not confirm either today. I gave up confirmation. I deleted meta tags for Google. I suppose that the cause was an unsuitable redirect to sky.geocities, so I googled Google showed some pages in sky.geocities. I will update all the indexed pages by Google into little by little. I have finished 6 pages. I do not think that my server's redirect effects Google' web tool.
10:56 Jun24 GMT+9

Google Web Master Tool does not confirm meta tag
400MHz PC could not connect with my server. My server have hung up for a few hours. When I turned on the display of it, the screen was sad blue. I pressed reset button. Windows 95 restarted safe mode. I finished the safe mode and restarted Windows 95 and my applications to show on-line data. I confirmed that 400MHz PC can access to my server.

I happened to Google Web Master Tool ( WMT ). The WMS showed that needed confirmation. WMT offers three ways to tell Google. I tried three of them, but failed. It seems that the cause is redirect to sky.geocities. I accessed to and turned off the redirect. I deleted But WMT does not recognize the meta tag that WMT signed. I had better delete sky.geocities.enokiec too. I deleted a meta tag and the sky.geocities.enokied in the list of MWS
21:45 Jun23

Microsoft Comm Control 6.0 How does 400MHz PC run VB on Windows XP?
Visual Basic.NET has to write extra codes for RS232 comunication programming.[11] Visual Basic 2010 Express may be the same. VB2010 ( Visual Basic 2010 Express ) does not include Microsoft Comm Control 6.0 in COM tab. Even if I can get the MS Comm Control, does it work in VB2010? A user of VB2010 uses a serial port.[12] Where is a tool box? I clicked 表示 -> その他の Window. I got the tool box. Certainly there is a serial port of MSCOMM version 4. I am glad that VB2010 includes MSCOMM. I am familiar with it. I knew that an icon of hammer and wrench displayed the tool box. How did I paste the command button a few hours ago? I do not remember. It will take a long time for me to be able to program on VB2010.
23:21 Jun22 GMT+9

How does 400MHz PC run VB on Windows XP?
I knew that Microsoft offered various version of VB in the past. And Microsoft offers free limited version that does not supprot SQL. Do they work on my slow 400MHz? Although VB4 works on 66MHz PC, I do not program VB4 because VB4 works slow on the 66MHz PC. Althoug Microsoft shows a table which version works on different OSs, it does not show minimum hardware requirement. Googling, recent VB requires 450MHz CPU.[9][10]
I accessed to Microsoft to download Visual Basic 2010 Express. A message showed that my PC required 5.7GB free space at drive D:. I allocated to install at F:\VS, the message showed 5.6GB spce at D: and 121MB at F:. The installer showed a download list as follows,
  1. Microsoft appication error 報告
  2. Microsoft VC 9.0 Runtime (x86)
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Language Pack - 日本語
  5. Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 (x86) - Windows XP
  6. Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 更新 program (x86) - Windows XP
  7. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Multi - Targeting Pack
  8. Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express
  9. Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 (x86) 日本語
  10. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools kit for SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 日本語
  11. Microsoft Silverlight
  12. Microsoft SQL Server System CLR 型
  13. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 管理 object
  14. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x86)
  15. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ADO.NET Entity Framework Tools
  16. Microsoft Help viewer 1.0 x86
  17. Microsoft Help viewer 1.0 Language Pack x86
I have to wait for a long time to download because Microsoft decreased file transfer rate and stopped twice. "Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Setup" showed messages,
    First stop
    Install wo 完了するには,computer wo 再起動する必要があります。 Computer no 再起動後 ni setup ga 自動的に続行されます。
    Second stop
    Setup 中に error ga 発生しました。Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express ga install saremasita. ただし,いくつかの option components ha install できませんでした。 Setup ha 以下の component wo install できませんでした。
    [x] Microsoft Silverlight
I clicked an icon of Microsoft on desktop. Visual Basic ran. I tried opening my project .vbj, but VB2010 does not support such a extension. I tried a new project and pasted a command button on a form. Response is slow. I tried a run of the new form, but there is build command for run. I understood that recent VB is a compiler. I clicked the command button, and watched the object for writing code. The text editor responses slow to feel frustrated. How do I program on Windows XP? Defnition of function is very different from VB4. It takes a time to implant my source code for VB2010. Shoud I select another programming language? I think that there is no programming tool like VB for Windows XP on 400MHz PC.
17:55 Jun22 GMT+9

Hyper terminal does not run suddenly
I had done work with hyper terminal and H83664 microprocessor unit. After supper, Spyware doctor showed a scanned result message. I agreed with scanning my PC at 18:00 and deleting three doubts, though I scanned yesterday. XP showed a pop message that telephony device was installed during supper and clean up gold fish aquarium. All the applications on the screen hanged up, they were Adobe reader, GDL, Hidemaru, IE8 and Hyper terminal. I tried running Hyper terminal, but XP showed a message,
    別の program ga 選択され telephony device wo 使っています。Sono program ga 使い終わってから,再実行して下さい。
I have not used the telephony at all. I reached telephony setup from control panel. I deleted some providers, the rest remains. I input inquiry of telephony on Windows XP. There is no useful information. Googling, chiebukuro showed that the conflict between elephony and hyper terminal could not solve because of LAN. Chiebukuro sometimes describs wrong how-to. Googling a few hours, I knew that kanri ( management or control? ) tool could set up startup programs. XP may call startup program service. I choiced stop service, but the setup refused. The next I choiced momentary stop ( pause? ) that was OK. I tried Hyper terminal. The result was the same, and I restarted XP. Hyper terminal ran and recieved data from my microprocessor unit. I also knew that Vista did not include Hyper terminal. After all, telephony is conventional dial-up connection. I knew that the concept of service originated Windows NT. A book writes, "In an oversimplification, you could say that the Windows NT service control manager is a highly structured form of the capabilities inherent in the startup files you're familiar with, such as AUTOEXEC.BAT and WIN.INI."[8] I had better think that there is cleavage between Win95/98 and Windows XP. Although I also looked for SYSTEM.INI in Windows XP, there is none.
22:48 Jun21 GMT+9

How C compiles a = b = c = 0;
I installed GDL on Windows XP to program Renesas's microprocessor unit H83664, as I refer to a pdf file of H83664 hardware manual. GDL's language is C. I wanted to check a simple syntax in C. Instead of C, I thought of Perl that I installed on Windows 98. I had better check GCC for Windows. Googling, A site describs a substitution in C.[6] Compiler seems to translae from right to left. I took a C programming book by K&R from my shelf. Its translation describs from left to right.[7] But the book describes from right to left in the table 2-1 at p65. I think that translator Ishida was wrong, because he would remark if K&R was wrong.
    a = b = c = 0;
I should have read the programming book in English. Generally speaking, all most of programming syntax is like of Western language. To put into Japanese is like of Japanese schloars. They have been fond of translating foreign knowledge. Although many Japanese scholars and students study computer science in universities as well as economics, foreign programmers or economists seem to be more excellent than Japanese. A few big enterprises have begun to hire non Japanese programmers and researchers. Why do Japanese universities limit share of foreign professors as well as sumo, baseball and football players? Universities had better lecture economics and computer science in English in Japan, and excellent students from abroad may come to Japan and stay and work in Japan. I was impressed that undergraduate Chinese students read economics in English, when I watched on TV. Once Chinese sholars were proud of Chinese charatcers or culture. They did not want to learn foreign languages and tried to translate Western knowledge in Chinese.
13:37 Jun21 GMT+9

I think that Acrobat reader 5 cannot open a saved pdf file by Adobe reader X
I tried reading H83664 hardware manual that I downloaded from Renesas on Windows 98, but Acrobat reader 5 could not read it. I remember that I restarted Windows XP to read and download it. Adobe reader X is installed on Windows XP now, and the reader can open it. I think that Acrobat reader 5 cannot open a saved pdf file by Adobe reader X.

0:02 Jun21 GMT+9

Yahoo seems to use mail servers at domestic IDC
IP address of Yahoo and Google server
NameIP address
I checked IP address of Yahoo and Google's root mail server at WebSitePulse.[5] Is the Yahoo's server domestic? A site showed that the IP address of Yahoo's was domestic. Yahoo offers web hosting service. I suppose that a IDC offers servers to Yahoo and the web mail software is developed by Perl and PHP. I think that the slow and delayed problem should not continue for a long time, if Yahoo's engineers programmed actually.
18:31 Jun20 GMT+9 does not allow login on Windows 98
I tried a login to access to by IE6 on Windows 98. The screen was completely white or blank. I have to remember that there is a site not to allow login on Windows 98 now, though I registered in the site on Windows 98. It is funny.
11:15 Jun20 GMT+9

Slow response and ad of Yahoo's web mail
Ad and login layout
Ad [cm]13x11none18x1522x1210x6
I have been irritated with delayed response of Yahoo's web mail ( ) for half a year. It shows loading... And it takes eight seconds to delete a mail in the receive tray by my watch. Although I am a member of YBB and pay for the toll, I have to see a big ad to push away login box in the right. I knew that brower mail is called web mail now. A site shows some web mails in comparision.[3] I picked up them and compared their ads and layouts of login. I exculded MSN, @nifty, and Excite. Because they do not have virus check. Goo's ad is too big to hesitate a register. Once response of Gmail was worse than Yahoo, when I registered on 8 Augusut 2009. I have just registered at Livedoor's web mail now. I accessed to Gmail today. Oh, response is good. I tested them by IE6 on Windows 98. I changed to Gmail from Yahoo's address that I registered in mailing list at midnight.
14:31 Jun19 GMT+9

Setup of Sakura watch for on-line
I found that clock of my server gained two minutes than 400MHz PC. I set up Sakura watch again and confirmed that the Sakura watch corrected and showed the message on its panel. I mistook the way that I refferred to the site. The site does not show correct for on-line use. The way thatI had done at first is right.
17:34 GMT+9 Jun17

DDNS looks to work on eo
My server works on Windows 95 and is connected with Yahoo's DSL. I am satisfied with the DSL, but my wife and son want to see Youtube and enjoy Xbox by optical fiber. My family recommends eo.[2] I am afraid of DDNS ( Dynamic Domain Name Server ) by eo. Googling, a site shows that he replaced DSL with eo.[1] It seems that DDNS works on eo.

I had done an insitu optical fiber experiment by domestic consorthium at an oil refinery plant, when I was young. I expected ADSL technology by US those days, and thought that home use optical fiber comunication would be a dream. I could not imagine that my wife would want to see a motion clip at home by optical fiber in future.

Yahoo's browser mail improved response by Windows XP and IE8, but...
I have used Yahoo's browser mail on Windows 98 and IE6. After Yahoo Japan declared not to supportIE6 before, the brower mail did not response quick. So I began using Puppy Linux and SeaMonkey. They improved response and did not show the unpleasant big ad when login. But Yahoo showed the ad and unresponsive script on Puppy Linux and SeaMonkey. The browser mail does not show such a message and seems to improve response a little after installing Windows XP and IE8. But the browser mail does not load seamless. It stops for some seconds when I erase a mail from the table. This is not a problem of line because the browser mail responses quick on Windows 7 and IE8 for my family. So I will consolidate automative scribled mail list.

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