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This page contains Japanese characters.
My old PCs

Keyboard broke down
Pin assignment of AT keyboard
Assignment: CCW on top view
To PCWireTo keyboard
Keyboard for Windows 98 machine has not worked for a few months. It happened not to input a key of couter part of ' [ '. I have used the disordered keyboard because the key is a symbol. I used ' ) ' for the key. But the key is allocated one of quotation marks in Japanese. I thought that I would replace it for another keyboard for Windows 95. I would be to reuse English keyboard for Windows 95 again. But I found that the connectors were not compatible. One is PS/2 type of six pins for Windows 98 machine. Another is AT type of five pins for Windows 95. I thought whether AT keyboard would be able to change AT cable-connectror for PS/2 cable-connector. I disassembled the both.

Mechanical design of the old AT keyboard is better than PS/2. The bottom cover is fixed with latches of itself, while the cover of PS/2 keyboard is fastened by eight screws. A group of electrodes of memblane sheet of PS/2 contacts with conductive rubber by two screws, while three groups of electrodes of AT connects with three connectors. The PS/2 electro-mechanical design is good. ICs on PWB of PS/2 keyboard are fewer than AT keyboard. Passive resistors of AT keyboard are not seen on PWB of the PS/2 keyboard.

The other ends of PS/2 connector cable and AT are 4-pin connector and 5-pin each. The connectors are not also compatible. I checked pin assignment of AT connector cable as shown in the table. But I could not check pin assignment of PS/2 connector cable because PS/2 connector is too small to probe a pin by my tester. I gave up exchange of the connector cable. Googling, I found an auction site to sell transform cable to PS/2 connector.
23:23 Jan02

Keyboard does not input some keys for Windows 98
Num-lock, up-arrow and caps-lock key of keyboard do not work on Windows 98.
23:29 Jan05

Restored CDROM drive for Pupply Linux
I tried replacing broken x56 CDROM drive in 400 MHz machine. I connected another x8 one in 66 MHz machine, but the x8 CDROM did not work. I reconnected x56 CDROM drive again. The x56 CDROM drive worked. I do not know why it works well.

I ran Puppy Linux again. I edited this file by Editor Geany included in Puppy Linux. But I cannot input up arrow key, caps-lock and num-lock.
4:05 Jan05

Geany cannot open file coded by euc-jp in FAT32 partition
Geany is editor for Linux. Euc-jp is extended unix code for Japanese. I do not know why Geany cannot read a htm file in FAT32 partition, though Hidemaru can read the file assignning euc-jp. Geany occupies bigger display area than Hidemaru. Hidemaru can change font and its size. I assign font size 12 of MS gothic now.
23:39 Jan05
Althoug All the applications on Puppy linux cannot open a file in FAT32, Clicking the file by ROX-filer, If I select Geany, Geany reads the file
12:38 Jan24

SeaMonkey + Puppy vs IE6 + Windows 98
SeaMonkey on Puppy Linux is far faster to show pdf file than IE6 on Windows 98. SeaMonkey does not need a flash player and acrobat reader. But Motion picture of Seamonkey is more still than IE and the Japanese font of SeaMonkey is poorer. It cannot show complicated kanji clear. SeaMonkey shows SQLite Home Page which is not shown by IE6. SeaMonkey blocks advertisment, when I log in. I am a member of YBB. I pay for YBB and DSL. Nevertheless tolled Japan ID of Yahoo, Yahoo shows the big ad in the center. I suppose that most of Japan ID are free members.
11:12 Jan06

Fonts of SeaMonkey and Geany
I knew that users of Puppy Linux could change fonts.(1)(2) I downloaded IPA mona and VL gothic font. I selected menu in SeaMonkey.

    Edit -> Setup
P is fixed. S, N, C, F and M are allowable to change. I changed C, F and M for Mona-p-mincho, Mona-UI-gothic and Mona-gothic. I confirmed to look into Yahoo Mail. It appeared unchanged. Geany's input looks good, when I changed proportional font for monospace font of Mona-gothic.
22:14 Jan06

Coexistence of Windows and Puppy linux in a HDD
Tbl-2 HDD information

Tbl-1 HDD region information by fdisk
I save my setup of Puppy linux and included applications of SeaMonkey and Geany in ext2 partition which was created by Gparted. Fdisk of Windows 98 has upper limit of 65,533 MB and cannot create more than two basic partitions.(3) Tbl-1 and Tbl-2 show information of HDD. It seems that 39,655 MB is margin of extended region in Tbl-2.

While Gparted of Puppy linux shows the information of the HDD in Tbl-3. I have saved the individual data by Puppy linux. If I change the number or size of the logical drives, Does fdisk change unallocated areas by Gparted by Puppy linux? Is the data of Puppy linux safe, if I increase the size of logical drives by fdisk? I do not hope because fdisk cannot recoginize partions by GParted at all. I prepare for an extra logical drive of size of 6 GB. Because the maxium size is 7 GB in case of 4 kB of cluster size. If cluster size is small, spaces between files is small. Recorded density is efficient.
Tbl-3 HDD information by Gparted

I have to back up book mark of SeaMonkey, installed Mona fonts and downloaded Firefox and SeaMonkey 2.0. I will make a directory for Puppy data in C drive.
20:39 Jan07

Install Puppy linux on a HDD
I will increase a partition for Windows 98 and decrease partition size for Puppy linux. I created a logical drive by fdisk command from DOS prompt. I have had partition of 6 GB. Format command does not work from HDD. I ran DOS from CD, and formatted it.

As I created the partition, sda7 was renamed sda8 in Puppy linux. It needs to unmount sda8 to resize the partition. I could not unmount, when I ran Puppy linux from pupsave in HDD. I ran from Puppy CD. I decreased 40 GB from 102 GB by GParted. Cluster size of ext2 may be 1, 2 or 4 kB in Linux. I ran Puppy universal installer from desktop menu. It makes 2 to 4 files,

    vmlinuz; Linux kernel
    initrd.gz; initial RAM disk
    pup-431.sfs; Puppy's all files
There are two methods to install. One is 'Frugal' for using pupsave on CD. Another is 'Full' for usual Linux install use all the partition. This has addtional running options. WakePup2 does from floppy disk. GRUB does from floppy, USB or HDD. GRUB has three options,
  1. Root install in superblock of Linux partition
  2. Floppy install /dev/fd0 (A:)
  3. MBR ( Master Boot Record of HDD )
Option three may need to edit boot/grub/menu.lst in dev/sda8. I selected option three. MBR showed boot menu on blue screen correct. It worked. Puppy linux runs without CD now. Puppy linux occupies 1.01 GiB.
0:00 Jan09

Fonts of Geany
Tbl-4 Font family suitable for kanji
For complicated kanji
For English
CourierNeeds long space
DejaVuNeeds long space
Mona P gothicSmall size
M+1P+IPAGMedium size
SansSmall size
Standard Symbols LLarge vertical space
I selected 表示 of menu in Geany. I can select one of font family and size. Default is Courier of 13pt. I inputed 榎 ( enoki ) on text screen. Geany cannot show the character correct in the family of 13pt that has 14 strokes to write. I increased 16pt. VL gothic does not show correct, though the font is standard in Debian linux. I choiced six font family. I decided Sans of 16pt.
17:32 Jan09

Install Firefox 3.6
I tried changing fonts of SeaMonkey, but failed. SeaMonkey shows poor kanji font. I knew that a user of Firefox changed Sans for VL gothic.(4) I downloaded Firefox 3.6. I clicked the icon of binary files, but failed. Googling, I found a blog that installed on desktop.(5) I installed 'dbus-1.0.2' and 'dbus_glib-0.73' from clicking install PET on desk top. Firefox 3.6 works. I have begun using Composer of SeaMonkey to edit html file. Because Geany does not alow folding like Hidemaru.

I typed 'about:config' in URL box in Firefox 3.6. I changed Sans-serif for M+1P+IPAG. I accessed Yahoo mail site, and confirmed whether the browser would show fine. It unchanged. I changed size of monospace font 16pt for 17pt. The brower mail showed 榎 in the text box on Firefox 3.6. I also changed monospace font size of SeaMonkey. Fire fox shows too small letters of URL in text box under menu bar. How do kinds of human see the small letters. I decided to continue using SeaMonkey.
11:51 Jan09

Puppy linux has Perl
I will learn Perl to write CGI for my site. Googling, I knew that Puppy linux included Perl. I typed 'perl -v' from terminal on desktop. The terminal replied, "This is Perl, v5.8.8....." It is nice.
12:07 Jan11

Unfamiliar ROX filer in Puppy linux
I alwayas have to open a folder by ROX filer in Puppy linux. I have not accustomed to use the ROX now. I remember that I felt stressed new file manager when I began new OS from DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95. I knew that bookmark of ROX remembered status of folder display condition.
12:33 Jan11

Composer has a function to upload by FTP in Puppy linux
I pulled out folders of htm files for my site in Windows 98, and copied in Puppy Linux. I tried an upload a few times, but failed. I read help page in geocities. Although setup fo Composer assign directory, Geocities writes that user may not assign initial folder.(6) I set up it blank in HTTP address, and I could upload a htm file.
15:33 Jan11

Keyboard replacement for 400 MHz machine
I bought a cable for transforming AT connector into PS/2 by internet shopping. Electric appliance stores do not such a cable any more in the neighbor. I connected it with AT keyboard for 66 MHz machine. I ran Puppy linux. I confirmed that ']', Num-Lock, Caps-Lock and Up cursor keys work. I can edit source files comfort. Without `]' charater, I do not describe array a[]. With up cursor key, I can move cusror upward without mouse, though Scroll-Lock key does not work. I do not mind because the key function is unnecessary for me.

But cable length of the AT keyboard is shorter than PS/2. I will enlogate it with an extension cable. As for 66 MHz machine, I connected 101-US keyboard. I ran Windows 95, and opened control panel. Windows 95 demanded CD, and I inserted a Windows 95 CD for INTL East Asian Releases. I selected 101-英数 ( eisu ) keyboard. I restarted Windows 95, and ran IE 5.5. I typed '=' key which was different assignment from 106-JP keyboard. Windows 95 recognized the key. I also typed Ctrl+Tab. Windows 95 showed MSIME. Scroll-Lock key works.
18:40 Jan11

Bookmarks transition to SeaMonkey from IE6
I failed the transition before Compare Seamonkey with IE6 ), because SeaMonkey could not import names of IE6 bookmarks written in Japanese. I think that SeaMonkey cannot decode names of shift jis code. Old MS Windows or DOS has used shift jis code in Japanese edtion. I will refer to exported bookmarks.htm of IE6 including Japanese names in SeaMonkey when I need, though I am troubled a little.
22:06 Jan11

SeaMonkey's system font is too thick to display bold type
The word linux shows linux in bold typ. The top dot of 'i' letter looks unclear. Although I changed face or font-weight of font, it was the same. SeaMonkey supports only M1+1P+IPAG, I suppose. I confirmed that the dot of 'i' was clear, when I looked at the page by IE5.5 on Windows 95.
16:42 Jan12

SeaMonkey cannot open a shift_jis coded file for Composer
When I have browsed a page by SeaMonkey, I cannot open a htm file by clicking the right button and assigning Composer. So I opened the file from menu in SeaMonkey. Kanji were mojibake. I wrote a htm file that contains ascii characters, Japanese katakana and a kanji by Composer for a test. SeaMonkey could open the htm file with tag. Should I rewrite kanji in euc-jp and overwrite? I had changed htm files euc-jp written by html editor in Geocities for shift_jis by Hidemaru. Default code of Hidemaru was shift_jis, and Windows 98 is also shift_jis.
18:47 Jan 12
One has to open a flie for Composer from SeaMonkey's menu or click the left icon button on the bottom. Composer can open shift_jis code files.
13:51 Jan24

Server online web measurement
I want to upload result of measurement by DSO. ASFtp uploads files on time, but does not work on Windows 95. If I run ASFtp on Windows 98, I cannot usually use the 400 MHz machine on Puppy linux.

If Server and measurement run on the 66 MHz machine, I can always run Puppy linux. I developed the measurement program by VB4. I thought whether CGI also runs by VB. Googling, it seems no merit.[7] I will install Perl to program CGI in html file. I installed Perl on Windows 98 before. Perl can handle string processing, while VB4 does not have enough functions ( Manipulation of String in VB4 ). As for server software, there are PWS, Apache, AN HTTPD. A site writes that user has to change Perl script in case of PWS. AN HTTPD can set up on GUI, but Apache doesn't.[8] I have decided to AN HTTPD ( Personal web server ) Which one should I install first? If I install AN HTTPD first, I will confirm to browse a htm from the server.
15:30 Jan13

AN HTTPD : Alias option
I installed AN HTTPD on Windows 95. This time I seperated documents from binary parts. A site describs in detail.[9] But alias option does not work. Because anhttpd directory does not exist in my case
2:18 Jan14

Browsing a htm file in AN HTTPD server
Ping to my server and Yahoo
IPmin/avg/max [ms]packets
I had allocated IP for each devices from rooter. I ran Windows 98, and commanded ping server's name. Ping replied IP address. I restarted 400 MHz machine and ran Puppy linux. I typed 'ping 192.168.x.xx' I also typed 'ping' I could browse index.htm, when I inputed server's IP address.
13:58 Jan14

gFTP cannot transfer a file to AN HTTPD server
Puppy includes a FTP software of gFTP. I use Ffftp for Windows 98 ( On-line HTML editor of Geocities does not support "frame" ) now. gFTP does not have a help file how to use. A site shows it.[10] User has to input user and password each time, although Ffftp can set up them. Ffftp always refer time stamp of files and ask whether to overwrite. gFTP does not. I could upload a htm file to Geocities

    Host :
    User name: JapanID
    Password: *************
Neverthless seeing index.html of AN HTTPD server in SeaMonkey with IP address of the server in URL box, gFTP asks user and password, when I input the IP address in host URL name. I do not know how to upload a file to the neighbor of PC.
20:46 Jan14

FTP is for WAN not LAN
I misunderstood FTP. FTP transfers file from a server in one LAN to a client in another LAN. I will use Geocities to transfer files between 400 MHz Puppy linux machine and 66 MHz AN HTTPD server. Although I thought samba a little, the Puppy linux machine wil be also a server with samba for 66 MHz machine. I will avoid risk to expose the 400 MHz machine for security.
10:02 Jan15

Password for Japan ID
Deciphering time
6 numericals2.5 s
8 numericals4.1 s
6 ascii charcters18 d
8 ascii charcters443 y
I have just been tried a server for Internet. I am afraid of its security. I have been opened my homepage in Geocities. If One has been opened Japan ID in a site, and the password wil be stolen, data in the server might be unsafe. [11] Yahoo recommend more than 8 characters including number, alphabet and symbol without '<' and '&{'.[12] Yahoo's password does not allow '\' which is \ in Windows Japanese edition. Ascii code table shows their characters 6x15=90 inculding 0x7F. So charcters for Japan ID are,

  1. numerical : 10
  2. alphabet small : 26
  3. alphabet large : 26
  4. symbol : 25
I think that we should make a password in the ratio of ascii characters. A password of 6 characters will be deciphered in 18 days.[13]
15:43 Jan15

Pi value for math in Perl
I am interested to compute trigonometric functions, so I computed circular constant pi that was 3.14593 of 7 digits. This is single precision float. However a site shows 15 digits.[14] Math module may need for double precision. Another site shows how to describe the math module and 3.141592653589793... of more than 17 digits.[15] Perl in Puppy linux replied, "Can't locate Math/ @INC......", when I wrote the description.
22:51 Jan15

Is DebuggerPresent difference Windows 98 and 95
I have been used FFFtp to download or upload in my site of Geocities. I tried installing FFFtp on Windows 95. But Windows 95 showed error message,

    FFFTP.EXE file ha ketsuraku export KERNEL32.DLL : IsDebuggerPresent ni link sareteimasu.
I remembered to fail installing AsFTP before. IsDebuggerPresent is a API function that Windows 98 supports. Visual studio 2005 and Visual C++ 2005 build binary code to support the function that was not been supported on Windows 95.[16][17]

So I looked for an old and free FTP software to work for Windows 95 in Vector site. RootFTP works on Windows 95 and NT. I installed RootFTP and ran. I could see directories of my site in Geocities. gFTP for Puppy linux and RootFTP for Windows 95 may excahge files between 400 MHz and 66 MHz machine through Geocities.
18:54 Jan16

Password : Register while ftp
I never have registered passwords on PCs, when I access Yahoo, Google, Amazon and monetary sites. These sites supports SSL. I can confirm to see https in URL text box on browers of IE5.5, IE6 and SeaMonkey. I think of security while ftp. I have found that ftp is not safe at all, as I installed a server. I have been registered passwords in ftp soft ware. Although I tried some FTP software for Windows 98 and 95. It is lucky to succeed in installing FTP software once on Windows 95. And the same as Composer of SeaMonkey on Puppy linux. I register a wrong password, and confirm an error to try ftp for Windows 95 and Puppy linux.

But I have to check all the installed FTP software on Windows 98. This is a procedure example to resolve,

  1. Confirm installed ftp programs and registry
  2. Uninstall unused ones
  3. Same as procedure for Windows 95
A user can upload a file to Geocities from on-line browser. There is no reason to tell Japan ID and its password twice. I will try and confirm.

ASFtp error on Windows 95
I wrote that ASFtp did not work before ( ASFtp and FFFtp don't work on Windows 95 ). When I checked off registered password for, I confirmed error message that it doesn't work. ni setsuzoku
    [FTP setsuzoku : (xxxxxxx)]
    StatusCode = 500
    LastResponse was : '500 ESocketException : Connect No Port Specified'
    Error =500 (500 ESocketException : Connect No Port Specified)
    Commpand shippai
9:18 Jan17

Password : Unregister SeaMonkey for Puppy & ASFtp for Win 98/95 -06

  • Composer : Henshu (E) -> Setsuzoku saki -> Settei -> Password Check off password wo kirokusuru (R)
  • ASFtp : Setsuzoku (F) -> Setsuzokusaki sentaku (S)
    1. Edit
    2. Input a wrong password
    3. Confirm error
    4. Check off password wo hozon
  • 9:42 Jan17

    Win98 : Update because of fragile GDI
    When I looked at ActivePerl html files in 400 MHz Windows 98 machine to install the Active Perl on Windows 95 machine, the htm file jumped Microsoft Update. The site checked and reported an important update, JPEG shori (GDI+) no buffer overrun ni yori, code ga jikkou sareru (833987) (MS04-028).[18]

      最終更新日: 2004年9月17日
      このセキュリティ情報の対象となるユーザー : 影響を受けるオペレーティング システム、影響を受けるソフトウェア プログラムまたは影響を受けるコンポーネントを使用しているお客様
      脆弱性の影響 : リモートでコードが実行される
      最大深刻度 : 緊急
      推奨する対応策 : お客様は、セキュリティ更新プログラムを直ちにインストールしてください。
    GDI is the most basic program for controlling graphic engine. I do not know how the defect of GDI program can pull in a remote code. Some hackers can implement executable code in GDI memory, can't they? Why does Microsoft support expirated Windows 98? Because IE6 is one of the security related to 41 Microsoft products. Why has Microsoft supported IE6 now? I updated Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 for security koushin program (KB918439) on 24 March 2010. Why didn't update program detect 833987 of 2004 at the last update in 2010? KB873374 is size of 210 kB.

    Microsoft also recommends 7 updates which are,
    1. DirectX 9.0c エンド ユーザー ランタイム
      ダウンロード サイズ: 308 KB, < 1 分
      DirectX 9.0c には、セキュリティとパフォーマンスを向上する更新プログラムが含まれています。今すぐダウンロードして、最新の DirectX の更新を入手してください。インストール後には、コンピュータの再起動が必要になる場合があります。インストールすると、削除することはできません。
    2. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 日本語版
      ダウンロード サイズ: 23.2 MB, 5 分
      .NET Framework は、Windows オペレーティング システムのコンポーネントの 1 つです。.NET Framework を開発時に使用すると、パフォーマンス、スケーラビリティ、統合性の高さ、信頼性、セキュリティ、使いやすさを最大限に発揮するパワフルなソフトウェアを迅速に作成できます。その一方、配布と管理にかかるコストは最小限に抑えることができます。インストール後には、コンピュータの再起動が必要になる場合があります。
    3. Windows 98 System Update
      ダウンロード サイズ: 1.2 MB, < 1 分
      このコンポーネントは Windows 98 Service Pack 1 に含まれています。このコンポーネントにはネットワーキング、セキュリティ、およびアクセシビリティの問題に対処するための機能が含まれています。
    4. Windows 重要な更新の通知 4.0
      ダウンロード サイズ: 69 KB, < 1 分
    5. Outlook Express 6
      ダウンロード サイズ: 1.9 MB, < 1 分
    6. Agent 2.0
      ダウンロード サイズ: 519 KB, < 1 分
      Microsoft Agent を使用すると、一部の Windows ベースのプログラムを使用している間や Web サイトの表示中に、アニメーション化された 3D のキャラクタと対話することができます。このキャラクタは、Web ページやプログラムを案内したり、使い方を説明することで、コンピュータの操作を楽しくします。たとえば、画面に表示されるロボットが Web サイトを紹介したり、子供たちに数学の新しい公式を教える様子を想像してみてください。Microsoft Agent を使用すると、このようにコンピュータの操作がより楽しくなります。
    7. Windows 98 ゲーム
      ダウンロード サイズ: 165 KB, < 1 分
      これらの 4 つのゲームは、一休みしたいときに、息抜きとして楽しむことができます。ソリティアは、一人で遊ぶことができ、だれもが好きになるカード ゲームです。ハーツは、4 人のプレーヤーで行う伝統的なカード ゲームです。このゲームでは、自分の得点を全プレーヤーの中で最低にすることを目指します。ハーツは、コンピュータと対戦することも、オンラインでほかのプレーヤーと対戦することもできます。フリーセルは、ソリティアに一ひねり加えたゲームです。マインスイーパは、ゲーム盤の上の地雷を避けながら、地雷のないマス目を開いていきます。
    Reading their detail, system update is important for me.
      ネットワーキング、セキュリティ、およびアクセシビリティの問題に対処するための機能が含まれています。このコンポーネントは Windows 98 Service Pack 1 に含まれています。Windows 98 Service Pack 1 に含まれているコンポーネントは以下のとおりです。

      Windows 98 System Update
      Outlook® Express 西暦 2000 年問題の修正プログラム
      Windows 98 西暦 2000 年問題の修正プログラム 2
      Service Pack 1 をまだダウンロードしていない場合は、Windows を実行しているコンピュータで最高の処理能力と信頼性を実現するために、Service Pack 1 のコンポーネント全体をダウンロードすることをお勧めします。


    1. アクティブ アクセシビリティ
      Microsoft® アクティブ アクセシビリティ オプション使用時の配色に関する問題を解決します。
    2. スタンバイから復帰時に USB デバイスが認識されない
      スタンバイ状態中にユニバーサル シリアル バス (USB) デバイスを Windows 98 コンピュータに接続した場合は、コンピュータは実行を再開しません。スタンバイ状態が継続します。また、実行を再開しても、USB デバイスを認識しない可能性があります。
    3. バルク転送 URB が 64 バイトを越えて指定できる
      ユニバーサル シリアル バス (USB) 1.00 仕様では、バルク転送は 4、8、16、32、または 64 バイトに定義されています。しかし、_URB_BULK_OR_INTERRUPT_TRANSFER の TransferBufferLength フィールドではそれよりも大きなバイト サイズを指定できます。USB 仕様では、ポート ドライバ レベルでは、バルク転送サイズを最大 64 バイトに限定しています。
    4. プラグ アンド プレイ ネットワーク アダプタを使用しているコンピュータが検出されない
      プラグ アンド プレイ ネットワーク インターフェイス カード (NIC) をインストールしてある Windows 95 コンピュータを Windows 98 へアップグレードした後、そのコンピュータはネットワーク上のほかのコンピュータの [ネットワーク コンピュータ] で見つからないことがあります。
    5. ネットワークによる確認を必要とするシステム ポリシーが機能しないことがある
      Windows のアクセスに、ネットワークによる確認を必要とするシステム ポリシーを使用している場合に、ネットワークによりアカウントが確認されていないユーザーでも、デスクトップにアクセスできる可能性があります。
    6. 49.7 日後にコンピュータが応答しなくなる
      49.7 日間、1 度も再起動することなく稼動させると、Windows 98 コンピュータは応答しなくなる (ハングアップする) 可能性があります。これは、Vtdapi.vxd ファイルの時間アルゴリズムの問題が原因です。
    7. スペインおよびイタリアのダイヤルアップ規則が新しくなったために TAPI を更新する必要がある
      1998 年 4 月 3 日より、スペインへのダイヤルアップ方法が新しくなりました。以前の方法は 1998 年 6 月 5 日で使用できなくなりました。そのため、Windows 98 を実行していて、現在のダイヤルアップ先がスペインまたはイタリアの場合は、長距離のダイヤルアップが正しくできない可能性があります。
    I suppose that Windows 9x had memroy leak. So Windows 95 had better reset, when one runs more than a month. Microsoft showed another important update,
      DirectX 9 用セキュリティ更新プログラム (KB904706)
      ダウンロード サイズ: 568 KB, < 1 分
      Windows 98 Second Edition または Windows Millennium Edition システムで DirectShow を使用している場合に、そのシステムを攻撃者がリモートから侵害して制御できるセキュリティ問題が発見されました。この更新プログラムをインストールすると、お使いのコンピュータを保護できます。インストール後には、コンピュータの再起動が必要になる場合があります。
    I installed it. I don't select Microsoft Agent and Windows 98 game. I could not install .Framework, I tried several times. This is not important for security, I think.
    20:54 Jan17

    ActivatePerl : Install on Windows 95
    Remainning resources on Windows 95
    ResourceOn IEOff IE
    I installed build_638 of ActivePerl on Windows 98 before ( Install ActivePerl for Windows 98 ). To work ActivePerl on Windows 95, it needs IE and MSI ( Microsoft Installer ). I downloaded it again, because I did not save it.[19] When installing, the message shows,

      This release of ActivePerl includes Programmer’s Package Manager version 3, which includes a new facility for keeping track of installed packages. ASPN’s "PPM Profile" feature communicates your package installs and updates securely and transparently to your ASPN Profile. Saved profiles allow you to easily migrate, reinstall, upgrade or restore PPM packages in one or more locations.

      Using the profile functionality requires installing a license for ASPN Perl. You can always disable or enable the Profile feature later within PPM3.

      For more information about ASPN, please see
    I checked on "Enable PPM3 to send profile info to ASPN". I chose default check of "Add Perl to the PATH enviornment variable" and "Create Perl file extension association". It took more time ( 30 minutes ) to envelope html files than installing on Windows 98, though message showed several minutes. I had already confirmed disk space clicking button of disk space. Completing installation, I confirmed running Perl. It took twice time to display simple than Windows 98. I confirmed spending resource. It seems enough. Judging from unfrequent lighting of HDD LED, I think that CPU ability or system bus clock are the bottle neck of much time to install. The bus clock of 66 MHz machine is one thirds of 400 MHz.
    14:42 Jan18

    AvtivatePerl programming with Hidemaru editor on Windows 98
    I knew that Puppy linux does not support math module. I have to give up pleasant internet enviornment of Puppy to run math module of Perl. When I open a Linux file by Hidemaru, Hidemaru sometimes shows etra emty lines, because of difference from Windows and Linux. I could eliminate 586 emty lines at once, as follows from menu bar selecting Kensaku (S) -> Chikan (R),

    1. Check on Seiki hyougen (R)
    2. Click arrow mark in the right of Kesnsaku (R) text box
    3. Select ^\n
    4. Click Zenchikan (A)
    I feel poor thick fonts in Puppy linux, when I work Hidemaru with Windows small thin fonts of Windows. I use 12pt size. I can see the top dot of 'i' even 12pt.
    19:08 Jan18

    Perl : Variable is double precision
    I showed that Perl computes single precision equivalent of float of C (Pi value for math in Perl ). This is wrong. I've forgot format of C. I have not been programming for 15 years nearly. I changed %f for %19.17lf.

      pi = 3.1415926535897931
    I got 17 digits. It is enough for my computing.
    19:55 Jan18

    Html file management
    I have managed to seperate source files from HDD for security to crush HDD. I may not back up the data on MO disk, because all most of htm files are uploaded to Geocities. I edit htm files in a logical drive of Windows 98 of 400 MHz machine by Hidemaru editor which is installed on Windows 98 and Windows 95. As Windows has common dialog control, one can open or save as file in any allowable directory in LAN.

    But Windows 98 cannot access Linux partition. I also edit htm files by Composer of SeaMonkey in Puppy linux. Although I can see a htm file in Windows partition on Puppy linux, filer of Puppy linux cannot select file in Windows. So I also edit duplicated file in ext2 partition that the filer opens. It troubles me to confirm which one is updated comparing with uploaded to Geocities. I have remembered that ROX-filer has shown unknown options of Link, when I copy or move. Googling, I found a solution to manage duplicated file.[20] To test the link, I changed extension of a duplicated file in ext2 directory. I dragged the other one in logical drive of Windows 98 to my-documents in ext2. I edited the both files by Geany, and confirmed. I restarted Windows 98, and confirmed the edited file by Hidemaru. I also rewrote the file by Hidemaru. I ran Puppy linux, and confirmed the file again. Otherwise link is not avilable, because Windows 98 does not support the link. In the case, I changed extension of the file in Windows 98 partion. I moved the duplicated file to the directory in Windows 98, and linked. A trouble of time stamp remains between unlinked uploaded file. Therefore,

    1. Never edit uploaded file by online editor, so time stamp is always older than local file, and the uploaded file seems backup.
    2. Hidemaru on Windows 95 edits Microsoft shared file on Windows 98, and I set up password for security.
    3. When I run Puppy linux, Windows 95 is unavailable for sharing files with Puppy linux. I will try Samba inculded in Puppy.
    0:55 Jan19

    Win98 : Microsoft had updated till 2010
    Dates of dll files
    I looked at the directory of Windows/system with extension of dll. Windows 98 has 688 dll files in system directory on 19 January 2011. I show the sorted dll files on date. Microsoft mingled dll files in year, as follows,

    1. 2010 four dates, 50 files
    2. 2009 one date, one file
    3. 2007 one date, one file
    4. 2006 eight dates, 12 files
    5. 2005 eight dates, 10 files
    6. 2004 four dates, 17 files
    7. 2003 seven dates, 10 files
    8. 2002 14 dates, 108 files
    9. 2001 11 dates, 49 files
    10. 2000 six dates, eight files
    11. 1999 nine dates, 29 files
    Although Microsoft did not update once in 2008, Microsoft updated 50 files in 2010. The peak of update was in 2002.

    As for sys files, There are nine sys files. The last updated sys driver was RTLNIC4.SYS which was size of 88,096 bytes on 10 December 2004 in 600 MHz machine.

    Vxd is newer concept driver than Sys. There are 57 vxd files since 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2010.

    There also are 78 exe files which are updated in year, as follows,
    1. 1995 two files
    2. 1998 43 files
    3. 1999 four files
    4. 2001 two files
    5. 2002 14 files
    6. 2003 2 files
    7. 2004 one file
    8. 2005 one file
    9. 2010 10 files
    Microsoft patched vtdapi.vxd in Windows/System/Vmm32 on 26 May 1999. Windows 98 will be stable for server.
    19:20 Jan19

    Win95 : Microsoft had updated till 2010
    I acceseed Windows update site. The site checked Windows 95 of 66 MHz machine. It showed important update, as follows,

      重要な更新パッケージに含まれるアップデートをすべて表示します。この中から、インストールするアップデートを個別に選択できます。 コンピュータの性能を最適にするには、重要な更新パッケージの内容をすべてインストールすることをお勧めします。
    1. セキュリティ問題の修正プログラム - 2001 年 4 月 2 日
      124 KB/ ダウンロード所要時間: < 1 分
      この修正プログラムによって、「VeriSign 発行の誤ったデジタル証明書による、なりすましの危険性」脆弱性 (セキュリティ情報 MS01-17) が解決されます。今すぐダウンロードして、"Microsoft Corporation" と不正にデジタル署名されたプログラムが、お使いのコンピュータ上で実行されることのないようにしてください。
    2. セキュリティ問題の修正プログラム - 2000 年 3 月 17 日
      256 KB/ ダウンロード所要時間: < 1 分
      この修正プログラムによって、Windows 95 の「DOS デバイス名が複数含まれるパスの指定でサービスが不能になる」セキュリティ問題が修正されます。この修正プログラムは、悪意のあるユーザーが特定の予約語を含むファイルやフォルダのパスにアクセスすることによって、お使いのコンピュータをクラッシュさせることができないようにします。
    3. Windows セキュリティ問題の修正プログラム - 1999 年 11 月 29 日 (2)
      153 KB/ ダウンロード所要時間: < 1 分
      この修正プログラムによって、Microsoft WindowsR 95 の "Legacy Credential Caching" 問題が修正されます。この修正プログラムをインストールすると、悪意のあるユーザーがネットワーク パスワードを不正に取得するのを防ぐことができます。
    4. セキュリティ問題の修正プログラム - 1999 年 11 月 12 日
      159 KB/ ダウンロード所要時間: < 1 分
      この修正プログラムによって、Microsoft Windows(R) 95 の "ファイル アクセス URL" 問題が修正されます。この修正プログラムをインストールすると、悪意のある Web サイトや電子メールのメッセージからこの問題を利用してコンピュータをクラッシュさせたり、悪意のあるコードを実行できなくなります。
    5. 重要な更新 - 1999 年 3 月 1 日
      2225 KB/ ダウンロード所要時間: 3 分
      Windows 95 西暦 2000 年問題の修正プログラムです。この修正プログラムは、西暦 2000 年 1 月 1 日以降に発生する可能性がある、日付に関連した問題を解決します。
    I installed them and restarted well. I compare updated system files of Windows 98 and Windows 95.
    Copmarision with Windows 98 and Windows 95
    Windows/system688 DLLs, 117,118,501B
    78 EXEs, 5,604,976B
    57 VXDs, 5,206,821B
    9 SYSs, 305,707B
    386 DLLs, 52,009,387B
    51 EXEs, 3,176,653B
    34 VXDs, 1,891,201B
    1 SYS, 33,792B
    Windows10 DLLs, 429,586B
    97 EXEs, 10,000,501B
    16 SYSs, 305,707B
    6 DLLs, 324,612B
    56 EXEs, 4,407,467B
    17 SYSs, 482,292B
    Windows 98 has much code size ratio 2.25 and 1.76 of DLL and EXE than Windows 95 in the directory of Windows/System. I upload sorted DLLs, EXEs and VXDs files on date in the Windows/system directory of Windows 95. Microsoft updated 58 DLLs, 7 EXEs and 2 VXD files for Windows 95 in 2010. Although Windows 98 resolved hangup because of vtdapi.vxd on 26 May 1999, Windows 95 has such a program. Windows 95 will hang up, if running nearly 60 days after all.
    23:58 Jan19

    ROX-filer : Customize in Puppy linux
    I have been unfamiliar with ROX-filer. I knew some linked files in ext2 were warned, when I opend my-documents. They were from Wina logical drive of Windows 98. If I run Windows 98 and edit a linked file, Puppy linux does not know it. The link is effective when Puppy runs only. Although I tried bookmark of ROX-filer, the bookmark did not save the customization. I happend to know to customize the filer, clicking on white back screen of the filer. I set up small icon, detail display and sorted time. To get the desired sorting condition, It needs clicks several times.
    2:06 Jan21

    AN HTTPD : Browse the server from global site
    I have confirmed to see browse AN HTTPD server from local clinent. I inputed global IP address in client's URL text box to browse. But the browser shows login screen of rooter. Some sites explains about private and global IP address.[21][22] I confirmed my global IP address by jumping from the sites. I also confirmed that my rooter showed the same address. Sakaguch shows how to confirm my page from WAN. WebSitePulse showed OK, but didn't show '200' as Sakaguch writes. I confirmed that port 80 was open, checking from port check site.[24]
    the site told unable to access to port 80, when I stopped running AN HTTPD. My server.
    10:04 Jan21

    DNS ( Domain Name System )
    I knew how to rooting IP address in internet and why provider has two DNS servers.[25] I registered my provider's given IP address at a dynamic DNS service site. URL of my new other site will be I selected the table which a site shows.[26] DDO is one of a fwe sites that offers URL transfer in Japan, when user's server is offline.

    I checked my site at WeSitePulse again. It replied well known 404 error. When I read a log of AN HTTPD, the log showed 404 error even I accessed from local host. So I copied an image file to implement the index.html. I checked web test again. The check passed as follows,
    Web server test by WebSitePulse, first means first byte
    #URL Status Time DNS (sec) Connect (sec) Redirect (sec) First (sec) Last (sec) Total (sec) Size (Kb)
    1 OK 07:40:53 0.0980 0.1586 0.0000 2.0554 0.0062 2.3182 1.70 OK 07:40:56 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.2519 0.0288 0.2807 3.52

    Total - - 0.0980 0.1586 0.0000 2.3073 0.0350 2.5989 5.22
    It took two seconds to send the first byte. The average transfer rate of the image fie (3.52kB) is 12.5 kb/s. I also tried which shows the page. The first byte time is only 0.17 second. Geocities sent 12.8 kb/s of average transfer rate. The band width of Geocities server and mine are almost the same.
    19:18 Jan21

    Nslookup command on Puppy linux to lookup my server IP address
    Confirmation IP address
    Inputed URLReplied IP
    I logged in Geocities from Puppy linux and browsed this html. I clicked, but SeaMonkey showed URL of So I tried 'nslookup' by DOS promt. I typed,

    The command replied unknown address that allocated for me. I also tried and Nslookup replied, "Can'nt resolve '' was OK. I knew how important domain name without '/'.

    Unknown IPs of Geocities
    I also looked up login data of JAPAN ID. I knew that I accessed to 3 IP addresses from login history. I have to restart Puppy linux to be available for nslookup. Windows 98 does not support nslookup.
    17:18 Jan23
    I ran Puppy linux and tried to know the unknown geocities IP addresses. Nslookup replied about and, but they were not unknown IP addresses.
    11:15 Jan24

    Html : Why do I use IE6 browser for writing?
    I have built my server with original name of I can transfer html files with Microsoftshare from Windows 98 to the server. With Samba of Linux, I have to do operation from Windows 95 machine to download the files. With ftp server, I think that I will not be able to transfer them from 400 MHz machine because of single global IP address. SeaMonkey on Puppy linux is better than IE6 on Windows 98. I will not write html files in the server. Because resources of Windows 95 may decrease while my work. SeaMonkey + Puppy linux has merits of,

    1. Able to access to SQLite Homepage
    2. No stumble to access to Wikipedia, NikkeiBP and AMAZON
    3. Safer than for detecing fishing site
    4. Able to stop a big ad when log in JAPAN ID
    5. Able to use of linked files and nslookup command
    But Geany editor including in Puppy is poor response editing than Hidemaru on Windows. I knew that SeaMonkey and IE6 show the color of silver a little. I began silver for lightgrey. I think I should assign value for vague color code. So I looked up how vistors set up their enviornment. 80 % visitors have 32-bit resolution. 16-bit resolution is 6 % of vistors, which have 65,536 colors. I may assign color values in html files. 74 % of users uses 1024x768 display.

    Browser are almost IE6 and IE7. They are 98 %. It means that I had better write html files, as I confirm IE6 html viewer than SeaMonkey. Users' OS is 90 % of Windows XP.
    21:30 Jan23

    (1) Saranaru kaikata
    (2) Puppy Linux 4.1.1 JP ni touhaba font wo ireru
    (3) Dual boot ni hitsuyouna HDD no chishiki
    (4) Firefox no Default font (font.default.ja) wo henkou suru on Debian lenny
    (5) Puppy Linux no tstukaikata -Firefox no install
    (6) FTP no settei ni tsuite
    [7] VB de CGI tsukurou
    [8] Web server kouchiku
    [9] AN HTTPD wo kakujitsuni ugokasu houhou
    [10] gFTP tsukaikata
    [11] Yahoo kantan kessai
    [12] Password no sakusei to hokan ni kansuru chui
    [13] Password ha narubeku nagaku, eisu kigo komi 8 keta ijyoude
    [14] Sankaku kansu no shiyou
    [15] Math::Trig
    [16] Win95 to IsDebuggerPresent
    [17] Windows 95
    [18] JPEG shori (GDI+) no buffer overun ni yori, code ga jikkousareru (833987) (MS04-028)
    [19] Microsoft Windows Installer
    [20] Symbolic link
    [21] Router shiyouji no router no settei
    [22] Port kaihou guide
    [23] WebSitePulse
    [24] Port check
    [25] DNS toha -DNS server no shikumi
    [26] Dynamic DNS service

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