486MI (486DX 66MHz) machine
I bought a personal computer compatible with AT standard of 486MI mother board in 90s. I used the machine for PC commnunication and FAX. My wife wanted a CDROM drive for children. I replaced the CDROM drive for a x8 drive, when the drive broke down. I decided to reuse a FreeBSD server. I do not know FreeBSD and networking at all. So I tried file sharing with Windows 95 and Windows 98, to learn LAN. Now I learn FreeBSD little by little. I have just set up dual boot system of Windows 95 and FreeBSD.

Getting ready to run Windows 95 for the first time
I hung up 486DX machine some times, while getting ready to run Windows 95 for the first time. I rebooted it from a starter floppy disk, I troubled with SUWIN. As a result of trouble, Windows 95 loads a network device whether it works or not as well as FreeBSD loads a CDROM drive. To confirm it, I looked into SYSTEM.INI, SYSTEM.000 and SYSTEM.001. Naturally SYSTEM.INI is a initialization file to loader of Windows 95. SYSTEM.000 and SYSTEM.001 was flies of Windows 3.11. Certainly boot section of them shows difference in neworkdriver. When screen showed 'Getting ready...', Windows 95 was not running. I think that installer checked hardware and SYSTEM.INI. Comparing with them, installer entered infinite loop. Windows 3.11 works without assigning network.drv by itself naturally. And more the installer stamps unkown mark for me to occurr SUWIN.
18:36 Mar04 (GMT+9)

NetworkSetup on Windows 3.11
ProgramFreespaceFile manager
I decided to allocate 80MB of partition size for Windows 95 again. Freespace of the partition was 78,448,640 bytes after install of PC-DOS, 69,660,672 bytes (64.4MB) after Windows 3.11, 39,563,264 bytes (37.7MB) first time. After installing Windows 95, I tried fixing Laneed Ethernet card, but it did not work.

    Error Details
    Setup could not finish operating a file on the source disk
    Source file : 'D:\WIN95\PNPNT.SYS'
I uninstalled Windows 95. The next time, installer occurred SUWIN. I did low level or physical format. I tried a dummy adapter on Windows 3.11, because the Laneed card did not support Windows 3.11. The card is NE2000 compatible. I allocated it for adapter.
    Network Setup
    An error occurred while copying the file NDIS.386
    MS-DOS Error 31 : Unknown MS-DOS error
I gaveup and tried installing Windows from Program Manager. An unusual warning message appeared like DOS program. I was charmed to the word 'Main'. I found that I had to setup no NetworkSetup but WindowsSetup in Main. Windows 3.11 requested disk 7 and disk 8. Oh, funny icons appeared in NetworkSetup Window.
    Windows Setup
    Windows Setup has modified your SYSTEM.INI and PROTOCOL.INI files. The old version have been saved as SYSTEM.001 and PROTOCOL.000
I could install Windows 95 properly.

Upgrade Windows 3.11 to Windows 95 and Cluster size of FAT16 and FAT32
Size of partition and cluster Windows98, p80
PartitionFAT16 clusterFAT32 cluster
3 - 7GB-4KB
8 - 16GB-8KB
16 - 32GB-16KB
32GB - -32KB
I knew cause of upgrade trouble to Windows 95. It was Ethernet card for ISA bus. I had better remove it, and installed Windows 95. I do not want to do it. If the networking card does not have correct I/O on Windows 3.11, installer of Windows 95 cannot recognize free space correct. I suppose. This time partition size is 50MB. The freespace was 47,028,224 bytes after installing PC-DOS as well as 38,240,256 bytes after Windows 3.11. PC-DOS showed the size of freespace after Mitsumi device driver 31,154,240 bytes. It decreased. I deleted DOS files to increase the freespace 38,354,944 bytes (delted HLP), 38,514,688 (deleted \DOS\SYSTEM, VIEW.*), 38,721,536 (deleted \DOS\SYSTEM, *.*), 40,120,320 (delted some EXE files), 40,501,248 (almost deleted \DOS files). But installer showed little freespace each time. File Manager of Windows 3.11 showed 36.6MB of freespace in the 50MB partition.
13:52 Mar04 (GMT+9)

Size of partition (ryouiki, kukaku) on Windows 95
Windows 95 file format is VFAT. I think VFAT is a kind of FAT12. Microsoft writes how partition size are different among FAT16 and FAT32. The minimun size of FAT16 partition is 32MB. I tried to fdisk command from a starter floppy disk. But FreeBSD loader fetched and ran Windows 95 from HDD. So I rebooted MS-DOS in Windows 98. I tried to creat a small partition using fdisk. A message appeared, "Drive wo check shiteimasu." It took 10 minutes to finish the check! I input minimal 1 to creat a partition. Fdisk showed the information. The minimal size is 8MB. Fdisk of PC-DOS 6.1 can input 1MB size. Can Windows 95 recognize 1MB of partition?

Jpanese people have accepted English computer words. We call them gairaigo or katakanago. Partition in fdisk is a rare exception. Messages shows ryouiki or kukaku in kanji. Microsoft and IBM manual mainly use partition, but messages show translated words. Some people may confuse. I do not know who implanted fdisk in Japanese at first. The person must be a kind of schloar or bureaucrat. Chinese people do not have a kind of expression of katakana or hiragana in Japanese. They always have to translate them in kanji for ever as well as Japanese shloars translated and created jyukugo in Meiji era. Now China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore only use complicated kanji expression. Vietnum and Korea abolished kanji after WWII. Both nations will able to develop sharp more than Japan did. I do not know Mongol well.

Diskspace for installing Windows 95
ProgramFreespaceFile manager
I finished formatting phsically. I partitioned 64MB for Windows 95 again. The installer of Windows 95 showed,

    Space required 42.1MB
    Space available 41.0MB
I think the difference of freespace between 48.1MB and 41.0MB is a swap file for reserving old Windows. And this swap file may occurred SUWIN errors, I suppose. I formatted and cleaned the HDD. I partitioned 80MB and succeeded in installing Windows 95. But I failed to install Laneed Ethernet card properly. Windows 95 required some dll files from CDROM. But CDROM did not response. I may install networking while installing. When I unistall Windows 95, it did not restore Windows 3.11.

How about smaller diskspace? I tried 32MB. Windows showed, "Approximate free space requirement in megabytes,

    Windows 3.134MB
    Windows 3.1134MB
    Windows 9524MB
So I tried increased 50MB size of partition. File Manager of Windows 3.11 showed free space 36.6MB (40,501,248 bytes), but installer showed the above same message. What does it mean? I tried 72MB, but I failed to install Mitsumi CDROM driver. I could not edit config.sys at all.
13:19 Mar03 (GMT+9)

Reinstall Windows 95
I have to remove an internal CDROM drive in Celeron (66MHz) machine for FreeBSD. The HDD has 1048 cylinders. It took 14 minutes to format 114 cylinders. If the HDD begins format from outer disk, it will take more than 128 minutes.
20:08 Mar02 (GMT+9)

I do not know ports well. I happened to install ports. Capacity of /usr increased 63%. Ports seems a kind of libries to make a program.
0:02 Feb29 (GMT+9)

ls command
I knew size of block size was 512 bytes[7]. FreeBSD has alias of la, lf and ll[7].

    la ≡ ls -A
    lf ≡ ls -FA
    ll ≡ ls -lA
18:35 Feb27 (GMT+9)

mount CDROM device
I failed to access CDROM before. I looked into output of 'dmesg' command and description of /etc/fstab using 'cat'.

    acd0: CDROM at ata0-slave BIOSPIO
    Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad0s2a

    Device : /dev/acd0c
    Mountingpoint : /cdrom
    Fstype : cd9660

So I typed 'mount -t dev/acd0c cd9660 /cdrom'. I could see files of CDROM at /cdrom directory.

I have not able to use man, I have reinstalled FreeBSD system at minimal option. I don't know why screen shows awkward characters, when I selected English mode. I have installed the system in English mode. So I decided to select Japanese mode in case of running installer from HDD. I added manual option originally recommended. Capacity of /usr increased 31% form 28%.
16:50 Feb27 (GMT+9)

File size allocation of / and /usr
Failure to find and write in install [MB]
/windows/swap/usrerr to finderr to write
Online manual writes that we should assign / , /usr and swap. I was troubled to assign the sizes. The table shows errors to install relative with the size of partitions. The values of % are capacity by df command.

  1. Failure to find bin.bm and bin.ez
  2. Write failure on transfer (wrote -1 bytes of 240640 bytes)
  3. Failure to find bin.br
Error message (ii) said, 'Unable to transfer the bin distribution form acd0c. Do you want to retrieve it again?' So I decided to decrease size of windows. I uninstalled Windows 95 and Windows 3.11. I allocated 96 MB for /windows using fdisk. I troubled with SUWIN error again, though I installed Windows 95 from Program Manger of Windows 3.11. I gave up installing Windows 95 at last. I also decreased size of /windows, 63 MB. I found that transfer rate was about 75 KB/s, when no error. It was only 25 KB/s, when a lot of errors occurred.
22:28 Feb26 (GMT+9)

Reslicing by FreeBSD Disklabel Editor
Capacity of partitions
I ran installer from disk. I allocated 40, 32 and the rest of 315 MB in /, swap and /usr using FreeBSD Disklabel Editor. A message occurred, 'Failed to bin/bin.by on this media. Reinitializing media.' Again and again .bz, .di, .dr, .dv and .er occurred 5 times. As well as crypto.ac and .al. A message showed to remvo CD or floppy disk to reboot. But I could not open a tray of CD drive. The tray was locked. I stopped rebooting and restarted Windows 95. The tray moved. I rebooted FreeBSD. Command df showed the capacity of the partitions.

This time I found how to use sysinstall command. I have to command id at first.
7:19 Feb26 (GMT+9)

Margin of partition capacity
Capacity of partitions
I want to export output of FreeBSD. I have to mount and unmount a device for DOS formatted disk. I knew mtools in a book[4]. I will have to install it in a package of CD-ROM, maybe. I am anxious about the space of the partition to be installed. Command ls -l shows size of files or directories, but the size of meaning is unknown because windows directory is far smaller than the partions of FreeBSD. I found 'df' command. It showed that /use is 109 %. Just before log in, Screen shows, 'You may use /stand/sysinstall to re-enter the installation and configuration utility.' But it does not work 'sysinsall'. I want to read CD-ROM.

    #mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /cdrom[5]
But 'ls' command does not work. I want to copy a file of FreeBSD to a floppy disk of MS-DOS[6].
21:36, 23:30 Feb25 (GMT+9)

IRQ conflict and Ifconfig
IRQ and I/O
I confirmed my Ethernet card by Laneed LD-PNE20/TA works in FreeBSD at fisrt[1]. I used command 'ls' in UserConfig. There are 29 devices to list up some of them. I thought IRQ conflict is the cause of internet trouble. Comparing my assigment with Windows 95, I can use as IRQ=5 is vacant. The device name was 'ed1' in the previous site. I may assign IRQ=5 at my 'ed0'. I do not know rule of device symbol in UNIX. A book lists 'ed' as NE2000 compatible LAN device[2]. I tried changing IRQ twice. But I couldn't save the changed parameter. I found kget>/boot/kernel.conf command would be able to save the device configuration. I tried a few times, but the result was the same. When 'OK' is promt, command boot -c can run UserConfig. I could save a change of a device. I disabled the devices of fe0, ie0, lnc0, cs0 and sn0 of Ethernet adapters which were allocated 10 of IRQ. But ping did not reply. I changed IRQ of ed0 into 5 like Windows 95. But ping did not reply. I changed I/O address of ed0 into 0x240 like Windows 95. But ping did not reply. I wonder if FreeBSD has a diagnostics program like ipconfig of Windows 98. I found ifconfig[3]. I typed 'ifconfig'. Screen showed unfamiliar devices for me. I looked for the meanings in FreeBSD site.

  1. lb0 : printer port Internet Protocol driver
  2. ed0 : ethernet device driver
  3. lo0 : software loopback network interface
  4. ppp0 : point to point protocol network interface
  5. sl0 : slip network interface
  6. faith0 : IPv6-to-IPv4 TCP relay capturing interface
I read description a little. It warns not to disable 'lo0'. I understood how important loopback is for communication. I was to change parameters of ifconfig. When I read /etc/rc.conf, I found a wrong parameter in the file. Naturally I used ee editor.
    ifconfig_lp0="inet 192.168.xx.x netmask"
I changed 'ed0' for 'lp0'. Ipconfig replied, 'inet 192.168....' this time. I pinged yahoo.co.jp, google.com and the next connected computer address. They replied all. After all, I had better not change IRQ after all.
17:48, 23:19 Feb24 (GMT+9)

Network trial on FreeBSD
Ping yahoo.co.jp did not work. I also tried a ping 192.168.x.x Ping did no reply. I confirmed to ping on Windows 95. It was OK. Hardware works now. I looked for information in /etc/rc.conf. I found a lot of configuration files in /etc. There are some parameters, as follows.

  1. defaultrouter
  2. hostname
  3. ifconfig_lp0
  4. kern_securelevel_enable
  5. mouseed_enable
  6. mouseed_type
  7. nfs_port_only
  8. scrnmap
  9. sendmail_enable
  10. sshd_enable
But there is no information about Ethernet adapter. I do not think FreeBSD installer allocated IRQ and I/O suitable. I looked for how to change configuration like config.sys in DOS. I found UserConfig could chage configuration of devices. I typed space in booting FreeBSD. It prompted OK. It shows a command list. There is no relative information. Looking 'OK' promt, I rememberd TTY in a labo of TIT. I rebooted and typed space just after booting. It replied 'boot:' and I typed,
    boot : 0:ad(0,a)/kernel -c
It prompted 'config>'. I typed 'help'. It showed command and description list. I typed 'ls'. It showed IRQ and I/O information of devices.
0:51 Feb24 (GMT+9)

ls and cat command
I logged in root. I wanted to know how to work UNIX command. I do not know UNIX command at all. Googling, I found ls and cat for dir and type in DOS. FreeBSD created 4 files of .cshrc, .history, .klogin, .login and .profile in the root directory. I typed 'cat history', but error message replied. I knew '.' was a character of filename. I think DOS prohibits '.' is the first character of a filename. I looked the four files in command of cat

  1. .cshrc : It looks like configuration, too long to see in command of cat
  2. .history : Shutdown record
  3. .klogin : src/etc/dot.klogin, v 1.6 1999/08/27
  4. .login : src/etc/dot.login, v1.20.2.2 2000/07/15
  5. .profile : It looks like BAT file in DOS
I typed man cat, Screen showed how to use cat command.
    A cat utility appeared in Version 1 AT&T UNIX. Dennis Ritchie designed and wrote the first man page.
I rememberd to have learned C programming in his book. I will be a fun of UNIX. A clever man learns in history or a fool learns in experience.

I tried 'vi' and 'ee' editor. Both worked. I had not been familiar with vi, so I opened .schrc using ee editor. On the top, it shows useful commands for beginners. If you command Ctrl+a or Ctrl+e, you can move a long string to top or end with no wrapping. I think ee is easier than 'e' or 'edit' editor in PC-DOS and MS-DOS. The .cshrc has 35 lines only in a fact. 15:41, 16:49 Feb23 (GMT+9)

Select items when installing FreeBSD
Partition defnition
I selected bin, crypto, man, ports and XFree86, for all at first time. But error messages said,

    Add of package XFree86-Server- aborted, error code 1 — Please check the debug screen for more info.

    Loading of dependent package XFree86-Server- failed

    Couldn't create directory /usr/compact : No space on device

    Installation completed with some errors. You may wish to scroll through the debugging messages on VTY1 with the scroll-lock feature. You can also chose "No" at the next promt and go back into the installation menus to try and retry whichever operations have failed.

I selected bin, crypto, man, dict and doc third times. An error message showed.
    /mnt /usr : write failed, file system is full

    Congratulations! You now have FreeBSD installed on your system. We will now move onto the final cofigurations question. For any option you do not wish to configure, simply select No. If you wish to re-enter this utility often the system is up, you may do so by typing : /stand/sysinstall.

I setup network interface, gateway, inetd, FTP, security level, console, time zone, mouse, initial account and system password.
    Moderate security setting have been selected. To change any of these settings later, edit/etc/rc.conf
I selected ISO 8859-1 to IBM 437 screen map. But The mouse test did not work well. It may be good, as XFree86 was not installed. It seems Ethernet card is not fixed. I always confuse meaning of partition in UNIX. The table shows the difference of terminology. Other useful message were,
  1. If the doc distribution has been installed, they're also available formatted in /usr/share/doc.
  2. FreeBSD's directory -> hier(7) man page.
  3. If you are not familiar with man pages, type 'man man'
  4. use/stand/sysinstall -> reinstall on configuration
  5. Edit /etc/motd to change this login announcement
I logged login : root and I shutdown -h now. So I could install floppy disk, HDD, CD-ROM drive, keyboard and monitor. The installer recognized CD-ROM automatically.
1:23 Feb23 (GMT+9)

FreeBSD Disklabel Editor
Result of Disklabel Editor
ad0s2a/128MBUFS Y
ad0s2e/var83MBUFS+S Y
ad0s2f/temp83MBUFS+S Y
ad0s2g/usr86MBUFS+S Y
Auto command of installer created and allocated slice as follows.

    Disk : ad0
    Partition name : ad0s2
    Free : 0 blocks (0MB)
I tried All select of install. I expected reselect items later, but installer could not show to chage items Y or N message. An error message said,
    'Error mounting /dev/acdoc on /dist: Input/output error (5)'
I cannot understand it. But the installer created Boot Manager correct. I can select DOS or FreeBSD while booting. It means FreeBSD fetched booting of HDD.
14:47 Feb22 (GMT+9)

Reinstall Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 in trouble
I installed PC-DOS J6.1/V, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I tried fixing I/O and IRQ of the Ethernet card. But an error MsgBox appeared, 'Run32.dll error.' I remembered a warning of different DOS version, when I installed Windows 95. So I partitioned HDD, using a disk of PC-DOS J6.1/V. I decreased the space 160 MB and tried install, but failed. I decreased the space 148 MB, but failed. I found the machine unstable, when I fixed parameters of the Ethernet card. So I ignored inquiry of installing Windows 3.11. Other error messages increased, when I tried some times. SUWIN[4] error were fatal for me. I determined to format from BIOS to clean the HDD. I set the space 128 MB. But a lot of error occurred when I installed PC-DOS J6.1/V and Windows 3.11 like this,

    File MMSYSTEM.DLL open/creation access denied.
    This file may be in use by another application or is in use by the operationg system.
I installed Windows 95 at last. But a long message appeares 'Cannot find a device file that may be needed to run Windows or Windows application...


The long error message reffered to system.ini file. So I ran sysedit, I added REM to the line of vpmtd.386. The message disappeared. Generally speaking, error messages were too short to explain trouble.

When I stalled PC-DOS J6.1V and Windows 3.11, compressed drive may error... A ghost of compression live in the machine. Certainly, I could not restore the compression of C Drive, but I formatted. You should not compress a drive including OS. I restart Windows 95 a few times, and a message appeared 'VMM32.VXD was not found.' In case of the error, step-by-step configuration was not available. I installed PC-DOS J6.1/V again. This time no error occurred. I tried installing Windows 95 again and again, but errors occurred each time, SUWIN[9] caused a General Protection Fault in module SUWIN.EXE at, and

  1. 0002:002E
  2. 002A:03ED
  3. Setup could not back your system files, For more information, see SETUP.TXT on setup Disk1 or the Windows CD-ROM. Setup will now close.
  4. The same as above.
I tried installing Windows 3.11 again, but Mouse driver refused. So I deleted Windows directory using deltree command. I installed Windows 3.11. This time only an error occurred. I did not skip network setting this time. I temporary assigned IRQ,7 and I/O 200. I installed Windows 95 as SETUP.TXT recommended. I input d:setup in Run option of Program Manager in Windows 3.11. No error occurred this time. Windows 95 assigned Laneed Card IRQ=12. Although there is no conflict, it did not work. I deleted the card from Device Manager. I ran Plug & Play. Windows 95 recognized Sound blaster and game port. I selected new install. I assigned it conventional IRQ and I/O. Ping replied yahoo.co.jp correct.

19:17, 23:58 Feb21

Drive compression on Windows 95
I am tring to install FreeBSD on Windows 95. I tried installer of FreeBSD, but a message said,'If you have a resonable amount of disk space (200MB or more) and don't have any special reqirements, simply use (A)uto command to allocate space automatically.' So I stopped install. I checked a property of C drive. Free space is 196.65 MB. I have to compress C drive. I looked for drive tool like Windows 98 in accessory, but I did not found. Googling 'compression', Keyword is Drivespace. You have to search 'Drivespace' in Windows help file. DriveSpace shows,

    Drive C [after compression]
      Free space : 458.95MB*
      Used space : 53.05MB*
      Capacity : 51.00MB*
        * estimated

    Host Drive G
      Host drive G will have 218.76 MB of free space.

I compressed Drive C. Rebooting, Screen showed 'It's now safe to turn off your computer.' in orange fonts. I turned off a few times. The result was the same. So I ran in step-by-step configuration mode.
    There is an error in your CONFIG.SYS file on line 4
I add REM on the line. Rebooting, Screen showed 'loading error gdi.exe...' at instant. Looking into Drive G, some DOS files were created. I think DOS program controls the host drive and it cannot use as UNIX drive. I gave up, and the compressed drive could not restore. I determined to create a smaller basic dos region. I partioned 248 MB using running disk for Windows 95. I installed PC-DOS 6.1, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95. But Windows 95 hung up and showed restarting...
16:37 Feb21

Device information of Windows 95
I checked device information of Windows 95 machine to install FreeBSD. ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (mach32) uses memory ranges of A0000-AFFFF, B8000-BFFFF and C0000-C7FFFF.
System timer00040-043--
Standard 101/102-key01060-060
Programmable interrupt controller02020-021
Communications Ports [COM2]032F8-2FF-serialui.dll
Communications Ports [COM1]043F8-3FF-serialui.dll
Laneed LD-PN Series Ethernet Adapters05240-25F--
Standard Floppy Disk Controller063F2-3F502-
System CMOS/real time clock08070-071--
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16
or AWE-32
Numeric data processor130F0-0FF--
Standard IDE/DSDI Hard Disk Controller141F0-1F7--
Gameport Joystick-200-207-msistick.drv
ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (mach32)-3B0-3BB
Direct memory access controller-000-00F
Printer Port [LPT1]-378-37A-serialui.dll
Standard Serial Mouse---msmouse.vxd
14:11 Feb18, 18:19Feb20

Browser on Windows 95
I will install a browser on the Windows95 machine. I found some browsers on internet, but the sites of the browsers hardly show requirement of file size. So I looked at my Windows98 machine which installed Internet Explorer 6. The readme.txt tells 11.5 MB of file size. But the Internet Explorer folder size is 60.0 MB now. I tried installing Opera 10.10. But a message appeared OLE32.dll did not link... Windows95 contains the dll. Why not? Old version does not work, does it? So I installed it from Windows 95 Service Pack1. Instaed of installing Opera, I installed Internet Explorer 2. The browser does not work. I tried ping command, but there is no program on my machine. So I tried setting TCP/IP of Internet property. It seems strange that NetBEUI works well. I want to remain NetBEUI to transfer files between Win95 and Win98. So I will repair Windows 95, but a message of no space at C drive. I had installed PC Dos at C drive of 16MB size partition. The remains of HDD capacity is D drive. In case of repair, installer want to work at C drive only. FreeBSD might not recognize the partition. I tried uninstall Windows95 to restore Windows3.1, as I had done several times in 1998. A message tells no file (C:\IO.DOS). Someone might delete it. I determined to erase partition D, using FDISK command. I deleted folders of Sound Blaster 16 (1.9MB) and Silent Hunter (30.5MB). I erased all the partitions and booted from A drive. The machine stopped and showed unknown characters. I used a starter floppy disk of Windows95. I formatted the HDD from CMOS setting screen. I looked for the PC DOS J6.1/V disk in an attic. I found it. I could install it. The PCDOS of Japanese fonts are more beautiful than MSDOS.
Size and names of Japanese font files of PCDOSJ6.1V

I changed English mode using chev command. I tried dosshell, but an error message in Japanese. I read a manual. I had forgotten switch command. A problem occurred. I have backed up a driver of CD-ROM drive in the Windows98 machine. But I forget that FDD of it had broken down. I cannot install Windows95 without the CD-ROM drive. Alas, the PC DOS did not bundle MSCDEX.EXE.

CD-ROM driver for MS-DOS
CDROM driver
I looked for a disk of containing CD-ROM driver. But I found 2 dusted disks in a drawer which were FX Series (Proprietary Bus) Ver.1.16 including MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions Ver.2.22. At first, I installed DMA transfer driver MTMCDAE.SYS of ver 1.16. The installer created Bin directory. The MSCDEX.EXE was size of 25,377 bytes and date of 03-10-93. But the CD-ROM drive did not work. So I installed MTMCDAI.SYS in CRMC-FXSERIES (IDE) Ver.1.53. I confirmed that Mitsumi CD-ROM FX800S could read in PC DOS in English. The installer created lines in config.sys and autoexec.bat The site of Mitsumi has not supported CD-ROM device drivers at all now. It seemed that MS DOS 6 included MSCDEX.EXE by Wikipedia. I choiced PC DOS before. I suppose that CD-ROM drive was not common, when I bought the DOS. Windows 95 adopted CDFS for MSCDEX.EXE[8]

  • Config.sys

  • Autoexec.bat

Windows 95 in English replaced with Japanese
I determined to install Windows 95 in English instead of Japanese version before. I hope a smaller file size of no need of Japanese fonts.

  1. Released D drive partition, but no installer started
  2. Deleted hided MSDOS files in C drive, but no installer started
  3. Formatted C drive, but no installer started
  4. Formatted C drive from BIOS of hardware, but no installer started
  5. Installed PCDOSJ6.1/V and installer worked
  6. Installer demanded previous Windows disk, and inserted a setup disk of Windows3.11
  7. Finished installation screen, but a blue screen appeared saying, "An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C000AD8 in VxD VMM(01)" and hung up.
  8. I understood at once. I did not rewrite config.sys file in Japanese mode and I guessed Windows 95 ignored another configration.
  9. Checked config.sys and config.PS5, but installer denied on the way of Windows95
  10. Deleted Windows directory and MSDOS hided files in root directory, but installer denied
  11. Formatted C drive from BIOS of hardware and installed PCDOSJ6.1/V, and installer worked
  12. Inserted a setup disk of Windows3.11, not only chek but also demanded the installation
  13. Installed Windows3.11 and succeeded in installing Windows95

The file size of Windows95 is 31,497,805 bytes in which the names are listed in Windows.txt.

The hidden files of Windows95 are 9 and the size is 1,185,821 bytes in which the names are listed in window-h.txt.

Creating setup disk of Windows 95
I created a setup disk from control panel. I booted A drive of FDD, but I cannot use CD-ROM drive because the BIOS did not support such a drive. So I copied config.win to a: config.sys, I created autoexec.bat to the disk. the file contains a simple line, as follows,


[1] Osoi PC de hayai NIC wo tsukauto yokeini osokunaru toiu hanashi
[2] Tettei, p574
[3] Tettei, p313
[4] FreeBSD komando bukku biginaazu, p56, 2004
[5] FreeBSD komando bukku biginaazu, p293, 2004
[6] QandA 640
[7] FreeBSD command pocket reference, p42, 2003
[8] MS-DOS
[9] SUWIN error in setup of Windows 95 or Windows 98

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