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Time and size of copies on 18-19 Jan 2010
NameContentFile sizeTime
7.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.isoBoot38,206 KB16:39
7.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.isoInstall573,734 KB19:52
7.2-RELEASE-i386-disc2.isoPackage617,382 KB22:14
7.2-RELEASE-i386-disc3.isoPackages 2654,964 KB0:51
7.2-RELEASE-i386-docs.isoDocuments301,440 KB1:56
I downloaded 5 files of FreeBSD release 7.2 from Nihon ni aru FreeBSD kanren no sites. These files are iso image files. So I have to change them into ordinary data files. I knew a free software for writing down data which is called CD Manipulator. I copied it from CD Manipulator atochi in zip. I do not have a recordable CD drive. So I downloaded it for my family PC which runs Windows 7. Af first, I could not understand how to use the program. I found a good site to show its usage[1].
  • Top menu: Track -> Select ISO file insertion
  • Bottom menu: Select writing down CD -> high setting -> all checked

    Hardware requirement of FreeBSD Release Information
    CPUMemoryRequired spaceRelease
    I show contents of each iso files in a table. I knew a necessary memory size, when I read installation guide at a site in Japanese. But I became afraid of required file size. I could not find a description there. So I found it in a site in English where describes in detail. My Windows95 machine has only 16 MB memory. I deleted Microsoft Publisher and AutoSurf (Autocad). I could have a space of 100 MB. The Windows98 machine and the Windows95 machine shares files now, so I do not want to delete Windows95. It may need one CD, though the table showed 5 iso files. I burned 4 CD-R at a loss. This time I will download files directly to the Windows95 machine on ISA bus through NIC which is compatible NE2000. Release 5.0 supports National Semiconductor DS8390-based Ethernet NICs, including Novell NE2000 and clones. It also support 3Com 3C501 8-bit ISA Ethernet NIC only. Does it work old 16 bit ISA well? I troubled with installing TCP/IP in the Windows 95 as I wrote the trouble shooting. Now ping, Reply comes all right.

    I read how to install BSD in the official site, but I could not understand well.

    [1] Install you no CD sakusei

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