Elevation showed wire LQI better than planar. Although wire is worse on the road, Planar is worse in 45° direction.


Which is suitable wire or planar antenna of TWE (Tocos Wireless Engine) to propagate distance?


電波強度 LQI を測定した結果,高さの影響はワイヤの方がが少ない。道路上試験ではワイヤが良くないように見えるが,対角線上の距離だと平面はワイヤより劣る。


TWE (Tocos Wireless Engine) のワイヤアンテナと平面のどちらが通信距離が期待できるか。

TWE range ability test

Photo10 Ground zero
Photo11 Ground 1.8m
Photo12 Distance 17m
Photo13 Distance 43m
Table 4 LQI values 2017-07-06
Distance0m17m43m67m0m Ground
Wire #49651NG12132
Planar #5844821NG54

I installed wire antenna type device #4 and planer antenna type device #5 on the bicycle at the height of 1.8 m. I measured LQI value with regard to distance as shown in Photo 10 to 13. I checked the distance by Google Map.

The street is corner at 67 m distance. #4 may have no sensing range between 17m and 67m. When their devices is on ground zero, #4 LQI increases. But #5 decreases. It seems that planar antenna is not good as wire antenna with regard to elevation.

When they put on the north east corner of the backyard, #4 and #5 LQI value are 36 and varying 12 to 18. We should choice wire type for usual application.


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