Puppy Linux doesn't support linux late command. So Enoki doesn't know when to login or how long Dell GX240 has been working correct.


PSI (Puppy System Info) tells error information. The error happens everyday. So Enoki has known how long the PC ran.

PSI (Puppy System Info) informs working status history 2021-10-08

PC fan noise

Enoki does Dell GX240 long run test. But the PC fan makes buzz noise louder now. Enoki would like to stop the test.

PC fan replacement trouble

Enoki thought Dell GX240 power supply fan replacement before, but gave up. For the fan has stock out.

Login history

Windows xp scheduler informs login history. In case of Linux, Late command seems to tell the information.

But Puppy Linux doesn't support Late.

PSI (Puppy System Info)

Figure1 PSI

Clicking Applications > System >
Pup-Systeminfo system information in the status bar, PSI opens.

Clicking System Log in the menu bar, You can see the log with date and time as shown in Figure1.

Continuous working time

The PC has worked 34 days 13 hours in safe.


With a constant daily system error, PSI tells working history.

Dell slim type desktop
Dell GX240 is easy to open the case. It opens like a door. So Enoki selected and bought used one. But the peculiar fan for cooling graphic board is the bottle neck of part replacement.

GX 240 life elongation
Enoki has another plan to use Linux PC. So Enoki stopped long run test for it.

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