Wireless control farming

Google refers to unsecured old URL. Type https://enoki.net to reassign. Enoki offers PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or any parts for farms or hobby. Enoki designs all the devices adopting materials available at hand and electronic parts in Amazon or AliExpress.


Rice farming

Enoki site is near Biwa Lake in Japan. Rice farming began here in the 3C. Now Moriyama Town has irrigation ditches more than 200 km total. Photo 30 shows one of the water gates in Moriyama.
The irrigation ditches spreads wide 13,000 km in Shiga prefecture.

Water problem

Japanese people has been used water for growing rice for a long time. But water problem occurs all over the world in China, India, Pakistan or Africa. Some people cannot drink fresh water.


Feel free to contact, if you have any question or bug report.


Battery powered wireless water level switch

Pht22 Range test in paddy May 2019
Photo23 Receiver in tractor Nov 2019

Enoki introduces wireless water level switch for paddy field, underground liquid tank level and so on.

The sensor consists of detector, body and wireless module. The body can turn on/off pump.

The wireless module is capable for door bell (315 MHz) and 2.4 GHz (TWE, nRF24L01+, XBee).

It also supports sakura.io with LTE module via Softbank carrier in Japan.[9] Enoki has received new β version as shown in Photo 31 and Photo 32.

Detector Key Point
1) Accuracy ±1/4 mm
2) Current loop brings long distance 300m[6]
3) Nearly zero dead zone

Photo22 shows the wireless module on the shovel and the detector in the right.

If water level reaches at desired level or less,

wireless module transmits the event to the receiver.

The wireless module and the receiver is popular wireless door bell.

I tried two door bells and wrote a report for evaluation.

Click the Reports tab in the above menu.

If you set the receiver on your tractor as shown in Photo 23, it tells water level is higher or lower in real time while doing the other job.

I hope that independent or big farmers will adopt Enoki's wireless water switch in the US and so on[1][4].

Crowd funding CAMPFIRE approved to incubate Enoki's small project 'Water level for paddy field' in June 2019[2].

IPROS approved and registered Enoki's product[5].

Photo24 Water level detecting adjustment by pin
Photo25 Measured by GoogleMap

Field test

Fig.1 Enoki's Measurement System

Fig.1 shows Enoki's measurement system. Enoki has tried 2.4 GHz wireless module XBee and TWE since 2015.

The wireless devices are located in the photo 15. #4 is east, #6 and #5 are west, #7 is north.

Each wireless TWE sensor includes a temperature sensor and a illuminance sensor.

#4 was rebuilt to contain #5 as shown in Photo19. So it can measure temperature and illuminance once.[3]

#5 and #7 watch water level. #7 watches water level in the 500 ml PET bottle as shown in Photo 26.

When you shorten between the stake and the probe by sickle or something, the receiver rings a door bell.

Click the below green buttons to see a daily real-time chart on Enoki or free Xfree site. Browser Chrome hasn't shown the chart correct now. Try Firefox instead.

Chart    Xfree

Press F12 to show the listing by browser console function. JavaScript programs draws these charts.

If you see the html file, you will see the JavaScript source.

If you want to refresh the chart, press F5 or Ctrl + F5 to reset browser cash.

This site shows revising manual. Slip21 updates daily record TWE.txt of TWEs in my field all day long in real time.

With mobile phone, you can see the daily real-time chart or report outdoor.

Application Slip21

Slip21 also tells alarm by email. If the working PC is Windows xp later, Slip21 can send to free Gmail address or something, though Google browser Chrome doesn't support xp any more.

You may receive plain alarm text at enoki.net domain. Enoki offers 1000 trial email addresses for a year now.

Look at Slip21 manual page, and download pre release sample. Try it.

Notice that the chart will not show correct while debugging.

FTP by Task scheduler

Enoki recommends that you will start uploading at your provider web service on time.

Photo15 Transmitters location

Enoki tried scheduled FTPS (FTP over SSL) at XFREE. See Reports in detail in 2020.

XBee life

Enoki have lost 2 XBees in the field test. So Enoki stopped #2 and #3.

Enoki changed #1 XBee module for #2 on 2018-09-13.

After all, all the three XBee EndDevices have broken.

Rental server

Enoki's rooter often stopped before because of the opened http port and ping. So Enoki has rented Sakura Lite server[7].

Photo29 #7 Watch level down 2020-05-02
Photo26 #7 Watch level up 0.2 m high 2019-11-26
Photo18 #5 #6 1.8 m high 2018-08-28

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