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Erase of FreeBSD Boot Manager
I erased Boot Manager (BMR) that worked for dual booting of FreeBSD and Windows 98. I restarted MS-DOS mode and commanded fdisk /mgr[10]. Windows 98 does not reply inquiry of fdisk /?. Is mgr undocumented option?
1:00 Aug27 (GMT+9)

Ecolinux to Puppy Linux
I found Eco Linux does not support printers and for servers now[8]. I think the site did not refer to them before. While Puppy Linux does. It works Pentium MMX (133 or 166MHz)[9].
7:48 Aug25 (GMT+9)

Browsing mailer and Eijiro don't work for disabling Java script in security tab
When I access internet e-mail of YBB and dictionary Eijiro, their site does not show correct. So I restore internet option of IE6.
9:03 Aug24 (GMT+9)

IE6 hangs up for a minute or less while accessing Wikipedia
When I happened to use my family IE8 + Windows7 machine, I found that it could show Wikipedia smooth. My old IE6 +Windows98 always stumbled when I accessed to Wikipedia. Wikipedia in Japanese explains that Java script of IE6 was peculiar and old and how to fix the trouble. I disabled active list of internet security tab of internet option of tool of IE6[7].
8:38 Aug23 (GMT+9)

Boot manager
I have used boot manager of FreeBSD to boot Windows 98 and FreeBSD. How does it work[6]? I downloaded Eco linux which was 356 MB size. It took one hour and 20 minutes. It was equivalnet for transfer rate of 74.2 kB/s.
2:09 Apr16 (GMT+9)

FreeBSD does not support Mitsumi CDROM but Linux does
Now Celeron machine disconnect Mitsumi CDROM drive because FreeBSD does not support it. Eco Linux does not support FTP install now but CDROM. So the Celeron machine has to run from CDROM drive. I will connect the x56 Mitsumi CDROM drive again and give up FreeBSD.
0:36 Apr01 (GMT+9)

Eco linux
It seems that Puppy Linux is difficult to install for beginers[1]. An old man installed it next to Vine Linux[2]. It seems Ubuntu is polular for Linux beginners. But Ubuntu recommends more than 512 MB memroy and 1 GHz CPU. I knew Xubuntu recommends 256 MB memory[3]. Eco Linux works on 600 MHz CPU and 192 MB[4], though My machine is 400 MHz only, but it has 384 MB memory. And I think books or documents of Ubuntu are very much than Puppy Linux. A developer of Eco Linux will be an undergraduate student of a university or college this year, who was born later 8 Jan 1989[5].
Mar30 (GMT+9)

Increased SDRAM
I knew Puppy Linux did not work with 64 MB memory. My Celeron (400MHz) machine works with 100 MHz memory. I looked into Dell's site. I found my machine work with PC100 DIMM memory. No memory providers make old PC100 (100MHz) DIMM memory now. I found internet auction sells PC100 or PC133 DIMM memories. Googling, I found usual PC133 memory has a synchronize chip to 100 MHz memory clock mother board. I found someone sold PC100 and PC133 of 128 MB each. I tried the auction. I lost. The next day, I found someone would sell 4 PC133 of 128 MB of Buffalo. I confirmed the PC133 supported my machine. I got the auction.

I set up three PC133 of 128 MB DIMMs on mother board. I turned on my machine. Bios counted 384 MB. I ran memory check of Dell's diagnostic programs. The memory test consits of address/Struck-bit test, bit-coupling test and data line test. These were done by two passes,

    Pass1 100000 thru 17FFFFFF
    Pass2 0 thru 17f60000
I found Pass1 tested extended memory over 1MB and Pass2 tested conventional memory. It took a time to check.

My windows 98 machine had 8 MB SDRAM for ATI video chip. The chip runs at 133 MHz. So IE6 does not change displaying speed, if I increased 64 MB to 384 MB memory. Why do fully 32 bit OS of Windows xp or Linux require much memory? Are not DLLs (Dynamic Link Library) dynamic but static memory allocation?
22:57 Mar26 (GMT+9)

Lease time of DHCP
Corega router or Buffalo hub hung up, when I used Windows 98. Buffalo BBR-4G can ping. I pinged to Windows 95. It replied 150, 120 and 140ms. I also pinged from DOS Window. It replied less 10ms as usual, but it did not response. I had to wait for a while. Xbox also did not connect Microsoft site. Turnning off Corega router, Xbox and Windows 98 could connect Microsoft and as usual. I think Corega router has a bug. I set up a short lease time 2 for 23 hours. The time is the same hours as I tried and failed before.
21:39 Mar26 (GMT+9)

2 routers to 1 router
I happened to click help of WAN port setup, when I checked Buffalo BBR-4G router. It told there were two ways to use a router with another. One is the way I tried for three months and have been troubled. Another is to use a hub or 'bridge' for the router. I connected to a vacant LAN port for WAN port and read WAN side IP address of BBR-4G. I allocated a new LAN IP address 192.168.1.x not to conflict with IP address of Corega CG-WLR300NM. I confirmed Corega router recognized new IP addresses and ping other computers.
Mar 25 (GMT+9)

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