My old PCs -02
My old PCs

Windows 98 update
Fujifilm replied to consult Microsoft about the installing trouble of FinePixview. Googling the key 'DDRAW.DLL' of the error MsgBox, I reached Microsoft[9]. I found the trouble was because of DirectX. I searched DirectX on Windows 98. Microsoft showed severl DirectX files. I decided to download DirectX 8.1 and tried download. But Microsoft refused of certification[10]. Funny, I'm a formal user of reinstalled Windows 98. I tried and installed older DirectX 8.0a at first. I downloaded 'DirectX End-User Runtimes (March 2009) - Nihongo' and DirectX 8.1 Runtime for Windows 98 & Me[11]. I could fix Fujifilm's FinePixViewer.

I knew that my Windows 98 could update. I had given up Microsoft's support because the Windows 98 manual wrote to ask a computer vendor about the Windows 98. I checked my computer. It listed 31 serious security patches. I downloaded them. It made update menu as usual. I could download various language fonts for IE6. I can input Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean. Internet Explorer language support is great, though Japanese was the bottom of the list in Microsoft. I can see Le Monde correct without abrupt shutdown of IE6. Can Firefox or something do the same multi language support?

I am glad to see multi language sites. I tried battleship in Wikipedia. Why do I select battleship because Microsoft's Japanese dictionary of IME omit the word 'senkan'. Once Japan was one of five powers. The battleship was symbol of powers. Chinese shows a photo of IJN battleship Yamato. Korean does not show it, as I thought. IE6 does not support Thai script[12]. Thailand was one of a few allianced nations of Japan in the Pacific War.
23:10 Mar24 (GMT+9)

NTP of router
I happened to know NTP server which ticks correct time. I plan to renew one of my html pages in 10 mininutes. My cascaded Buffalo BBR-4MG support NTP server to adjust its clock. Googling, some providers support NTP servers[8]. YahooBB also does at I setup it in the router. I clicked get time. It showed a time. It can setup to get time from 1 to 24 hours. Another router Corega CG-WLR300NM has no NTP setup, but the system log showed 'ntp : Update time successful'.
14:34 Mar24 (GMT+9)

It may be more correct than my Windows 98 machine. Strangely the Windows 98 clock gains much time than Windows 95 of 486DX. The clock of 486DX machine timed for 10 years with the internal battery in an attic. I remember PC-98's clock was poor and ran out the battery in a few years.

DHCP setup of routers
I always power off PCs daily, when I do not download or defrag at midnight. I often have to initialize an upstream rooter because I cannot access ISP. I knew my ISP support DHCP. YahooBB in Japan accesses and confirms a DSL modem whether MAC address is active or not once a day. I thougt the rooter did not hang up if it inquired often to lease terms. The upstream rooter is Corega CG-WLR300NM. I read an manual and logged in. The screen showed ther was a revised firmware. I downloaded it and failed. A message said there was no older version. I had to setup from the family machine which I installed it at first. I bought the wireless rooter to connect wireless LAN of the family machine. I accessed from the family mahine. I failed to install the new firmware a few times. I had to click a revised button at first. I can setup DHCP term from Windows 98 machine. I setup 15 minutes newly. I think the default was 24 hours.

The another router connetcs cascade to the upstream wirless LAN router. I ran a setup program from CDROM. The firmware revision was rivesed 4 or 5 times. The contents seemed no relative my LAN. My old revision was Buffalo BBR-4MG ver 1.12. The defaul was 48 hours of DHCP terms. I knew the term was no effective because the shown lease time was 15 minutes. The WAN upstream router controls a down stream DHCP lease term. I changed 1 hour for 48 hour. The variable time is 1 to 999 hours. IE6 hung up later. I do not know the hangup was because of short DHCP term or something well. I change 40 for 1 hour in the downstream rooter. and I changed 23 hours for 15 minutes in the upstream router.
13:03 Mar24 (GMT+9)

Fujifilm's FinePixViewer on Windows 98
I tried reinstalling FinePixViewer for Fujifilm's digital camera A310 from a remote CDROM drive of Windows 95 machine. The setup program refused of Windows version. I looked for setup program in the sub directories of the CDROM. The installer began setup and installed unwanted quicktime and motion viewer but could not do the FinePixViewer and its driver of the camera. I looked into a manual of the camera and the written URL. The URL was not effective any more. Googling, I looked for a support of the camera. The input form for support is almost for marketing camera itself. I had to write how I could not install the addtional PC program and device driver.

Mitsumi stopped download service of device driver of its CDROM drives. It seems that Japanese electronic makers are not much interested in support of their utility for personal computers. I think their devices are not main but simply pherial devices that OS does not support like keyboard or mouse. Kingmax of Taiwan always replied quickly. I had better not buy Japanese brand consumer electronic devices for PCs because of unkind support.
23:08 Mar22 (GMT+9)

German characters
Googling Linux, a link connected a German site for Wikipedia in English. The site updated my IE6 to support German characters. I confirmed that Spiegel's homepage showed its charaters correct. But IE6 shutdown when I access at Le Monde as before.
12:05 Mar20 (GMT+9)

A base of computers
I had set my old computers on a cheap wooden box for 3 or 4 months. The box was for a rack. The size is W600xH350xD295 mm. I use it for a catalog shelf and a base of computers. The upper panel gradually sagged. I was anxiout about a fool screw to fix the panel. I removed the computers. I found that the panel could move up a little. I fixed 2 right angle rugs by wood screws to support the weight. The wood screws turned easily. The material of the panel is compressed and cemented wooden tips, I think. 486 machine weighs 22.5kg and Celeron does 20.5kg. I understood why my wife disliked desktop computers.
18:33 Mar19 (GMT+9)

Look for Linux
Requirement of SLAX
X Window96MB
I decided to adopt a Linux for Windows 98 + IE6. A magazine recommend 3 light Linux, SLAX, Puppy and INSERT. It seems INSERT is not popular like SLAX and Puppy. My Celeron machine has only 64MB. If I could get old 128MB memory, the total memory would be 192MB. Puppy has Japanese edition. But Puppy is unique a little. SLAX's desktop and tool kit are Xfce and GTK+2. While Puppy's are JWM and T2 SDE. Xorg of Puppy seems no need to build[6]. Flash player works on Puppy without installing it[7].
20:23 Mar18, 19:02 Mar20 (GMT+9)

Make command
I tried 'make'. I simply understood that make was to complie like making ojcets in C programming. It was different. It took 15 hours to finish. FreeBSD recommend to 'make clean'. I also did it. It took more than a day. If to make clean is right, my machine is not suitable to make itself. Is it too slow and few memory to make? I could not find xorgcfg and xorgconfig in the /usr directory. A site writes it took 2 days to build xorg by Pentium III 866MHz[5]. My Celeron (400MHz) is 2.2 times slower than 866MHz. I had better give up xorg of FreeBSD 7.2-Release.

And fd command did not work.
16:59 Mar17 (GMT+9)

Packages of 7.2-Release
I checked initial packages of 7.2-Release and capacity of HDD. 7.2-Release included 204 packages. 4.2.0-Release was less than half, I'm not sure. It occupied 1.1G at /usr directory.
21:59 Mar14 (GMT+9)

Install 7.2-Release
I stumbled on importing Ports by FTP. I could start installer of 7.2-Release. I will download it tomorrow. I knew that ftp1 to ftp7 can download from /stand/sysinstall[3][4]. Is it avilable for I tried at least 10 times.
I made configuration as usual, I made slices automatically. Installer allocated swap 94MB. I selected standard X user. I looked at Custom menu. There was distribution. I selected, it did not connect at once. I tried again. It connected at 70KB/s transfer rate. It was unnessaray to input a long ftp address like installing 5.2.1-Release of archive. It stopped and finished primary download. It recommended to connect another ftp. I selected ftp2. It connected at 15KB/s. I drove my son to a bookstore nearby. I bought 2 packages of milk and juice next to the bookstore. Returning home, it finished download. The installer made a few questions to customize.

7.2-Release of FreeBSD ran on my old PC. I wanted to check Ports. The Installer made /usr/ports. There is Makefile certainly. Command of /stand/sysinstall was changed for simple sysinstall.
21:36 Mar13, 20:41 Mar14 (GMT+9)

Unpack fd-3.00e
I commanded /stand/sysinstall. I downloaded fd-3.00e by FTP, a message appeared,

    Running mtree for fd-3.00e..
    mtree -U -f +MTREE_DIRS -d -e /usr/local >/dev/null
    Attempting to record package into /var/db/pkg/fd-3.00e

    Read the document files in /usr/local/share/doc/fd, and use the example fd2rc files in /usr/local/etc

I read README. I knew EUC-JP is abbreviation of Extended Unix Code. I confirmed /usr/local/bin/fd. I moved the directory and typed 'fd', but an error message appeared,
    /libexec/ : Shared object "" not found
When I installed 5.2.1-Release, was it with ports? So I tried the used FTP address, I couldn't do. I checked the FTP address. It is,
The file name and size are ports.tgz and 24,396,378 bytes
11:51 Mar13 (GMT+9)

FTP addresses of packages
I would like to use packages registered in I have to search a wanted package in the Ports[2].

    Known filename -> FreeBSD Ports Collection Ichiran
    Gerne -> FreeBSD Ports
I have to get to know a FTP address of the wanted package. FTP sites list are in FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE Announcement. In case of FTP site in Japan, FTP directory is
    i386 ->
    Shells ->

Mount & MS-DOS file
I would like to log configuration files. I do not want to setup /windows partition writable. I need to mount a device to output configuration files on a floppy disk drive. I always upload files to Yahoo server from IE6+Win98. Command demesg shows the device name of FDD, fd0.

    mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt
    pkg_info > pkginf.txt
    cp pkginf.txt /mnt
Looking /mnt directory, I found the copy of pkginf.txt. Delete command of Unix is 'rm'. I also copied boot/kernel.conf and etc/rc.conf. I moved to each directory
    rm pkginf.txt
    cp kernel.conf /mnt
    cp rc.conf /mnt

/mnt looks like a: drive of DOS. I uploaded them. Looking into pkginf.txt, XFree86-Server is 4.3.0_14. How is it different with 4.2.0 which I tried?
20:48 Mar12 (GMT+9)

Install 5.2.1-Release and APM
I ran Celeron (400MHz) machine from starter 2 foloppy disks.

    User Confirmation Requested
    Would you like to load kernelmodules from the driver floppy?
I do not know what are modules. I selected OK.
    Value required
    Under which directory do you wish to save your current /etc? /var /tmp/etc
I selected OK.
    Hmmm! I couldn't move the old kernel over. Do you want to treat this as a big problem and about the upgrade? Due to the way that this upgrade process works, so you will have to reboot and start ouver from the beginning. Select Yes to reboot now.
I rebooted, but FreeBSD halted and did not return prompt. I gave up the old conf files etc. I sliced partitions automatically this time. I selected standard configuration. I selected FTP to donwload,
    Warning : Can't find the '5.2.1-RELEASE' distribution on this FTP server. You may need to visit a different server for the release you are to explicitly match what's available on (or set to "any"). Would you like to select another FTP server?
I tried a few times, but failed. I found 'hostname' and 'pathname'. I halt and wrote the ftp address, at which I downloded .flp files. The download finished less than an hour. I logged in and confirmed to work /stand/sysinstall. I looked into ifconfig. DHCP is No. I have already setup DHCP. I setup again.
    inetid -> Yes -> Would you like to enable SSH login? -> No
I tried shutdown -h now. It did not work. I pressed a power switch of the machine, but failed. I rebooted Windows 98 and could shutdown. Googling, I found how to solve it[1]. I created a new file named kernel.conf. I added a simple line,
    enable apm
And I edited /etc/rc.conf file and added a line,
I typed command shutdown -p now, the machine turned off power at once.
14:01 Mar12 (GMT+9)

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[10] DirectX 8.1b Runtime for Windows 98/Me (Nihongo ban)
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[12] battleship of Thai script

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