TWE #6 unknown transmitting restoration 2022-05-14


TWE #6 device has stopped transmitting on 2022-05-10.


#6 resumed transmitting on 2022-05-14, while trying App_Tag interactive mode through COM port.

Diagnostics by Monostick

Terminal software Teraterm confirmed no #6 transmitting through COM3 by TWE Monostick for Windows 10 on 2022-05-14, while Teraterm was receiving #4 transmitting.

App_Tag interactive mode

Connecting TTL-232R-3V3 serial converter, another Teraterm recognized COM5. So Enoki tried interactive mode, but failed. The method is shown in TWE-APPS/App_Tag/interactive.html in Japanese[1].

Turning on M2 to GND and connecting terminal software under serial 115200bps and 8N1 condition, Terminal software would send the message as follows with power-on-reset.

--- CONFIG/App_Tag V2-00-0/SID=0x81027aae/LID=0x00/RC=9696 ---
a: set Application ID (0x67726305)
i: set Device ID (–)
c: set Channels (15)

x: set Tx Power (13)
b: set UART baud (38400)
B: set UART option (8N1)
k: set Enc Key (0xA5A5A5A5)
o: set Option Bits (0x00000001)
d: set Sleep Dur (5000)
w: set Sensor Wait Dur (30)
m: set Sensor Mode (0x10)
p: set Sensor Parameter (0)
P: set Sensor Parameter2 ( )
S: save Configuration
R: reset to Defaults

Unknown transmitting restoration

Teraterm began receiving #6 transmitting after a while. Enoki knew no reason why #6 reactivated. And turning off the jumper switch (turn off shorten M2), #6 continued transmitting.

Enoki shut down PC to initialize the COM ports. The PC allocated COM5 for the Monostick this time. Figure1 shows #4 and #6 transmitting.

Figure1 Resumed transmitting

App_Tag interactive mode by TWE-Programmer.exe

Enoki also tried setup by 'TWE-Programmer.exe', but failed.

TWE life

Enoki began designing #6 circuit and the test on 2017-09-05. Enoki uploaded the report titled "Wireless temperatue & humidity sensor assembled with TWE-Lite and SHT21" on 2017-11-05. And so #6 endured for 1647 days (4.5 years).

#6 might deteriorate a little because #6 receives more heat than #4. Because #6 is located in the west.


Enoki could not find the restoration reason after all.


Enoki found that 'TWE-Programmer.exe' could not recognize a free COM port, when 2 COM port are active. One should not use the program, when using 2 COM ports at the same time.

Replace hanging string

The hanging string has been ragged as shown in Photo1. Enoki replaced it for a new string.
Photo1 Hanging ragged and new string


Enoki had better confirm whether the serial converter works well by another device.

If #6 breaks down truly, Enoki will replace it for a new one (MW-R-DI-U). Enoki has the stock.


[1] App_Tag end device setup in Japanese

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