An introduction of sensors applicable to wireless module TWE (Tocos Wireless Engine) App_Tag.


TWE-Lite is easier to wire than XBee.


TWE (Tocos Wireless Engine) の App_Tag に対応したセンサの紹介。


XBee と比較して TWE-Lite は省配線で済む。

An introduction of TWE App_Tag sensors TWE App_Tag センサ紹介

TWE-Lite (Tocos Wireless Engine) is wireless module. The TWE wireless App_Tag supports I2C temperature sensor ADT7410, illuminance sensor TSL2561 and temperature and humidity sensor SHT21 as shown in Table 4. I adopted Akizuki's module of ADT7410 at first, because it dissipates little than SHT21. See the comparison. While SHT21 dissipates 5.5mW for humidity heater at peak. But I confirmed that TWE-Lite and SHT21 dissipates 24uW only in sleeping. Lowering power supply voltage, TWE-Lite transmits with SHT21 at 2.06 V. Self running voltage is 2.08 V. I also confrimed that ADT7410 and TSL2561 works at 2.2V in the field test. You can buy TWE-Lite at or Chip1stop.[1][2] shipping fee is cheaper than Chip1stop.

[2] TWE-LITE 2.54mm pitch 28p (600mil)DIP IC

Table 4 I2C sensors supported by Monowireless App_Tag
ModelVoltageuAAccuracy etcMode assignment
SHT212.1 to 3.6300
ADT74102.7 to 3.6210±0.5°C0x32
TSL25612.7 to 3.6240max 65000lux0x36

Monowireless が提供する TWE-Lite は簡単に Table 4 に示す I2C デジタルセンサ信号を取り込めます。アナログセンサのようにある程度の電子技術がなくとも簡単な工作により, ワイヤレスセンサが製作できます。配線半田付け点数は数分の1に激減しています。


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