Tektronix TDS310

I have two DSOs now. One is TDS310. Another is TDS2002. My TDS310 has a communication port, though it is very big. It can be a 2-channel recorder for my experiment. I turned on, I tested some buttons on the operation panel. I found that 5 buttons did not response in the beginning. Remembering the operational screen, I tried no response buttons. It recovered except of one button. And I did self diagnostics. I confirmed that it would work.

Sample source codes are written in Quick-Basic. I tried TL.EXE on Windows 98 and Windows 95. TL.EXE is a comunication check program. I judged that it did not work on Windows 98. But it was wrong. If I command US in MS-DOS promt screen, it works on Windows 98 now. I checked pin assignment of Dsub 25p of 66 MHz machine. I remade RS232C cable for PC98. I began 32-bit programming by VB3 on Windows 95. I tried implant of Tektronix source code on VB3. I found MSCOMM component of VB is important to program preemptitive. But I cound not add MSCOMM in VB3 which I downloaded from Microsoft, so I changed VB3 for VB4. I found RS232 subroutine for VB by Tektronix in a site. But it occurred an error in RS232READ.

I created a form from referring to a site, I could fix the problem. See the steps to fix it, in My old PCs04 and PCs05 of My old personal computers.

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