My old PCs -FreeBSD, Puppy linux, Win7/XP/Win98/NT3.51/95/Win3.11
I have used four old PCs with LAN now except two PC98s. The first was 486DX (66MHz) with ISA bus. The second is Celeron (400MHz) with 384MB RAM. The third is P4 (1.7GHz) with 1GB. The last is 2.67GHz with 4GB. I tried FreeBSD at 66 and 400MHz, and evaluated Puppy Linux on 400MHz PC. WinXP and Win98 boot dual for my project. I also tried that the 66MHz PC works with 503MB HDD on Win95 for my internet server all day. But Win95 destroyed. So 1.7GHz PC worked for my server on WinXP Pro, 400MHz PC runs for my HTTPD server. I made commnunication application TDS298 to get Measurements of Tektronix Oscilloscope. I also developed Slip2 to list the Measurements latest first order. Slip21 showed the real-time chart at design for Windows98 and records wireless sensors outputs by XBees for Windows XP later now. This page is to remember for trouble shooting not to waste money on my legathy platforms.
 Straplines -Cat's footprint
  1. AN HTTPD: Alias option -06
  2. AN HTTPD: Browse the server from global site -06
  3. AN HTTPD: Browsing a htm file in AN HTTPD server -06
  4. AN HTTPD: Install AN HTTPD -05
  5. AN HTTPD: Ippan and Log option to watch log files on 400MHz PC -08
  6. AN HTTPD: Log option -08
  7. AN HTTPD: IE version for installing AN HTTPD -05
  8. How to back up files -07
  9. A base of computers -02
  10. Booting priority of devices -04
  11. Boot: Sys command erases MBR -09
  12. Bookmarks transition to SeaMonkey from IE6 -06
  13. How C compiles a = b = c = 0; -08
  14. Browser: Yahoo Japan site occurs IE6 error -10
  15. Browser: IE8 occupies RAM even after closing the windows -10
  16. Browser: Install Firefox 3.6 -06
  17. Browser: IE6 + newly installed Windows98 -01
  18. Browser: IE6 hangs up for a minute or less while accessing Wikipedia -03
  19. Browser: Sometimes IE6 shut down -05
  20. Browser: Uninstall IE5.5 -08
  21. Browser: IE5.5: Errors occurred when intalling -08
  22. Chipset: DMA -PC
  23. Chipset: 512MB of PC133 SDRAM is more expensive than twice DDR2-533 -10
  24. Chipsets of some Dell's laptop PCs in auction site -09
  25. Chipsets of some Toshiba's laptop PCs in auction site -09
  26. Clean CPU heat sink of 400MHz PC -09
  27. CAD for PWB ( Print Wired Board ) -07
  28. CAD: A way to use mechanical CAD for positioning precious pitch to drill holes -07
  29. CADLUS: Compare CADLUS Design with D2CAD for circuit editor or drawing -07
  30. CADLUS X for PWB ( Print Wired Board ) design in 3 free CADs
  31. CADLUS Circuit [Design] has 428 part symbols -07
  32. Camera: PC Camera Driver for Fuji A310 -10
  33. Camera: Hyojun image quality of JPEG will be enough -10
  34. Camera: Fujifilm's FinePixViewer on Windows 98 -02
  35. CD Manipulator burns CD -BSD
  36. CDROM: ATAPI with Mitsumi CDROM drive in 400MHz machine -PC
  37. CDROM: Restored CDROM drive for Pupply Linux -06
  38. CDROM: CD-ROM driver for MS-DOS -486MI
  39. CDROM: Restore CDROM drive -04
  40. CDROM drive broke down -05
  41. CGI -05
  42. COM port number of 400 MHz machine -05
  43. COM: RS232 cable for DSUB 9P -10
  44. COM: VB4 doesn't have MSCOMM in toolbox on default -10
  45. COM: Handshaking of TDS298 or input buffer -10
  46. COM: RS232 DSUB 25p & 9p assignment -04
  47. COM: RS232 DSUB 25p connector changed male for female -04
  48. COM: DSUB 25p of COM2 -04
  49. Compare time stamp of the same files in different folders and drive -05
  50. Crawl of Google's robot -05
  51. Some devices of Dell's GX450 confimation to work -09
  52. Desktop PC and mother board in an auction site -09
  53. Dice: Set up Dice -09
  54. Dice: I could install Dice of MSI edition -08
  55. Dice: Install on 66MHz server -08
  56. Display: CRT ディスプレイ分解 CRT display disassemble 2015-07-01
  57. Editor: Hidemaru macro count100 -10
  58. Editor: Save text encoding UTF-8 by Hidemaru -10
  59. Editor: Mojibake occurs in utf-7 -10
  60. Editor: Mojibake of symbols occurs in utf-7 -10
  61. Editor: Binary editor Stirling -10
  62. Enoki Sensor - My new site name -08
  63. Explorer cannot cut and paste -08
  64. Fan: Life of ADDA fan -10
  65. Fan: GX240 CPU fan -10
  66. Favicon error in my server log -08
  67. FDD of 1.7GHz PC doesn't work -10
  68. FD is broken -10
  69. FreeBSD: Erase of FreeBSD Boot Manager -03
  70. FreeBSD: Boot manager -03
  71. FreeBSD: Reslicing by FreeBSD Disklabel Editor -486MI
  72. FreeBSD: Boot Manager in Celeron (400MHz) machine -01
  73. FreeBSD Disklabel Editor -486MI
  74. FreeBSD: Installer -BSD
  75. FreeBSD: Select items when installing FreeBSD -486MI
  76. FreeBSD: Installer of FreeBSD7.2 on Celeron (400MHz) machine -01
  77. FreeBSD: Japanese processing in FreeBSD -01
  78. FreeBSD: FTP addresses of packages -02
  79. FreeBSD: Packages of 7.2-Release -02
  80. FreeBSD: Install 7.2-Release -02
  81. FreeBSD: Unpack fd-3.00e -02
  82. FreeBSD: Install 5.2.1-Release and APMs -02
  83. FreeBSD: Fresh up Ports -01
  84. FreeBSD: Ports for FreeBSD -486MI
  85. FreeBSD: ls command -486MI
  86. FreeBSD: ls and cat command -486MI
  87. FreeBSD: IRQ conflict and Ifconfig on FreeBSD -486MI
  88. FreeBSD: Minimum HDD freespace to install FreeBSD in 486DX machine -01
  89. FreeBSD: File size allocation of / and /usr on FreeBSD -486MI
  90. FreeBSD: No enough disk space for FreeBSD with Windows 95 -LAN
  91. FreeBSD: Margin of partition capacity on FreeBSD -486MI
  92. FreeBSD: stand/sysinstall -486MI
  93. FTP is for WAN not LAN -06
  94. gFTP cannot transfer a file to AN HTTPD server I was wrong-06
  95. FTP: ASFtp error on Windows 95 -06
  96. FTP: ASFtp and FFFtp don't work on Windows 95 -05
  97. FTP: Automatic uploader ASFtp -05
  98. Geocities: What pages of mine do people look at? -10
  99. Geocities: Googling in -10
  100. Geocities: Renamed a few htm files in sorted by Google -10
  101. German characters -02
  102. Google: I registered by Google Analytics -10
  103. Googlebot's activity -LAN
  104. Google Web Master showed disconnected 12 times -LAN
  105. HDD: Access speed to HDD improved -09
  106. HDD: HDD access speed measurement by CrystalDiskMark -09
  107. HDD: 400MHz PC showed 'No operating system' -09
  108. HDD: Connector contact fault of flat cable for HDD -09
  109. HDD: LED of HDD -PC
  110. HDD: The old and new HDD for 400 MHz machine -PC
  111. HDD: Dell Diagnostics of HDD -PC
  112. HDD working temperature -10
  113. HDD: 1.7GHz PC always acceses to HDD, when I browse -10
  114. HDD: Temperature of HDDs -10
  115. HDD: Estimate life of HDD -10
  116. HDD: Win98 does not include SMART of HDD -10
  117. HDD power connector pin assignment -10
  118. Hosts: Rewrite hosts file to access to HTTP server in LAN -09
  119. Hosts: Rewrite hosts file to recognize my server on WindowsXP in LAN -07
  120. One has to check option of virtual host, when AN HTTPD works by stand-alone -07
  121. Html file management -06
  122. HTML: Why do I use IE6 browser for writing? -06
  123. HTML: On-line HTML editor of Geocities does not support "frame" -04
  124. HTML: Hidemaru html viewer is uncapable for Windows 98 -05
  125. Image scanner and Image viewer -05
  126. Instantaneous power off -04
  127. Keyboard: DIN connector standards -09
  128. Keyboard: AT(female) to PS2(male) transform cable -09
  129. Keyboard: 106 JP keyboard -04
  130. Keyboard broke down -06
  131. Keyboard does not input some keys for Windows 98 -06
  132. Keyboard replacement for 400 MHz machine -06
  133. Hyper terminal does not run suddenly -08
  134. Java: Installed Java6 on 400MHz PC -10
  135. Java: Has Java's new version occurred to display bad? -10
  136. LAN: Very easy LAN setup for Windows XP -09
  137. LAN: Restore LAN card and IE6 on newly installed Windows 98 -PC
  138. Can't install Lhaplus -05
  139. Linux: Eco linux -03
  140. Linux: Install KDE with Celeron machine -01
  141. Linux: Display manager XDM -PC
  142. Linux: Bundled browser Konqueror with KDE -01
  143. Loader with CDROM drive on FreeBSD and boot sequence on Windows 98 -PC
  144. Magnetization in my labo -09
  145. Make command -02
  146. Microsoft had updated MFC42.DLL even since Windows 98 SE -07
  147. Microsoft Comm Control 6.0 How does 400MHz PC run VB on Windows XP? -08
  148. MO drive and USB flash disk on newly installed Windows 98 -PC
  149. mount CDROM device on FreeBSD
  150. Mount & MS-DOS file -02
  151. MyApp: Kiri198 shuts down when it receives truncated Meas.txt -10
  152. MyApp: Kiri198 blinks little -10
  153. MyApp: TDS298, Kiri198 and Slip2 worked with HTTPD server well -10
  154. MyApp: Idle of TDS298 -10
  155. MyApp: Patch work not to make truncated Meas.txt -10
  156. MyApp: Priority of TDS298 or Algorithm -10
  157. MyApp: Slip1 on Windows 7 troubled my server for Windows 95 -09
  158. MyApp: I moved Slip1 to 400MHz PC from 66MHz server -09
  159. MyApp: TDS1.exe has restored now -08
  160. MyApp: TDS298 works on WindowsXP, and it needs TABCTL32.OCX and MSCOMM32.OCX -10
  161. MyApp: TDS1 shows online measurements of Tektronix DSO on my server -07
  162. MySite: IE6 visitors are less than 4% -10
  163. Information of PNPNT.sys and MPREXE.exe -08
  164. MSI: I succeded in installing this time -08
  165. MSI failed to install on 66MHz server -08
  166. MTU ( Maximum Transmission Unit ) limits 1500 bytes according to TCP/IP protocol -07
  167. NDIS may cause blue screen error on Windows95 server -09
  168. Network trial on FreeBSD -486MI
  169. Ninja: Free Ninja Analyze has to add an assigned tag in each page -10
  170. Ninja: Merged the pages and decreased to 72 htm files for Ninja -10
  171. Nslookup command on Puppy linux to lookup my server IP address -06
  172. NTP for eonet -09
  173. NTP server responses at a delay of 562ms -07
  174. NTP of router -02
  175. NTP clock -04
  176. NTP: Time resolution of Sakura watch -05
  177. NTP: Setup of Sakura watch for on-line -08
  178. NTP: Update period of Sakura watch -10
  179. does not allow login on Windows 98 -08
  180. Password for Japan ID -06
  181. Password : Register while ftp -06
  182. Password : Unregister SeaMonkey & ASFtp for Win 98/95 -06
  183. There was PNPNT.sys in a floppy disk of Laneed LD-PN -08
  184. PNPNT.sys is NDIS 3.0 mini-port driver for Windows NT and Windows 95 -08
  185. Perl: Puppy linux has Perl -06
  186. Perl: ActivatePerl : Install on Windows 95 -06
  187. Perl: AvtivatePerl programming with Hidemaru editor on Win98 -06
  188. Perl: Branching reserved word of syntax is elsif not but ElseIf in VB -07
  189. Perl: A way to judge exsistnece of a particular file -07
  190. Perl: Pi value for math in Perl -06
  191. Perl: Perl can refer to a shared file at LAN -07
  192. Perl: Variable is double precision -06
  193. Perl: Install ActivePerl for Windows 98 -05
  194. Player: 400MHz PC can watch TBS News-i -10
  195. Player: Why did YouTube adopt Adobe Flash player? -10
  196. Player: Adobe flash player -07
  197. Player: Flash player 9 -05
  198. PS: Power supply of 1.6GHz server exhausts heat warmer than 400MHz PC -09
  199. PS: How to remove the power supply of GX240 -10
  200. PS: Power supply for Dell's small form-factor -10
  201. PS: Compare GX240 power supply with ordinary small form one -10
  202. PS: Extend harness for power supply SFX230 -10
  203. PS: AC cable with SFX230 -10
  204. PS: Rebuilt Dell GX240 -10
  205. PSP (Play Station Portable) -LAN
  206. Puppy CD doesn't work -04
  207. Puppy: Install Puppy linux on a HDD -06
  208. Puppy: Coexistence of Windows and Puppy linux in a HDD -06
  209. Puppy: Puppy Linux 4.3.1 recognizes PCI Realtek NIC -04
  210. Puppy: Composer has a function to upload by FTP in Puppy linux -06
  211. Puppy: Fonts of Geany -06
  212. Puppy: Fonts of SeaMonkey and Geany -06
  213. Puppy: Geany cannot open file coded by euc-jp in FAT32 partition -06
  214. Puppy: Font size and history of Sea Monkey on Puppy Linux -04
  215. Puppy: Create expanded partition for Windows98 and Puppy Linux -04
  216. Puppy: Unfamiliar ROX filer in Puppy linux -06
  217. Puppy: ROX-filer : Customize in Puppy linux -06
  218. Reader: I think that Acrobat reader 5 cannot open a saved pdf file by Adobe reader X -08
  219. Reader: Acrobat Reader 5 cannot read JOGMEC's pdf file -10
  220. Router: FTTH line speed measurement records and the speed increases sharp at Corega router's power-on reset
  221. Router: DHCP setup of routers -02
  222. Router: Lease time of DHCP -03
  223. Router needed power off, when connecting internet at first optical fiber introduction -09
  224. Router: One has to open kanri menu to update router's firmware of Corega -10
  225. Router: Corega's Router doesn't reply to a ping -10
  226. Router: Corega's router trouble? -09
  227. routers to 1 router -03
  228. Router Corega CG-WLR300NM firmfare -04
  229. Router: IP address changed when router powered off -LAN
  230. Router: Router cannot reply to a ping -LAN
  231. Screen shot file format -10
  232. Increased SDRAM -03
  233. SeaMonkey's system font is too thick to display bold type -06
  234. SeaMonkey + Puppy vs IE6 + Windows 98 -06
  235. SeaMonkey cannot open a shift_jis coded file for Composer -06
  236. SeaMonkey: SeaMonkey often shows —Warning: Unresponsive script -07
  237. SeaMonkey: Compare Seamonkey with IE6 -04
  238. MS Security Essentials resolved warning crest of fire wall -09
  239. Server: Set up new IP for my server -09
  240. Confirmation of my server performance -08
  241. Why does my server hang up? -08
  242. Robots: Oh, my server might be dying for a month -08
  243. Server: Personal web server ( PWS ) -05
  244. Server: DNS ( Domain Name System ) -06
  245. Server online web measurement -06
  246. Server: 400MHz PC works as Httpd server temporarily -10
  247. Server: My site is active by confirmation of server's log -08
  248. Server: Bad effect of my server's redirect -08
  249. Server: My server hang-up because of thunder? -07
  250. Shell script -01
  251. Share: File share between Win 98 and Win 95 machine -LAN
  252. Share: Succeeded in sharing files between Windows 98 and Windows 95 -LAN
  253. Share: Repair of Windows 98 to share files -PC
  254. Tough to implant TL.EXE on VB3 -04
  255. TL.EXE by renewed RS232 cable -04
  256. TL.EXE bundled with DSO TDS310 -04
  257. TL.EXE does not work on MS-DOS prompt of Windows 95 JP edtion -05
  258. Tektronix DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) TDS310 sends 8 bytes only once -10
  259. Register TSR -04
  260. TCP/IP stack may break down on Windows 95 -08
  261. Upload: Where can I register to upload my programs at? -10
  262. ristricts 2-byte Japanese space character -10
  263. Upload: Long description of prefers UTF-7 than UTF-8 -10
  264. VB: VB2010 English version -09
  265. VB: VB4 does not build normal exe file on Windows 98, does it? -09
  266. VB: Changing LF for CRLF, it looks visible good in text box -07
  267. VB4: Line Input function sometimes fail to read a text file -10
  268. VB: VB4 assumes Visual Basic directory as current directory -10
  269. VB: Date and time of Format function is feasible -07
  270. VB: VB4 does not support DateLastModified -07
  271. VB: Function FileDateTime has precision of 2 seconds -07
  272. VB: Format of VB seems to express 3 effective digits with scientic notation -07
  273. VB4: I failed to install on 66MHz server -08
  274. VB: formname.log is error description -08
  275. VB: Couldn't it be possible to process two files in an infinite loop? -07
  276. VB: Run-time error, Invalid Procedure call -07
  277. VB: Run-time error '5' : Invalid procedure call -10
  278. VB: It may be better for recording by Single than charaters to shrink file size -07
  279. VB: There is no SSTab in the tool box of VB4 in 400MHz PC -08
  280. VB: Str function contains a leading space -07
  281. VB: Timer of VB has to work in a form -04
  282. VB: Save as file in VB 3.0 -04
  283. VB: Open sequential file -07
  284. VB: DoEvents of VB -05
  285. VB4: User-defined type variables may not declare successive -10
  286. VB4's developing enviornment may not work on Windows XP -07
  287. VB: Installer of VB4 does not work well on Windows 7 -05
  288. VB: Setup wizard in VB4 -05
  289. VB: Make exe file in VB4 -05
  290. VB: Boolean in VB -05
  291. VB: Str function in VB -05
  292. VB: List time stamp programming in VB4 -05
  293. VB: Manipulation of String in VB4 -05
  294. VB: How does 400MHz PC run VB on Windows XP? -08
  295. VB4: Out of memory -10
  296. VB4: Wrong infinte loop without DoEvents may stop other running tick programs -10
  297. VB4: Description of Exe Options is not multi lines -10
  298. VB4: Can't make exe -10
  299. VB: Sharing updated files at every minute -10
  300. VB: Programming to lower CPU duration -10
  301. VB: Private Type and Global -10
  302. VB: How to use DoEvents with MSCOMM -10
  303. VB4: Graph control -10
  304. VB: Application with a graph by VB4 does not run on WinXP -10
  305. VB: Function Shell of VB4 returns long value -10
  306. VB4: Mystery of MsgBox -10
  307. VB4: Common Dialog Boxes custom control works on WindowsXP -10
  308. VB2010: Which of VB6 or VB2010 is low cost for me? -10
  309. Vector: Login Vector site -10
  310. Vector: Upload TDS298 at Vector -10
  311. Vector: Upload Kiri198 at Vector -10
  312. Vector: Upload Slip2 at Vector -10
  313. vmouse.vxd -PC
  314. WAN: Cable test -LAN
  315. WAN: Optical fiber cable speed test -LAN
  316. WAN: DDNS looks to work on eo -08
  317. WAN: Line speed is about 1/3 of nominal 100Mbps -10
  318. WAN: My line speed check on 400MHz PC -10
  319. WAN: Test line speed from abroad -10
  320. WebSitePulse: My new server's performance by WebSitePulse's test -09
  321. WebSitePulse: Ping, resonse is slower than 4.2 times -10
  322. WMT: Diagnostics of Google web master -05
  323. WMT: Google web master tool -05
  324. WMT: Google Web Master Tool does not confirm meta tag -08
  325. WMT: Web Master Tool reports disconnections of pages in my server -10
  326. WMT: Web Master Tool reported 'Outou ga togiremashita (Response disconnected)' -10
  327. WMT: I added Google's tracking codes in three pages -10
  328. Windows Drive: Why does it take much time to read E drive than C drive? -10
  329. What is Drvspace.bin for? -07
  330. Windows Scandisk: Be careful to scan and restore a bad sector in Windows drive -10
  331. Windows: Task Schedule to open Notepad at every minute -10
  332. Windows Update: Dates of Windows update -10
  333. Windows Update: Set up update time for Windows update -10
  334. Windows Update stopped my experiment -10
  335. Windows Virtual Memory400MHz PC changed size of virtual memory -10
  336. Windows 7 can gain access to Windows 98, otherwise not -05
  337. Access to Windows 7 through Windows 98 -05
  338. XP: Authentication of Windows XP -07
  339. XP: CMD does not support UNC path on WindowsXP -10
  340. XP: GDI.EXE of Windows XP is the size of 1/23 of Windows 98 -07
  341. XP: HDD partition for Windows XP -07
  342. XP: Windows update time
  343. XP: WindowsXP jp edition does not recognize US keyboard automatically, unconnected -10
  344. XP: Is commit charge the same as paging files? -10
  345. NT3.51: Installer of Windows NT3.51 does not recognize HDD in 66MHz PC -09
  346. NT3.51: I have thought whether Windows NT3.51 is capable for my use -09
  347. Is DebuggerPresent difference Windows 98 and 95 -06
  348. Windows 98 update -02
  349. Win98: Config.sys on Windows 98 -PC
  350. Win98: The size of HDD capacity that BIOS recognizes -PC
  351. Win98: Fuji digital camera does not work on USB port of Windows 98 now -07
  352. Win98: Update because of fragile GDI -06
  353. Win98: Microsoft had updated till 2010 -06
  354. Win98: How do I browse and access to livedoor's access analysis on 400MHz PC? -10
  355. Win98: Is System Monitor of Windows98 a fool? -10
  356. Win98: Blue screen on Windows 98 -PC
  357. Win95: How do I handle 'kyousei shuryou' ( enforced termination ) on Windows 95 -09
  358. Win95: Windows 95 has become unstable -09
  359. Win95: Browser on Windows 95 -486MI
  360. Win95: Drive compression on Windows 95 -486MI
  361. Win95: Windows 95 in English replaced with Japanese -486MI
  362. Win95: Reinstall Windows 95 -486MI
  363. Install DOS, W3.1, W95, MSCDEX, CDROM and LAN adapter driver on 66MHz server -08
  364. Windows 95 corrupted on 66MHz server -08
  365. Win95: Device information of Windows 95 -486MI
  366. W95: Parameters of LAN -08
  367. Win95: There was PNPNT.sys in a floppy disk of Laneed LD-PN
  368. Win95: We should not choice custom setup when installing Windows 95 -08
  369. Win95: Microsoft had updated till 2010 -06
  370. Win95: Getting ready to run Windows 95 for the first time -486MI
  371. Win95: Creating setup disk of Windows 95 -486MI
  372. W95: Recovery setup -08
  373. Win95: Upgrade Windows3.11 to Windows95 and Cluster size of FAT16 and FAT32 -486MI
  374. Win95: Diskspace for installing Windows 95 -486MI
  375. Win95: Size of partition (ryouiki, kukaku) on Windows 95 -486MI
  376. Windows 95 version -05
  377. Win3.11: NetworkSetup on Windows 3.11 -486MI
  378. Win3.11: Reinstall Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 in trouble -486MI
  379. Window Maker warning with Celeron machine -01
  380. Xbox -LAN
  381. Celeron machine hang up to try openning X Window -01
  382. Slow response and ad of Yahoo's web mail -08
  383. Yahoo's browser mail improved response by Windows XP and IE8, but... -08
  384. Yahoo: History of my Yahoo BB -10
  385. Yahoo seems to use mail servers at domestic IDC -08
  386. Install Yamaha DS-XG driver and Lhaplus -04
 Historical lines -Cat's box
    Summary :
  1. PC10 Nov01-Apr23: Although Graphics server included in VB4 works at design on Win98, the execution file does not free memory. I replaced small form-factor power supply of Dell for an ordinary SFX230.
  2. PC09 Jul06-Oct31: I assinged port 88 and 53 for Xbox. Corega's router did not recognize IP address, when the IP changed. Must I always power off, when ISP changes IP? 400MHz PC's response became very slow. Task manager showed 100% duty of CPU because of wuauclt.exe. I could not erase corrupted files in DataStore. I reinstalled WindowsXP Home. The CPU duty decreased to 3-5%. 4KB random reading speed improved 3.5 times faster.
  3. PC08 Jun16-Jul03: Windows 95 of my server corrupted. I was troubled with restoring it and failed to install Windows 95 many times. Now AN HTTPD, Dice, TDS1 and VB4 works on Windows 95.
  4. PC07 Apr29-Jun16: I installed XP on 400MHz PC. XP and 98 boot dual. I have evaluated CADLUS Design comparing with D2CAD. CADLUS is more simple or fine to creat precise circuit symbols, but CADLUS Design does not support output of netlist. It takes one minute 8 seconds to overwrite a drawing for CADLUS Design. I will draw a circuit by D2CAD for no use of PWB again.
  5. PC06 Jan02-Jan23: PS2 keyboard broke down. I replaced it with AT keyboard for 66MHz PC. I bought a cable to transform AT/PS2 connector. I began using 101US keyboard for 66MHz PC. SeaMonkey shows pdf file faster than IE6. But gFTP and Geany are poorer than ASftp and Hidemaru on Windows98. Windows 9x font is clearer than Puppy's.
  6. PC05 Oct04-Nov27: RS232 commnunication DOS program did not work in MSDOS prompt, so I installed VB4 and programmed TDS.exe for Tektronix DSO. I found automatic uploader ASFtp that works on Windows 98 but not Windows 95. Google Web Master diagnoizes my site. I decided to adopt AN HTTPD for my server. I installed IE5.5 on Windows 95. I installed ActivePerl to learn Perl on 400MHz PC.
  7. PC04 Sep01-Oct03: Router's hangup was fixed. It was because of firmfare bug. New BIOS of 400 MHz PC fixed CDROM drive problem. SeaMonkey browsed AMAZON faster than IE6. I installed Sakura watch to get correct date. I fixed Dsub 25p cable to communicate with 66 MHz PC and DSO TDS310. VB3 was not capable for MSCOMM.
  8. PC03 Mar25-Aug27: I changed router to bridge (hub), and increased 64MB to 384MB. FreeBSD doesn't support x56 Mitsumi CD drive. IE6 stops for a minutes while accessing Wikipedia. MSDOS fdisk has an option to erase BMR.
  9. PC02 Mar12-Mar24: I gave up xorg to make by FreeBSD7.2 in 400MHz machine. I looked for Linux. 66MHz machine clock is more correct than 400MHz PC. I set NTP of Buffalo router.
  10. PC01: I reinstalled FreeBSD BMR. I installed Konqueror with KDE. I found that FreeBSD installer needed 128MB of '/' slice, 8MB of swap, and 315MB of '/usr' in 540MB HDD. No sequential 3 installer disks for FreeBSD7.2.
  11. PC: HDD of the Windows 98 machine broke down.
  12. I am planning to build a Linux PC for my hobby. I try to rebuild my old machines.
  13. My wife wants an electronic organ which has a lot of stops, I proposed Linux PC.
  14. BSD: I burned CDs for installing FreeBSD7.2. It may need one CD, though the table showed five iso files. But 7.2 release needs 24MB.
  15. 486MI: I tried FreeBSD on 66MHz PC. Now I learn it little by little. I have just set up dual boot system of Windows 95 and FreeBSD.
  16. 486DX with ISA: Win95 machine equipped NIC of ISA bus to share files with Win98. The LAN is TCP/IP.
  17. Specifications: 66MHz, 400MHz, 1.7GHz and 2.67GHz PC

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