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Get Measurements of Tektronix DSO TDS300 series in every minute for Windows


I wrote a program to get Measurements of Tektronix TDS310 in every minute. I wanted to sample measuring data of DSO ( Digital Storage Oscilloscope ) by precise clock. The TDS310 has a communication port of RS232. My old 66 MHz machine also has the RS232 port. If TDS.exe commands TDS310 to send Measurements, TDS310 responses measured data. The 66 MHz PC connects with a LAN of TCP/IP, so it can get precise clock from NTP server. I have installed Sakura watch to have access to a NTP server.

The program can set 4 Measurements which is the maxium number of TDS310. You can select a transfer rate of 4800, 9600 and 19200 bps. The 19,200 bps is the upper limit of TDS310. Other communication conditions are the same of default of Tektronix. Hardware flaging is on. EOL is LF. Stop bits is one. Parity is none. Naturally it needs a RS232 cable to be compatible with pin assignment that Tektronix demands. See DSUB 25p of COM2 in My old PCs04 of My old computers.

I confirmed that TDS.exe could get 4 Measurements from TDS 310 at 19,200 bps with 2.8 m long on Windows 95 of 66 MHz machine. I measured outputs of two solar cells on a west window for daytime. Sampling rate of TDS 310 has to adjust to show 'auto' or 'trig?' alternative.


If you unarchive TDS0.lzh, you will see 'setup.exe'. Click the 'setup.exe'. The program begins installer of VB4. If your machine have another version of dll or ocx files, the installer will inquiry to replace whether or not. If you have already installed a program of newer VB version, replacement will not occur. But you need install VB40032.dll runtime library. The table list names and version of bunndled files. I confirmed the 'setup.exe' works on Windows 95 and Windows 98, but I also confirmed that its installer does not work on Windows 7.

Tbl.1 Version of controls

Create a folder for TDS.exe, and hold it in the folder. If you click the icon of TDS.exe, the program will run.


You see a tab which has 'Option', 'Test' and 'Run'. Option sets up a few configuration of users computer and Measurement number. Test uses to communicate with Tektronix TDS DSO for a test. Run is to get Measurement.



Select number of Measurement. If you want to a single Measurement, you have to select M1 for it on Tektronix TDS300 display. If you want three Measurements, you have to select M1, M2 and M3. You may not select M4 in case of three Measurements. If you click 'Save RS232', you can save the setup. If you open TDS.exe another time, TDS.exe displays the saved setup. The file is saved in a current directory.

COM port

Select RS232 COM port number of your computer. If you see device manager of Windows, you will find the COM number. It is usually COM1 or COM2. The list box can assign COM1 through COM16.


You can select a spped of 4800, 9600 and 19200 bps. The 19,200 bps is the upper limit of Tektronix TDS310.


If you check 'htm', you get a file that delimter is </td ><td> between time and result of Measurement.


If you click 'Test' on a tab, you see a text box of 'Command or Query' and a button of 'Transmit'. Connect the RS232 cable with Tektronix TDS300 and your computer. Confirm RS232 parameters of TDS300 and option speed of TDS.exe. If you click 'Com start', its caption changes 'Com stop'. Type BUSY? in Command or Query box, and click 'Transmit' button. 'Com start' or 'Com stop' button works alternative. You will see 0 in 'Received data' box, if the communication works well. With Tektronix Programmer Manual, you will find other commands or queries.


If it is 'Com stop', you can run. Otherwise click 'Com start'. Click 'Run' button. Start time is displayed below a label of 'Start time'. Right now displays time and date. Successive Measurement data are displayed in 'Received data' box with time. If your machine receive 11 charaters, 'Save' button is available. Click 'Save'. A dialog can show any drive, any directory and other machines in Microsoft network that you want to save the log file in text.


Thank you for reading TDS.exe manual. If you have any trouble or question, click on aboutMe on the bottom of this document.


Although Enoki Flying Borad has copyright of TDS.exe including this manual, you may distribute the program and the htm file without any change. Microsoft approves of distributing other runtime libraries under copyright of Microsoft with VB application.

An introduction to Vector site in Japanese

外部出力がRS232である産業機器が現在でも広く使われています。RS232のCOMポートを有するWindows95マシンの復活を兼ねた計器をターゲットとした32ビットプログラムです。その一例として,Tektronix製DSOのMeasurementをRS232を介して,PCに分刻みで取得します。サンプリング時刻はPC内蔵のカレンダクロックに同期します。TCP/IP接続(ブラウザは不必要)していれば,Win9xの場合,Sakura watchにより正確な時刻が得られます。応用として,1秒精度の時刻で日照を測定できます。インストーラを含めてWindows95および98で確認済みです。




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