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  Httpd log file
Application AN HTTPD can record the history of log files. Watching the logs, I find that my server works well. Google Analytics tells where vistors came from. Ninja tells what kind of language vistors use, but did not save older logs than three months ago. Once I had lost access log files for some months because of server failure. I use a MO disk of 206MB for the logs now. I want to record them at least for a year. I allocated vacant page9 Ninja Access to R-PC10.htm. I happened to see set-up of Ninja Access. I knew that users can choice an ordinary banner ad. I changed the click-point for it.
21:34 Apr25 GMT+9
 VB4: Out of memory
I made Slip21 and ran on Windows98 to test drawing a real-time chart. But it halted by showing MsgBox, "Run-time error '7' : Out of memory", though it elapsed 7.98 hours. It was at 07:33:00. It started at 23:45 on 25 April. It means that I will have to wait for 8 hours to debug the application Slip21. As Slip21 does not run for WindowsXP, I do not want to program it any more. But I could get data file Eneloop.dat of charging application voltage.
13:47 Apr26 GMT+9
  IE8 customize to decrease commit charge
I have felt that IE8 runs slow a little on 400MHz CPU. I opened Tool -> Internet option. Utility disk space is 8-1024MB (recommend : 50-250MB). I set up 50MB. I changed 20 days for 6 days for historical pages.
19:39 Apr26 GMT+9
 VB4: Out of memory
I have run Slip21.exe in other directory to test installing it without Slip.bin on Windows98 a few times. I closed it and tried opening it again. I happened to run task manager. I found two Slip21 names in the list. I run another my application TDS298 and confirmed task manager. I closed TDS298 and confirmed no TDS298 name in the list of Task manager. I suppose Common Dialog control or Graphics Control of Graph32.ocx, GSW32.exe and GSWDLL32.dll are causes of out of memory. But why did it run well at design time?
12:38 Apr27
 AMI BIOS detects connection of keybord while formatting HDD
I wanted to look up Slip21 on Windows95 because Microsoft does not support VB4 on Windows98. My 66MHz PC has not worked since failure of installing Windows NT3.51. The PC has to format HDD by BIOS. It takes some hours to finish. I use two keyboards for the three PCs. I turned off 400MHz PC and pulled out the keybord connector. I connected it with 66MHz PC. I started BIOS setup. I confirmed to begin formatting on display. After half an hour, format stopped at cylinder 16. I found AMI BIOS detects keyboard while setup.
13:00 Apr27
 It takes long to install VB2010 Express
I was to install VB2010 on 1.7GHz PC. A message appeared just before downloading, "Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express ha, Windows form, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), class library, oyobi console base tool no application no kouchiku ni kanshin no aru Visual Basic programmer wo taishou tosita, kantan ni manaberu simple de tanoshii kaihatsu tool desu" I do not know what is WPF. I also checked 'Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x86) (download size: 89MB)' The message showed, " Ika no koumoku wo download shite install shimasu",
  1. VC 9.0 Runtime (x86)
  2. Microsoft.NET Framework 4
  3. Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Language Pack - Nihongo
  4. Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 (x86) - Windows XP
  5. Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 koushin program (x86)- Windows XP
  6. .NET Framework 4 Multi-Targeting Pack
  7. Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express
  8. Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 (x86) Nihongo
  9. Microsoft SQL Server System CLR gata
  10. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 kanri project
  11. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x86)
  12. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ADO.NET Entity Framework Tools
  13. Microsoft Help viewer 1.0 x86
  14. Microsoft Help viewer 1.0 Language Pack x86
Disk ryouiki no hitsuyou jyouken 3.8GB
Download size no goukei 250MB
Disk space is 29GB of HDD after installing. The download of it finished at once, because the transfer rate was more than 1000Kbps. But the install was slow. The progress bar did not change while Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express.
20:48 Apr27 GMT+9
 First application by VB2010 Express
Microsoft installer made many folders. I do not know where VB2010 execution program is. As I assigned the directory name for Studio 10.0. I looked for the directory and sub directories. I double clicked a file and appeared VB with vacant form. I happened to see Form1. I could show tool. I pasted a button and a label. I ran debug. VB showed the program. I clicked the button. The program worked. I looked for VB execution program again and found IDE directory. The address is "C:\Program Files\Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE. The name of VB execution is vbexpress.exe. If one opens vbexpress, one see usual VB tool. There are timer, chart and common dialog. There is also communication. It may be not serial but USB commnunicaton. I saved Form1 as another name. I built it, I knew VB set the exe file in release directory. I looked for release. VB made it in the long and long pathname of C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsApplication1Mariko\WindowsApplication1\obj\x86\Release I confirmed that I could open the project again. I will worry about how do I back up my source among many directories.
21:26 Apr27 GMT+9
 WinXP does not recognize replaced keyborad in Japanese
I have changed 400MHz PC for 1.7GHz PC. Because the work desk of 1.7GHz was not good for programming. I cleaned the backspace of PCs this time for some years. I have used three table taps for three PCs. One has four outlets. Another six outlets. Work desk has two outlets. The back space is full of AC power cables, Lan cables, AC adapters, keyboards and mice. I have used three AC adapters for MO drive, Audio and Hub. I took another old audio in attic for 1.7GHz PC. One AC adapter increases. I hung six-outlet table tap on wall. It was on the base box before.

I changed the devices of monitor, keyboard and mouse for 1.7GHz PC. I turned on and shut down one by one. I confirmed the new devices. I changed another devices for 400MHz PC at once. I also confirmed that they works. I opened IE8 on 1.7GHz PC and tried input under bar '_'. The different character appeared in the text box. WindowsXP seems not recognize the keyboard in Japanese. The 1.7GHz PC used 101 US keyboard. Microsoft Help Center was no use for the problem. Googling, I tried deleting the device driver, but WindowsXP installed the same keyboard in English. Googling I found a hint to change the device driver. I could change the device driver of 101 keyborad in English for 106/109 keybord in Japanese, as follows,
  1. My Computer -> Property -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Keyboard
  2. Click the right button of the mouse on the 101/102 Eigo keyboard mataha Microsoft Natural PS/2 keyboard -> Device no koushin
  3. Choice Iie, konkai ha setsuzoku shimasen -> Ichiran mataha tokutei no basho kara install suru (shousai) (S)
  4. Choice kensaku shinaide install suru driver wo sentakusuru -> Remove check of "Gokansei no aru hardware wo hyouji"
Then, WindowsXP shows two kinds of keyboard in Japanese
Nihongo PS/2 keyboard (106/109 key Ctrl+Eisu)
Nihongo PS/2 keyboard (106/109 key)
I choiced Ctrl+Eisu. Windows restarted auto, I could input symbol key correct, when I pressed '_' key.
22:05 Apr28
 My server had to wait for one hour and half to shut down
I was to shut down for my server PC to replace devices. I shut down it at 13:00, but Windows Update began. The fisrt one of seven updates finished at 13:54. The total updates ended at 14:31. It took one hour and half. I had set up not to update Windows automatically because Windows Upate needs to restart the PC.
22:34 Apr28 GMT+9
 Hang GX240 PC power supply under the desk in the air
I set up replaced power supply SFX230 on the wooden desk as shown. I was to set up the GX240 on the base box which has no space for the power supply. There are two PCs on the box now. I knew some holes inside the steel desk which I usually work. I made a ring wire through the corner holes of the steel desk and a tension wire. I fastened the wire with two screws on the back of SFX230. I connected a plastic S hook with the wires and hung the power supply. I ran PC and felt a kind of noise called bibiri in Japanese. The power supply made noise because the corner of the power supply touches on the big steel apron plate. I added another tension wire to stay in the air and the bibiri disappeared. But the SFX230 still makes high tone noise. SFX230 has a bigger fan than Dell's small form-factor power supply and weighs half of it. If the stiffness or rigidity of the both boxes is the same, natural frequency of SFX230 is 21/2 times.
0:03 Apr29 GMT+9
 AMI BIOS Setup Program for HDD utility
I always format the HDD of 66MHz PC by BIOS default. I started formatting at 16:33 and the utility finished at 18:34. It took two hours. The table shows the default formatting condition.
HDD format from BIOS
Disk DriveC
Disk Drive Type47
Mark Bad Trackes (Y/N)N
Proceed (Y/N)Y
When I installed VB2010 on 400MHz PC before, it was too slow to program. I will program VB2010 application on 1.7GHz PC. If I use 1.7GHz PC for VB2010 and server, Load of the old HDD will increase and the life of HDD may be short. I want to use 400MHz PC for server, however I will have to shut down on WindowsXP to open VB4 on Windows98. If I open VB4, I can see help file to compare VB2010. I need VB4 to compare with VB2010
So I will install Windows95 on 66MHz PC. I turned on and pressed Delete key. The PC showed AMI BIOS Setup Program. I choiced Hard Disk Utility. I had tried install some times as before. The table shows the format option. I confirmed that access LED for HDD has turned off two hours later. I inserted Windows95 running disk in FDD. CGI of Windows95 started. FDD works now.
23:52 Apr29 GMT+9
 Choice HTML Editor from internet option of IE
When I clicked the right on a htm file, I could open Editor Hidemaru with the htm file, if I choiced edit. But 1.7GHz PC opens Notepad. I remembered internet option of IE. Click Tool > Internet option > Program, I could choice Hidemaru as Html editor.
23:49 Apr30 GMT+9
 Win95: Set up Ethernet Adapter
I installed PCDOS J6.1/V at first. I installed CDROM Extension MSCDEX.EXE and the device driver ver1.16. I installed newer CDROM device driver ver1.53. I confirmed drive D:, inserted a CDROM. Dir command worked. I installed Win3.1, Win3.1 showed system error of "Yomidasemasen : Drive D" I removed the device driver of EMM386.EXE, and drive D: worked. I upload the config.sys and autoexec.bat files. I inserted CDROM of Win95 and started intalling. I choiced fast setup. Installer showed two check boxes for sound and network. I checked both. Installer failed to finish the job. When Windows95 runs, after startign Windows95... on the screen, Mojibake appeared. I input Return a few times. Windows95 opens in color. I happened to type win, the Mojibake changed to error messages about vxd device driver. After installing, I opened device manager. There is no network adapter. I choiced Laneed card from device driver FD in the control panel. But PNPNT.sys error appeared as before I made trouble shooting. This time the same MsgBox always appeared, "Tugino dynamic library wo yomikomemasen deshita"
"Shitei sareta file ga mitukarimasen. Tugino uchi ikutsuka, mataha subeteno kinouwo riyou dekimasen. Microsoft Network" I retried install Laneed LD-PN adapter and Microsoft sharing service many times. I edited config.sys not to start Microsoft Network. Mojibake disappeared. Windows95 always read some files from CDROM. Device Manager showed Laneed LD-PN Ethernet Adapter. IRQ has conflicted as usual. I chaned IRQ and I/O address. I tried a ping, but failed. I tried winipcfg command, but the program did not appeared. I had to type Ctrl+C. MsgBox appeared, "Bad IP address" with prohibit mark. I set up the configuration of TCP/IP before, but I found that the setup needs only bind. All the rest of the property are blank. I do not know how DHCP server works. It is stragne.

At last 1.7GHz and 66MHz PC pinged correct. 1.7GHz PC could copy two files from 66MHz PC. I tried changing IRQ of the Ethernet Adapter not to conflict. Ping does not replied. Winipcfg shows the screen. Device Manager does not show the exclamation mark. It means that the Ethernet Adapter does not work even if Device Manager shows to work right. The setup of network adapter is trial and error in case of Windows95. I removed a check of bind of Microsoft Network Client of property of TCP/IP, Microsoft Sharing Service does not work. Windows95 restored EMM386.exe in the latest config.sys. I also uploadt the lates autoexec.bat to compare before installing Windows95. I restored SMARTDRV.exe for disk cash[1] Windows95 made or updated 54 and 17 files in Windows and System directory. The date of rest of files are 95-10-03. I found that Explorer cannot sort between two dates. I knew MSDRV.TXT describes how to use EMM386.EXE etc.
13:13 May01 GMT+9
 Windows Update & Server
Windows Update showed exclamation icon on the task bar of 1.7GHz PC. I had to wait for two hours to update before. I will not want to stop more than half an hour any more. I accessed to Microsoft Server and knew that the size is 600MB! The download has finised already, but how long does it take to install. I will change my server on 1.7GHz PC with 400MHz PC. I started installing Windows Update. It tells that I can do usual jobs. I remembered. Although it takes much time to install, restarting Windows finishes in a minute.
12:10 May02 GMT+9
 Life of my server
As I replaced the broken power supply of 1.7GHz PC (Dell GX240), I expect life of the new power supply will be three or four years. But HDD, CPU fan and mother board will tear out soon, there will be troubles to replace them. The HDD is fixed with melting rubber sheet without holder. The working hours exceeds 40000 hours. The CPU fan may be rare in PC supply market. The electrolytic capacitors of mother board are breaking down now. While 400MHz PC uses a replaced HDD, universal power supply and CPU fan.
15:12 May02 GMT+9
 Display resolution
Vistors' resolution
I have used resolution 1024x768 on 400MHz PC for 13 years. The monitor of the PC is 17 inch. 1.7GHz PC worked as server at first. The monitor was 15 inch. When I installed Flash Player, display showed bad. I changed the resolution 1280x1024. I changed 400MHz PC with 1.7GHz. But The 17 inch display shows fonts at the resolution of 1280x1024 thin in Editor Hidemaru. I write a html file every day. What kind of resolution shoud I choice for my web site? I accessed to Ninja and Google Analytics and looked up visitors' resolution. I wrote htm with small width not to use horizontal scroll. I may enlarge width much, so I can describe much on a screen. I set up 1360x768 resolution for 17 inch monitor and 1.7GHz PC.
16:44 May02 GMT+9
 Dissipation power of keyboard
I will use 66MHz PC to check my applications by VB4. If I removed keyboard from my running 400MHz server for 66MHz PC, BIOS or WindowsXP beeps. I attached a broken PS/2 keyboard in Japanese to 400MHz PC. The keyboard cannot input ']' key, other keys works well. How does the keyboard disspate power? According to PS/2 standard, its maximum current is 275mA.[1] Another web site measures the power. The current is 59mA without lightening LEDs.[2] I think that the dissipation of keyboard is 0.3 to 1.3W. If the 106 keyboard in Japanese dissipate 0.5W, the total dissipation will be 4.4kWh in a year.
15:03 May03 GMT+9
 Risk of sharing files on Win95
I will share files on Windows95 with WindowsXP The protocol is Microsoft TCP/IP. Win95/98 has no firewall. I have accessed to Yahoo or other web site with IE6 and Win98. I had accessed to web by IE5.5 and Win95 more than a year ago. I have had lack of security mind with internet. So I will never install IE and conntect 66MHz PC on Windows95 with browser. But sharing files is neccessary for me. Because FDD of 1.7MHz PC is broken, I cannot copy files on 1.7MHz PC. Although Microsoft had released a lot of patches for Windows95, Micorosoft has not uploaded now.[3] I will get some patches for security of Windows95 and finish Windows95. I will turn of power as soon as I finish jobs on Windows95.
15:30 May03 GMT+9
 Install SP1 on on Win95
I installed Service Pack 1 (SP1) on Windows95. I show the list of files that SP1 installed new ones or revised on the date of 95/12/31. I found that SP1 had VB4 run-tiem library and its Common Custom Control. SP1 calls them Win32 Common Controls. They are in the directory of Pcat\Admin\Tools\Batch.
20:26 May03 GMT+9
 Install VB3 & VB4 on Win95
I have VB4 of upgrade edition. I have to install VB3 to upgrade at first. The date of OCX and DLL of VB4 are 95-07-26 and 95-08-15. VB4 increased about 160 DLL files in \Windows\System directory.
0:36 May04 GMT+9
 Win95 update
I could install Q273991 update about password of Win95. Their files may be advpa.dll, w95inf16.dll and w95inf32.dd. The date is 99-02-09. I also tried installing corpupd.exe, but MsgBox appeared, "Windows95 Year 2000 Update ga install sareteinaitame, setup wo zokkou dekimasen." I looked for W95y2k.exe, but failed. So I have to use File Manager not to work when I retrieve files from assigning a date.
14:41 May04 GMT+9
 VB4: Import a project on Win95 from Win98
Size and date of COMDLG.DLL
WindowsXP Pro267KB2008/04/14
WindowsXP Home267KB2008/08/20
Size and date of COMDLG.OCX
I copied a project file of VB4 and some forms on Windows98 to Windows95. A MsgBox appeared, "'COMDLG32.OCX' could not be loaded --- Continue loading?" I confirmed the date and size of COMDLG32.OCX file both of Windows95 and Windows98. Windows98 seems to include Common Custom Controls of VB5.[4] Although I copied the new COMDLG32.OCX to Windows95, VB4 can not load. I think this is a problem of VB but Windows. I confirmed COMDLG32.DLL in Windows95, Windows98 and WindowsXP. The size of it are very different. The version in WindowsXP Pro and Home is the same of 6.0.2900.5512. COMDLG32.DLL of Windows98 may work in Windows95, but this is to change OS itself. If my application works on my changed OS, it may not work on other users' OS. Anyway I ignored the Msg and loaded the project. Oh, I could run and make exe file. I opened the execution file on WindowsXP Pro, but MsgBox appeared, "Can't load (or register) custom control: 'COMDLG32.OLD'" COMDLG32.OLD is renamed name of COMDLG32.OCX in Windows95. Although I found that VB4 on Windows98 can make execution file to run on WindowsXP, execution file made on Windows95 does not run on WindowsXP. I will have to implant the project by VB2010 to make for WindowsXP.
01:13 May05 GMT+9
 Flexible LAN cable
I have connected Hub with 66MHz PC by 5m LAN cable. The hub is on the 66MHz PC. The cable is so rigid to pull the hub. I replaced it for soft and flexible 2m cable. I hung the cable no to pull the hub.
18:16 May05 GMT+9

 Screen resolution and playing igo board game
Visitors' resolution
The 17-inch monitor had displayed 1024x768 resolution since 1998 with 400MHz PC. Now, the 1.7GHz PC can display more precise resolution. I adopted 1360x768 at first, but IE8 has to scroll down when accessing to Ninja and a playing igo board game site[5]. So I changed for 1280x1024. I checked visitors' resolution for my site by Google Analytics in the latest month. The top vistors' resolutin is 1024x768. I had better check pages of my site probably.
Jun13 10:40 GMT+9

 HDD of 1.7GHz PC has made noises when powers on
I heard a noise that the HDD screames when it started up today. It has made noises four times since the end of April. I have to be careful for backup of work files before power off.
9:59 Jun17 GMT+9
The next day The HDD made a noise when the PC started. I had better a software to back up automatically for safety.
7:30 Jun18 GMT+9
I heard a starting HDD noise to making 'ween'. It is Jul01 today. The HDD makes noise once at least a week.
9:46 Jul01 GMT+9
The PC made a HDD startup noise last three days. I had better prepare other auto backup files as well as 2010VB debug codes.
22:18 Jul06 GMT+9

 Set up the resolution for VB2010 and COSUMI
It is difficult to watch IDE text editor in VB2010 for a long time. I tried the resolution of 120 DPI instead of 96 DPI. And I confirmed whether I can see the square grids of COSUMI right trying some resolutions. I adopted 1600x1200.
7:43 Jun18 GMT+9

 Compare the auto backup applications
Auto backup applications
NameAdditional RequirementsMethodOSSub folderDate update120DPI
Mirror.NETFRAMEWORKat shutdownVista/XpOK--
LazuliteNAat shutdownVista/Xp/2000/98OKNGOK
IdleVB6 runtimeCPU utilityW7/Xp/2000NGNGNG
I always miss backing up my works when I stop 1.7GHz PC. I looked for auto backup software in Vector. The table shows the selected them. I am interested in Idle because it backs up in the background when CPU utility is low. But it requires VB6 runtime library. I have installed VB4 runtime. Microsoft custom controls are notorious of version conflict. Anyway I will download the Idle.
11:12 Jun19 GMT+9

I installed Idle and tried. Idle could not update a file comparing with my server well. I increased CPU utility 15% from 5%. Idle cannot show a long address and does not show 120DPI fonts correct. I also download Lauzulite. Lauzulite is the same as Idle for updating a file. Perhaps the starting time of the applications is the backup time. I downloaded and installed BunBackup. It updated subfolders well and quick.
16:50 Jul01 GMT+9
 VB6 runtime libries
VB6 OCX files
  1. MSCOMCTL.OCX 2004-03-09
  2. COMDLG32.OCX 2004-03-09
  3. MSINET .OCX 2004-03-09
  4. MSWINSCK.OCX 2004-03-09
  5. RICHTX32.OCX 2004-03-08
  6. COMCT332.OCX 2004-03-09
  7. MSCOMCT2.OCX 2004-03-09
  8. MSFLXGRD.OCX 2004-03-09
  9. MSCHRT20.OCX 2004-03-09
  10. MCI32.OCX 2004-03-09
I installed VB6 runtime libries to work the auto backup application Idle. The installer of VB6 runtime libries created a folder in Program Files directory. It contains 2 dll files of gapi.dll and riched32.dll. They are by Microsoft. The most important VB6 runtime dll vb6jp.dll was installed in System32 directory. The installer installed 10 OCX files. Their dates are 2004-03-09 except RICHTX32.OCX. VB.NET or VB2010 do not use their OCX files.
19:04 Jun19 GMT+9
 Auto Backup: Idle cannot display right
After installing VB6 runtime, Idle ran. But labels cannot display right. I changed screen display resolution for 96 DPI, and it shows correct. I design my applications at 120 DPI now, if users will see at 96 DPI, my labels may show right.
19:11 Jun19 GMT+9

 Line speed is 20% of the nominal 100Mbps
Daily decrease Mbps
Speed Mbps at 3pm Jun18
Speed Mbps at 1:58 Jun20
My family complained about the connecting speed of our line. I checked the speed test in K-opticom. The nominal speed is 100Mbps. The measurement results only 20% of 100Mbps. K-opticom told to check ping for 100 times. The result was 1% loss. I decided to restart the router, though IP address would change. The line speed improved drastically. I also confirmed 86.18(down), 86.84(up) Mbps at 9:58 this morning.
11:16 Jun20 GMT+9

I sometimes measured the line speed. The speed has decreased little by little.
9:41 Jul06 GMT+9
 Router has continued to work 218 days, but...
I had worried about the rooter's fool before. I had to power on-rest once a week. I thougt that the firmware bug was fixed when I upgraded the firmware. I checked the rooter's working time of 218 days 7h31m and the WAN IP address of before reset. I reseted the rooter by PC for the first time. Oh, PC could not connect LAN. I did power-on-reset as usual. The PC could see the LAN. I looked into the Corega's WLR300NM again. I found that all the entries of UPnP were deleted. I downloaded detail manual of the rooter and saved as RooterWLR300NM.pdf in part directory.
13:18 Jun20 GMT+9

 Mysterious VB2010 IDE trouble
I have been troubled with opening a ramdom file, when I write a code. VB2010 IDE has shown "Unbundled". And IDE has begun to show defected fonts in IDE Editor. I closed the project and restarted the PC. The defect shaped fonts were repaired and the opening file error disappeared. I have not closed IDE for a few days. The PC has run for a few day. I have not closed IDE because I have to wait for a while to start IDE. I had better close IDE at least once a day.
11:17 Jun26 GMT+9

 Various definitions of Http header response time
My server 400MHz PC updated Windows XP home and Java today. To confirm Web page connection by WebSitePulse, It took 5 seconds to show index.html at Seatle. Cman site also offers web page test, but does not show the time. While Http header test showed 0.018 second a little time. I also tested the test by WebSitePulse, it was 0.975 second. WebSitePulse describes the contents of the time, 0.123(DNS), 0.121(Connect) and 0.731(First byte). A site describes the terminogy of Http response time that includes to show a page without sencondary cashe.[6] But WebSitePulse includes the cashe. I sent a ping for Ceman and WebSitePulse. The times were 12 and 195ms. Another ping for was 12ms only. Tracert command showed much response times across the Pacific via IIJ from Osaka.
12:15 Jul02 GMT+9

 HDD of 66MHz PC does not run
I tried running 66MHz PC to compare a developed program by VB4. I am implanting by VB2010. But the HDD of 66MHz PC does not work. BIOS shows a message and stops,
    Hard Disk C:- 12.08R30 WDC AC2540H
    IDE Block Mode Enabled
22:30 Jul03 GMT+9

 66MHz PC tag and its HDD dissipation currents
I opened the cover of the broken 66MHz PC to check its the HDD connection cable. I disconnected and connected again. The HDD by Western Digital did not run. I looked at the label of the HDD. The dissipation currents are 0.35A (5VDC) and 0.16A (12VDC). The total dissipation power is 3.67W. Otherwise it dissipates 0.11kWh per month.

I happened to see maker tag in the back panel. The tag shows, 'POWER MASTER 486, SERIAL# 94PM2643, SYSTEM WORKS CORP. Made in Japan' I found when I bought the PC in 1994. The HDD worked 18 years, though it had rested two thirds of the HDD life in attic.
10:01 Jul04 GMT+9

 Google Analytics reports shorter response time than WebSitePulse
Check siteDisplay
Google Anlytics reports 1.26s to show E-Grumman.htm on Jun22 from the US by Firefox. The display time is the same as the response time at WebSitePulse.1.26s is far shorter than 2.5s. The table shows the result by Google and WebSitePuse.
23:11 Jul04 GMT+9

 Igo game at COSUMI
I won 45 moku under 2 moku handicap at 15-ro ban today. I always have lost the games. I found that diffense is more important than offense to win at the first stage called fuseki in Japanese.
13:54 Jul06 GMT+9

 486MI GREEN PC BIOS 1.3 recognized 8064 MB capacity for 15GB HDD
Auto HDD detection
I bought a 15GB HDD to change 530MB HDD of 66MHz PC by auction site. I choiced it because of the opened SMART information. I asked System Works how much size of HDD the BIOS of 66MHz PC recognizes. System Works replied that it might be 530MB. 486MI GREEN PC BIOS 1.3 recognized it for 8064 MB by AUTO DETECT HARD DISK. I need not do BIOS upgrade. AMI BIOS date is 08/08/93. I began formatting by BIOS. The formatting speed is faster than 530MB HDD, I suppose. The PC continued 56.5 cylinders/min because I measured 1750 cylinders in 31 minutes. I estimated that it would take 4.83 hours to complete formatting. But the BIOS stopped abruptly in 36 minutes. I ran the PC, but BIOS stopped showing the same HDD message. I disconnected the digital flat cable and ran the PC. BIOS detected booting FDD and ran Windows95 by FDD. I do not know why BIOS cannot FDD booting in spite of the priority of FDD. I think that the HDD controller circuit of the mother board does not work. The mother board is AT type that is not available in auction sites. I gave up restoring the 66MHz PC. The life of 486MI Green mother board was 18 years. AIR seems to be a builder of the mother board.[7]
9:37 Jul08 GMT+9

 Do 32 homes share a 100Mbps?
A sales man of resaler of NTT knocked at door. He wrote a memo and gave it. K-opticom shares 100Mbps bandwidth in 32 homes. He recommended NTT service of 1Gbps sharing with five to eight homes. NTT has an access point in the US main land in the West. Does the new service resolve the bottle neck of delay in the Pacific?
10:21 Jul08 GMT+9

 VB4 Function Sleep alternative for VB2010
I found that VB2010 does not support VB4 function Sleep of Win32 API. I thougt I had to use a timer control for Sleep at first. But I happened to know that function System.Threading.Thread.Sleep can replace.[9]
22:35 Jul28 GMT+9

 Value of function FileDateTime of VB2010 cannot cast type double
I make use of a difference from 2 Filedate fuction values. Although the difference value of VB4 is double, VB2010 does not allow direct difference. I have to difine type of timespan. And a timespan value cannot cast double as VB4 allows.[8]
22:36 Jul28 GMT+9

 VB2010 Format of 24 hours display and date
VB2010 has to set "HH:mm:ss" instead of "hh:mm:ss" in case of VB4 to display 24 hours format time.[10] VB2010 also changed monthly expression. I had to change conventional "mmdd" for "MMMdd".[11] But VB2010 in Japanese cannot express 'Jul' in English, though VB4 can do.
13:40 Jul29 GMT+9

 1.7GHz PC stopped twice because of instant power off
1.7GHz PC stopped twice instantly in the after noon today, while 400MHz PC may work normal. Windows XP Home of 1.7GHz PC restarted automatically. One of causes may be capacity decrease of capacitors of the mother board of the 1.7GHz PC, I think.
19:03 Jul29 GMT+9

 VB2010: Limit of MaxLength of text box
VB4 and VB6 have limit of MaxLength of text box that is 32K. While VB2010 has no such a limit. If the property of MaxLength is 0, the real limit depends on memory.[12]
22:40 Jul29 GMT+9

 VB2010: Alternatives of DebugPrint of VB4
DebugPrint was very useful to debug for VB4. There are alternatives for VB2010. They are Console.WriteLine() and System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(). Console.WriteLine prints in Debug Output Window and System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine prints in Debug Intermidiate Window. I do not know the difference.
11:56 Jul30 GMT+9

 VB2010: Collection Editor
I intend to insert an item in menu bar like VB4 Menu Editor, but I have not found the menu editor. I happned to do a right-click on menu bar at design time. VB2010 invoked the menu editor. VB2010 calls it Collection Editor.
8:41 Jul31 GMT+9

 VB2010 File.Create
VB2010 needs import Imports System.IO, when one creates an empty file.[13]
15:24 Jul31 GMT+9

File.Open may create a file and open it at the same time. For example,[15]
    Imports System.IO

    Dim fina As String
    Dim f As FileStream
    Dim text() As Byte = {Asc("A"), Asc("B"), Asc("C")}

    fina = "d:\vb\test.txt"
    f = File.Open(fina, FileMode.OpenOrCreate)
    f.Write(text, 0, text.Length)
19:15 Aug1 GMT+9

 VB4 COMDLG32.OCX cannot load
I encountered a messge that VB4 showed "'COMDLG32.OCX' could not be loaded --- Continue Loading Project?" before. I looked up COMDLG32.OCX in Win95 of 66MHz PC and Win98 of 400MHz PC.
  1. Win95 91KB 95/07/26
  2. Win98 137KB 99/05/07
I also looked up COMDLG32.DLL in some Windows. The table shows the result. I copied COMDLG32.DD of Win98 to XPpro. But XP pro told a message of "Can't load (or register) custom control: 'COMDLG32.OLD' It means that an application developed by VB4 Common Dialog cannot run on XP. I make a program by VB2010 Common Dialog now. Perhaps it will not work on Win98.
16:17 Jul31 GMT+9

 The limit length of path and filename
VB2010 often uses a longfile name. VB2010 was installed automatically and the working folder of the path is "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsApplication1Mariko\WindowsApplication1\bin\Debug" I am concerned the limit length of path and file name. The path characters are less than 248, and the file name characters are less than 260.[14] The total limit length is 508.
21:50 Jul31 GMT+9

 Infinite loop vs Timer
My application has used an infinite loop with System.Windows.Forms.Application.DoEvents(). But it needs two System.Threading.Thread.Sleep function codes in the next OpenFile and just before. While Timer needs not write System.Threading.Thread.Sleep, though the application has to finish a job within the interval.
18:21 Aug2 GMT+9

 Can't Set up Y axis minimum value
VB2010 set up Y axis minimum value automatically be default. I found out axes collection in chart areas property in chart property. I set up value 2 instead of auto. I could see an enlarged chart, so I tried to write the minimum value in code. MSDN says, "Gets or sets the minimum value of an axis" for Minimum property.[16] I do not know how to express Y axis property, but it seems to express AxisY.[17] But my code does not work. I gave up setting up the Minimum value. Instead I set up the property of IsStartedFromZero to False, as I could not set up the value of minimum property.
18:21 Aug2 GMT+9

 Improved FTTH speed by power on rest of Corega rooter
Working time:47 days 20 hours

My family uses 100Mbps FTTH internet service of K-opticom. But the internet speed always decreases gradually. I suppose that the service or the rooter is the cause. Corega rooter has worked 47 days 20 hours 2 minutes. The line speed lowered to 53Mbps. I reset the rooter by pulling out the power jack. The line speed improved as the table shows,
21:55 Aug6 GMT+9

 Slip21 application can display real time chart measured by TDS298
I have migrated a VB4 application for VB2010. I have been do a measuring test now. It recorded 958 records by one minute tick and lasted 15.93 hours. I applied it for Ni-MH charging current. The application displays a real time chart of five line series. I supposed that the charging current would decrease by exponential curve at first. The curve outfitted a little. It seems more complicated than simple physical process. Because charging is chemical process. The table shows times to decrease the charging current half.[18]
14:06 Aug9 GMT+9

 VB2010: How to copy a chart to Clipboard
The chart of charging Ni-MH batteries
VB4 could copy the result of chart control to clipboard, but VB2010 seems not to prepare a function for copying. I looked for a hint or example code in MSDN, but I couldn't. Googling, I found out the code.[18] I confirmed copying by Paint. How can I copy the chart without command button like text box? MSDN shows the table of Control Event by click.[19] There is no Chart Control in the table. I gave up copying without command button. I have used JTrim to edit photos now on 400MHz PC. So I installed it on 1.7GHz PC. The picture is the imaged data of the chart of my application which I programmed.
17:18 Aug9 GMT+9

 VB2010: Alternative of VB4 EXE Option
I looked for EXE Option in VB2010 IDE and found in Project Menu. When I clicked on assembly information..., a screen of assembly information appeared and showed items like Exe Option of VB4 IDE. But there is no comment like VB4. VB4 had auto File Version increment, but VB2010 doesn't. VB2010 shows two kinds of Assembly and File. What is Assembly? A site tells how to use four digit numbers of major version, minor version, build number and revision. It also writes how to describe comment by code.
5:56 Aug11 GMT+9

 VB2010 does not support Win98
MSDN shows the table of OS and Development tool relation.[21] VB2010 supports WinXP later only. I am programming Slip21 by it. So I have to give up running Slip21 on WinXP, though old Slip21 worked by VB4 on W98. Chart control of VB4 does not show correct on WinXP. The table shows that VB6 works on both W98 and WinXP.
6:45 Aug11 GMT+9

 Hand made air duct attached to CPU fan
Small-factor 1.7GHz PC exhausts hot air from CPU fan. It is very hot in Japan except for Hokkaido now. The temperature exceeds 35° every day. I think that all most of electrolytic capacitors around the CPU heat sink have deteriorated because of heat. I measured the space between the rear metal panel and the fan, the distance is 45mm. I suppose that half of exhaused air from CPU fan may circulate on the mother board again because of the space. I made a simple air duct made by paper and attached to the output of the CPU fan. I powered on the PC and accessed to a site to display video clip. I confirmed faster hot air flow than before. Although I adopted Dell's GX240 because it is easy to open cover, design of heated air flow and power supply is poor.
15:37 Aug12 GMT+9

 VB2010: How to get self version and copyright
Googling, I could get self file copyright.[22] I also got self file version.[23]
14:16 Aug13 GMT+9

 VB2010: .NET Framework version
System requirements
I copied Slip21.exe to 400MHz Server, and tried running it. But MsgBox appeared and tells, "Application wo tadashiku shokika saremasen desita (0xc000135). OK wo click shite Application wo shuryou shite kudasai. I knew that .NET Framework was necessary. I read '.Net Framework kaihatsu guide book'. Microsoft shows till .NET Framework 3.5 and does not show 4.0, though my installed version is 4.0.[24] VB2010 may work version 4.0 only. While a site shows the relation of OS and .NET Framework version.[25] Version 4 is not suitable for Windows2000. I found the difference of system requirements between Version 4 and 3.5. It takes a long time to install, though the download finished quickly. I ran Slip21, but MsgBox showed 'Slip21.exe .NET Framework no shokika error in the title bar and,
    Kono application wo jikkou suruniha, saishoni ikano, NET Framework version no izurekawo install suru hitsuyou ga arimasu.
    .NET Framework no tekisetuna version no shutoku houhou ni kanshite ha, application hakkousha ni toiawasete kudasai.
I downloaded and installed .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. I could run Slip21.exe. CPU of My server is 400MHz and RAM is 384MB. These are not satisfied with the minimum requirements. Why does .NET Framework 4 Client Profile work? I found that the minimu requirements are not for client but development. And I found unsupported OS of .NET Framework 4 in detail.[26]
21:13 Aug13 GMT+9

 Looking for a cheap digital camera
I had used Fujifilm's A310 camera for a few years which I bougt for my family eight years ago. It has broken, and cannot take a photo. I was to look for a camera that does not dissipate much power. A310 dissipated 2.5W. Charged two series of Ni-MH batteries genretate 2.86V. A310 may almost dissipate 1A. My family have not used because of the short battery life. All most of camera makers adopt internal battery that is expensive. GE products can use usual batteries. I often take photos to record detail of equipment. I want macro function. shows A1455 and A1255 of GE. shows their interesting price trends of them. A1455 and A1255 starts ¥12,000 and ¥10,000 in April 2010, but A1455 is cheper than A1255 now. General Imaging Japan do not show about repairs. I paid ¥5,000, when A310 had broken before. Their GE's cameras are less than ¥5,000. Customers should not think about repairs, shouldn't they? I choiced a shop to sell A1255 from
10:48 Aug15 GMT+9

 VB2010: AutoScaleMode resolves the difference of DPI
I ran Slip21 application on my server which set with 1024x768 pix and conventional 96 dpi. The last character of 'Draw' disappeared. I thought that Windows platform display the text. A site tells AutoScaleMode.[27] I changed font of AutoScaleMode for dpi. The new exe file showed 'Draw' well. I started W98 and ran VB4. VB4 does not have AutoScaleMode, but ScaleMode. It looks that .NET Framework resolves the difference of DPI.
14:24 Aug16 GMT+9

 HDD: making unsusual noise
I turned on power of 1.7GHz PC, but it made unusual noise of HDD. WinXP on 1.7GHz PC did not run at once today morning. BIOS showed secondary a message that disk error and to press F1 or F2 key. I pressed F1, and WinXP ran. I have to be careful for losing my work because of HDD failure.
8:42 Aug19 GMT+9

 I bought GE A1455 camera
I received a digital camera which I bougt DC-LIFE for ¥4,497 including shipping. I tried taking a photo by macro. It seems to look better than Fujifilm's A310. The battery life is far longer than A310. I also tried taking a photo of fish in my aquarium. But the photo is not clear at all, though I saw the fish clear on the screen of the camera. This means that there is a way to taking a moving fish clear, I think.
8:59 Aug19 GMT+9

 Slip21 worked for 16 hours on 400MHz PC with .NET Framework 4 Client
Chart drwan by Slip21
I installed Slip21 on my server, which has 400MHz CPU with 384MB RAM. Slip21 recorded Measurements from TDS310 and drew real-time chart for 16 hours on 18 August. .NET Framework 4 Client worked well, though Microsoft tells that minimum requirements are 1GHz and 512MB.
18:47 Aug19 GMT+9

 Install GCC Developer Lite
I had used GCC Developer Lite for Win98 on 400MHz PC to program MPU (Micro Processor Unit). Now, the PC is my server and works on WinXP. I have another newerversion for WinXP. I installed it, but it showed the target list of H8/3687(H8Tiny), H8/3694(H8Tiny),... There is no H8/3664 which I need. I rebooted my server for Win98. I ran GCC Developer Lite and confirmed the target of H8/3664. I do not want to stop my server on WinXP in order to write codes and debug my application. I choiced Emulation(H8Tiny) instead of H8/3664. I opened a small source file, but the font is too small to read. I had to change screen resolution for old standandard 1024x768 96DPI. The GCC Developer Lite version is 1.6. You can see the target list, when you click tool > Jisshi option > setup list. I found that Emulation(H8Tiny) does not work. So I copied 3664F folder and 3664FROM.DEF to TARGET folder from Win98 version and created 'H8/3664' name in Settei list of Tool/GCC option in menu bar. I added C:\Program Files\BestTech\GCC Developer Lite\TARGET\3664F in tuika include path of kakusyu folder option. I built, and a lot of erros disappeared because of no inculde header.
15:09 Aug21 GMT+9

 GCC Developer Lite: Tool option
I modified 3664FROM.DEF on WinXP to customize on Win98. But complier generates three warnings of 'Warning: mismatch between opcode and operand'. What is different from ver1.6 and old version? Screen resolution 1024x768 is not suitable for Gmail. Gmail shows horizontal scroll bar. So I choiced 1280x768, 96DPI resolution. I have to change the resolution for 1600x1200 120DPI, when I run VB2010. It means that I cannot use GCC Developer Lite and VB2010 at the same time. I am gloomy a little now.
9:10 Aug22 GMT+9

 D2CAD: Last modified date drawing
My H8/3664F board has some parts on the mother board. I do not remember how to load my program. So I installed D2CAD on 1.7GHz PC and saw the drawing of the circuit, 7-0003aAKI3664F.dcd. The last modified date is 4 June 2011. I have not rebuilt the board for more than a year.
16:54 Aug23 GMT+9

 H8/3664F: A/D test program
I coded a test program for H8/3664F more than a year ago. I read the source code. Its code does not response from PC. I connected COM2 port with RS232 cable and opened HyperTerminal. The terminal showed outputs contineously. Dell's GX240 of 1.7GHz has two serial ports for COM. How do I program to combine comnunication with PC and get A/D? The target H8/3664F has to always wait for a command from PC. Had I better program the comunication part at first?
17:19 Aug23 GMT+9

 Vector's response time after posting
Vector published Slip21 yesterday. As I posted it on 20 August, it took only three days. Vector's response is quick.
11:57 Aug24 GMT+9

While approved it today. I submitted it on 19 August. It took five days, and is 2 days longer than Vector. I accessed to my accout of, and found click button for downloading it. I tried it. It is good. I will past it on my page.
14:59 Aug24 GMT+9

 Hyper Terminal considers '\n' as '\r\n' (CRLF)
I have tried AD.C for H8/3664F that I combined two programs. I used to confirm the output by Hyper Terminal. I looked at the property of comunication. They are, rate:9600bps, data bit:8bit, parity:none, stopbit:1bit, flow:hardware. There is no parameter of line feed. HyperTerminal and TDS298 shows different as follows,
  1. HyperTerminal: A/D CONV = 1023
  2. TDS298: CONV = 1023A/D
I looked at C source code including '\n'. Default line feed of Tektronix DSO is CRLF. There is not CR (Carriage Return), '\r' in C language. Hyper Terminal of Windows may add '\r' code to '\n'.
19:37 Aug24 GMT+9

 RS232: Best Technology offers usuful funcions for RS232
sci3.crs_initInitialize SCI
rs_tx_bufCheck transmitting buffer
rs_rx_bufCheck receiving buffer
rs_rx_purgeClear receiving buffer
rs_tx_purgeClear transmitting buffer
rs_putcTransmit a character
rs_putsTransmit a text string
rs_putsbTransmit a binary string
rs_getcGet a character
rs_getsReceive a text string
rs_intsciInterrupt SCI
sci.crs_initInitialize SCI
rs_tx_bufCheck transmitting buffer
rs_rx_bufCheck receiving buffer
rs_rx_purgeClear receiving buffer
rs_tx_purgeClear transmitting buffer
rs_putcTransmit a character
Best Technology offers usuful funcions for H8/3664F RS232 communication. There are three source files of sci.c, sci3.c and sci3_printf.c. I show the function list in the tables. sci.c includes [3664.h] and [stdlib.h]. sci3.c includes "3664.h". sci3_printf.c includes "3664.h", [stdlib.h], [string.h] and [stdarg.h].

My first ad.c includes [3664.h] and SCI3_PRINTF. The memory size is 7KB. I can use SCI3_PRINTF to transmit the result of A/D in 32K flash ROM.
1:31 Aug25 GMT+9

 GDL: Flash writer does not work with COM2 port
I coded COM.c before. I found that it was a copy.[28] I modified it and tried writing to the target, but flash writer shows a message that tranfer rate does not match. I found simple terminal within IDE. I changed the transfer rate and communication property sometimes, but the same message appeared. I connected the RS232 cable to COM1 port of PC. I succeeded in writing. The flash writer of GCC Developer Lite (GDL) works only with COM1 port. Simple terminal has no relation with the flash writer. I found that the flash writer can setup COM2, when I right-click to show menu on the title bar. I clicked property in the menu, and the setup screen appeared.
13:06 Aug25 GMT+9, 22:00 Sep26

 GDL: Simple Term is accessible
Simple Term of GCC Developer Lite (GDL) is very accessible with one click. I confirmed com1.c to work under property of COM1 38400bps 8-Non-1, no flow control. Line break is LF. I changed that the target works with CRLF and 9600bps.
13:55 Aug25 GMT+9

 Auto Backup: uninstall Lazulie & Idle
I unintalled auto backup application Lazulite and Idle which I compared with BunBackup. Because Start menu is full of applications in Task bar.
17:04 Aug25 GMT+9

 Aki-H8/3664F does not have CTS or RTS, does it?
I program H8/3664F by Akizuki now. I found that CTS and RTS are shortened. If I add one more RS232 driver/receiver, I could do hardware flagging. But how do I program with GDL library? Probably I have to write an interrupt program. I accessed to Renesas to get H8/3664F manual, but it is not uploaded because of expirated product. I downloaded the manual from a site. I found that the priority of SCI3 is lower than timer and higher than A/D. I do not know how to program interrupt. And almost of Aki-3664F users do not want rebuilding the RS232 driver/receiver. I had better revise TDS298 program for no flow control. And so I plan to make a device by two-wire. In that case, I have to program no flow control naturally.
8:40 Aug26 GMT+9

 VB2010: There is no SThreshold property like VB4 RS232
I began to migrate application TDS298 by VB4 to VB2010 yesterday, because I cannot program on VB4+Win98. Now the Win98/WinXP dual boot PC is usually server for WinXP. TDS298 communicates with an instrument through serial port. I found that there is no SThreshold property like VB4 in VB2010 SerialPort. Anyway I may ignore it.
10:58 Aug27 GMT+9

 VB2010: How to program serial port class
There is no CommEvent property of VB4 in VB2010. While .NET Framework 4 has serial port class that includes SerialPort Event, DataReceived Event, ErrorReceived Event and PinChanged Event. I have to register DataReceived Event Handler. The handler is called by another thread. So I may use Invoke.[29] I downloaded core2_sample from Microsoft. A site shows an example of Invoke, but it occurres error.[30] Microsoft shows Delegate Sub AddDataDelegate(ByVal str As String) that I want. it was coded by VB2005, but the downloaded application needs .NET Framework 2. Microsoft may not recommend install backword .NET Framework 2 from 4. VB2005 added System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class[31]
5:32 Aug29 GMT+9

 VB2010: Sample0008 receives mojibake
I downloaded in reference [30] and installed. I ran it, but TDS310 did not response. I confirmed that TDS310 replied response, when my TDS298 sent 'BUSY?'. VB2010 is more difficult to program RS232 application than VB4. I tried Simple Term of GDL and Hyper Terminal of Windows which did not response. Only TDS298 can commnunicate with TDS310 by hardware flagging. While H8/3664F can communicate with Simple Term, Hyper Terminal by no flow control. Although Sample008 transmit to H8/3664F, it receives mojibake. I will look into the codes of Sample008.
7:39 Aug30 GMT+9

 Dell GX240's two serial ports are useful for H8/3664F and TDS310
I debugged carefully step by step, setting break points. I missed to assign a COM port of the two ports. I have used Dell GX240 which has two serial ports. I could migrate TDS28 from VB4 to VB2010. Dell GX240 has two serial ports in spite of small factor size. I connected my built board of MPU H8/3664 and Tektronix TDS310 with the two serial ports. As Flash writer of GDL supports COM1 only, I have connected H8/3664F with COM1.
12:01 Sep03 GMT+9

 Tektronix RS232 communication redundancy
I developed application TDS288 to get Measurements from Tektronix TDS310. Now I can assign commanding messages freely for my built H8/3664F board, I looked into Tektronix's command a little. I found that the redundancy gives tolerance to allow some conditions at the same time.
12:15 Sep03 GMT+9

 C: How does string functions decide '>'?
I began to write C program again, I want to use a string function to communicate with PC and H8/3664F. Either >, = or < is decided by character code order of s1 and s2.[32] Tektronix TDS310 can treat big and small letter in the same way. Some sites shows how to do without a symbol. I will write the codes by small letters.
15:35 Sep03 GMT+9

 C: 'If' in VB is different from 'if' in C
I have just written my first C code in 15 years again. But GDL (GCC Developer Lite) compiler showed error messages. I have to write if for If of VB. C does not need End If. I did not remember at all.
16:57 Sep03 GMT+9

 GDL: 3664FROM.DEF file
I tried emulation of H8/3664F, as a site shows. I failed and tried restoring to usual compiler. I could not build well. Although I changed GCC option many times, I failed to compile. I downloaded and installed ver2.4.[33] This time warnings disappeared, when I succeeded in compiling. I have not to overwrite 3664FROM.DEF carefully. I gave up emulation of H8/3664F.
21:45 Sep03 GMT+9

 GDL: Flash writer doesn't work
Flash Writer ver5 cannot write mot file to target, showing the message of 'cannot link to target'. I knew that baud rate can change, if you click the right button on the title bar. I changed to 9600bps and could write the mot file. The flash writer support the maximun of 2,000,000bps. I guess that fall back test does not work in time. That was wrong. I had misunderstood how to boot. I modified my mother board. SimpleFlash can write to the target. I wrote it on my blog in Japanese.
0:56 Sep04 GMT+9, 22:13 Sep26

 Rewrite hosts file and restore display resolution
I set up 1600x1200 120DPI resolution, as I stopped using GDL (GCC Developer Lite) for MPU H8/3664F. I rewrote hosts file of 1.7GHz PC to set my server as localhost, because I met login screen of my rooter when I clicked on my URL in FC2 Blog.
4:53 Sep09 (GMT+9)

 NTFS: Time stamp is different from FAT32
When I copy a file in 1.7GHz PC to 400MHz PC, the date of the file is different from two seconds. Microsoft tells it because of NTFS and FAT.[34]
11:14 Sep09 GMT+9

 How to connect AVRWRT connector with my target
I don't know how to connect AVRWRT connector with my target. I found how to connect AVRWRT with a target.[35] But there is no SCK terminal in ATiny2313. A blog tells that SCK connect with USCK of ATiny2313.[36]
14:43 Sep12

 Display shows that Windows are split at the right and left
1.7GHz PC sometimes displays slit windows at the right and left, when I ran the PC for a long time. This time I powered off the 17 inch monitor and powered on. The display showed well. The display adapter works well, I think. I doubt the monitor sometimes cannot show well, after sleeping mode.
14:38 Sep12

 HDD: Operating System not found
I tried changing setup of BunBackup. BunBackup wouldn't show tree directory of my server. I also tried Explorer, but I couldn't access to my server. I turned on monitor of my server. The usual Windows srceen did not appeare and it was black. I found that the access LED continued to turn on. I rebooted by pressing the rest switch. The screen showed 'Operating System not found'. It was at 14:42 on Sep17. I was afraid of the HDD break down. I inserted OS CD-ROM and rebooted again. The screen showed, "Computer ni hard disk ga naika, hard disk ga tadashiku dousa shiteimasen." I disconntected all the cables and opened the front cover of my server. I removed the HDD and wiped dust on the PWB of the HDD. I disconnected HDD flat cable and connected again. I connected power, monitor and keyboard cable only. My server powered on with out pressing power switch. WinXP ran. I cleaned the front frame with dust by vacuum cleaner. I also cleaned the base of the PC, monitor and keyborad by wet cloth.

When did my server stop? I looked at the log of my server. The last accessed time is 15/Sep/2012:11:39:02. There is no log of Sep16. My server halted more than 24 hours. I restored my server at 4pm and a guest visited at 16:33. I changed my homepage Google of Internet Explore for as before. I access to Internet at leat once every day to check e-mail. And so, I will find my server works or not within 24 hours. But why did my server stop?
18:06 Sep17

 Display resolution for GDL
I began programming H8/3664F by GDL (GCC Developer Lite) again. Although GDL can change font size of editor, the error message of the compiler is too small by 1600x1200 120 dpi resolution. I set up 1600x900 120 dpi. The monitor has not shown abnormal split screen now after wake up sleeping. I think that the monitor cannot display vertical 1200 resolution. But the resolution of 1600x900 shows COSUMI's square grid for igo game well.
6:40 Sep21 GMT+9

 TDS298 worked for 29.75 hours
I modified TDS298 by VB2010 to work for Win7. I improved,
  1. Support for Renesas MCU (Micro Controller Unit) H8/36x4F
  2. Support for Win7 instead of legathy Win95/98
  3. Direct folder assignment without Explorer
  4. Improved operationability
  5. Changed default of COM2 for COM1
TDS298 worked with Aki-H8/3664F board for 29.75 hours. H8/3664F is Renesas' MCU (Micro Controller Unit). I tried submitting to, but failed. It might be time out for having supper.
19:31 Sep24 GMT+9

[1] PS/2 mouse/keyboard interface
[2] PS2 keyboard (SMK8851) shouhidenryoku sokutei
[3] Windows95 to hissu patch no kakuho
[4] Win98 niha VB5 no SP3 soutouno control ga sudeni install sareteiruhazu
[6] ExperieceFirst ni kansuru senmon yougo
[7] Yasuo presents a seminar that how to made PC yourself.(in Japanese)
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[19] Control.Click Event
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[23] [VB.NET]Jibun jishin no file version wo shutokusuru
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[26] .NET Framework System Requirements
[27] Jidou scaling wo riyousuru
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[29] SerialPort.DataReceived Event
[30] Serialport kara data wo jyushinsuru
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[33] GCC Developer Lite in Japanese
[34] Time Stamps Change When Copying From NTFS to FAT
[35] AVRWRT to target no setsuzoku
[36] SCK ha UCSK tanshi ni tunagu

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