VirtualBox 5.2.44 failed to install CentOS7, 2 kinds of Puppies and even more CUI based FreeBSD in 1GB RAM Windows xp.


LICK-1.3.4-win32 could install BionicPup32 correctly. GX240 can select booting Linux or Windows xp

LICK installed Linux BionicPup32 in 1GB RAM 2021-09-01

CUI FreeBSD install trial

VirtualBox-5.2.44 for 32-bit works in 1GB RAM Windows xp, but failed to install BionicPup32 and Puppy (precise-571JP) as well as CentOS7.

So Enoki tried CUI based FreeBSD13-bootonly without GUI desktop.

VirtualBox showed FreeBSD installer as shown in Figure1.

Figure1 FreeBSD installer

Pressing OK (Enter key) simply by default, installer could not do key-in for password as shown in Figure2 however.

Figure2 Password input

And so, Enoki powered off CentOS7 in VirtualBox Manager and resumed the installer. Enoki tested shell as shown in Figure3.

Figure3 Shell command test

Enoki also tested symbol key-in for default keyboard as shown in Figure4. Enoki uses 101 US keyboard. Because VirtualBox works in Japanese environment.

JP keyboard assigns symbol different from US keyboard array.

Figure4 Keyboard input test

But FreeBSD installer didn't respond to key-in for password as well.

Figure5 Unavailable password input again

LICK (Puppy linux installer)

Enoki found an installer that installs iso file automatically and creates MBR (Master Boot Record) in HDD.[1]

After installing the Lick, Enoki tried BionicPup32. Lick installed it well.


Desktop font size
Default font size 10 is too small for me. Enoki changed to 14 by clicking Desktop > Font Manager.

Task Manager
Desktop has it as well as Windows Task Manager.

Browser Light
It remains 162 MB RAM, while Chrome does 258 MB on 64-bit Windows 10. Enoki can conform internet connection by it.

And Enoki found that Light displayed my site in disorder. Firefox also does as well, maybe.

When Enoki visited, Light didn't show any Japanese characters. It is good for Enoki. Because Enoki can test how displays in English environment.

Single byte language visitors may be anxious about, because of mixture with English and double byte language Japanese.

Shared file
In case of VirtualBox as Windows xp is host, so that other Windows PCs can look at shared folders. Windows 10 can recognize GX240, because rooter or access point works as DHCP server.

Enoki thinks that Windows and Linux can share files.

Screen shot
Enoki had installed Winshot for screen shot in Windows xp. There will be any software, maybe.

Enoki was surprised that BionicPup32 didn't have execute code in kernel holder.


Old 1GB RAM PC could install the latest Linux. Enoki will be able to install Python library on Linux.

According to ZD magazine in Japanese edition, Linus Torvalds developed Git.[2] Is he also Father of Git? Great.

Enoki begins using Linux after the Linux anniversary of 30 years this year and cannot use Git now.


  1. LICK v1.3.4
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© Enoki 2021 September 1