Separating previous Ebyte LoRa receiver, Enoki would like to know indoor to outdoor range.


The range was over 700m. It was longer than doorbell located on 2F outdoor.

Ebyte LoRa E32 indoor to outdoor range test 2021-09-23

Building separated receiver

Removing the E32 receiver module on the pervious report, Enoki built it on the universal board with nRF24L01+PA+LNA as shown in Photo1. The receiver was driven up to 3V3 by step up DC-DC converter.

Photo1 Receiver wire soldered

Indoor range test

Neither receiver antenna nor transmitter
The DC-DC converter stepped up LR6 and NiMH battery in series.

When Enoki got out room with the receiver in hand, the red LED on Arduino pro mini stopped flashing. While the transmitter was on desk.

Photo2 Receiver antenna and BAT box

A receiver antenna and no transmitter
Enoki attached 433 MHz antenna to the receiver as shown in Photo2.

Indoor to outdoor test

The receiver LED flashed indoor at the corner of NE and 2F. It flashed outdoor even in a shed covered with metal sheet.

It was impossible to receive in the shed for all the wireless modules that Enoki tried up to now.

The south range is longer than XBee and TWE a little bit. The east range was almost the same.

Photo3 Transmitter antenna
Photo4 Southern range

Transmitter and receiver antenna
Enoki attached an antenna to the transmitter as shown in Photo3. The antenna hung 0.2m lower than TWE Mono Stick at the same ceil.

Photo4 and Photo5 shows to in the south and north. The range was as shown in Figure1 and Figure2. The measurement was by Google Map.

When Enoki the receiver on ground, Flashing stopped naturally.

Battery dissipation
Enoki measured batteries voltage by DMM PC510 before and after the range tests.

Table1 Battery dissipation - South
BatStart [V]End [V]Drop [V]
Table2 Battery dissipation - North
BatStart [V]End [V]Drop [V]


The north range is longer than the south direction. Other TWE and XBee showed such results too. This is why the transmitter was located in the corner south. The house walls are covered with steel mesh under cement.

How far does Ebyte E32 reach outdoor in case of outdoor transmitter antenna? While outdoor doorbell range were less than 300m.

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