Enoki cuts backyard grass by brush cutter. The chip saw was blunt.


The brush cutter recovered sharp, as Enoki replaced the blunt chip saw.





Changed blunt chip saw with sharp one for brush cutter 2021-08-22

Chip saw shape

Enoki ordered a chip saw on 2016-07-24 and has used for 5 years. Brush cutter has been unable to cut down soft grass because of blunt saw edge. Enoki bought new one as shown in Photo1. ChipSawComparison
Photo2 Poor Chip shape comparison

The pocket shape of chip saws are very different. Enoki doesn't know whether new shape is better or worse.

Chip shape comparison

Comparing with new chip saw edge, the edge of the old one is worn and blunt as shown in Photo2.

Socket wrench

It is necessary for a socket wrench to loosen or fasten the nut as shown in Photo3. The nut is CCW screw. Rotating the wrench CW, the nut will be loosen.


Taking a photo of chip saw edge yearly, worn status might be known.

© Enoki 2021 August 22