Enoki replaced batteries of Revex X300 receiver before. But Enoki did not remember how long it worked. So Enoki will record the batteries voltage.


The battery life will be clear in a year.


ワイヤレスチャイムの電池寿命が半年位だとおもうが,実際はどうなのか。Revex X300 を用いて検証する。



Door bell receiver battery life 2020-03-08

Sample and method


Enoki has Cacazi and Revex door bell. Revex receiver X300 blinks when its battery works. While Cacazi does not display such a status. One has to confirm by working the transmitter each time.

Enoki always can see X300 battery status, as it hangs on the wall of his room. So Enoki selected Revex only.

Farmers growing rice do not always monitor paddy water level spring through autum. It will be enough to monitor in a few month, Enoki thinks.


Enoki measures the battery voltage by DMM PC510.


1st time

New Daiso Alkaline
Uncertain 6 months?

2nd time

The batteries were deteriorated Ni-MH as shown in Photo1.

Initial voltage: 3.92V 2020-01-08
Terminal voltage: 1.952V 2020-03-07
ReVoltes R1?: 1.188V
ReVoltes R3?: 1.006V
Eneloop 21: -0.242V

Eneloop 21 generated reverse voltage. It dissipated completely and has been resistor.

3rd time

Used alkaline
Initial voltage: 3.818V 2020-03-07
1.170 silver, 1.160 gold, 1.418V white 2020-03-08
Under way


Initial voltage

Enoki has 4 used alkaline batteries which are 0.8V at open. The Revex X300 did not blink LED with them at all.

In case of new alkaline batteries, Unknown, it will be clear in a year.

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