Wireless water level switch


Level switch PWB assembly consist of detector, transmitter and receiver as shown in Figure1.


The detector detects small current between conductive stand and probe.

It has Normal and Reverse mode.
Normal: off -> on (level up)
Reverse: off -> on (level down)

The detector may transmit the signal to transmitter 33m long by 2-wire current.


The transmitter supplies power with the detector and tells receiver 6km far.

The body includes step up DC-DC converter for 1.5V x 2 batteries.

Enoki recommends to adopt fine battery holder that has Ni plating electrode well. Poor Ni plating causes abrupt power down.


The receiver turns on/off pump through SSR[1], when it receives the signal.


Enoki will distribute Detector PWB Assy, Transmitter and Receiver PWB Assy in near future.

If you have any request and need other probe or some thing, Enoki will ship them in the world.

The photos shows prototype, so the actual PWB Assy may be different.


Enoki accepts US$ by PayPal[2]. Enoki and the customer have to pay 4.2% fee in the US$ one another.


[1] SSR and Heat Sink 40amp
[2] Fees for Selling and Accepting Payments
Figure1 Block diagram
Photo1 Detector US$9
Photo2 Body US$10

EI connector harness & cable

Photo15 Harness sample
Photo16 Sensor board
Photo17 Bread board
Photo18 Water proof cable
Photo19 Battery holder
  1. AWG24 (0.2SQ) UL1007 / Cable
  2. Less than 1.4 m
  3. Available to bundle post header

Enoki works harness and sends it by Air or SAL.

The pin type end is applicable to bread board. The battery holder is by RS Components.

Tell your specification by Contact. And I will make the quotation reply.


バッテリホルダは信頼性のある RS コンポーネントを使用。

仕様を Contact にてお知らせ下さい。見積を回答致します。

  1. AWG24 (0.2SQ) UL1007
  2. 1.4 m 以下,ケーブル:20 m 以下
  3. ヘッダ同梱可

振込振替送金ご負担下さい。 特定商取引法に基づく表示をご覧ください。

Electronic parts


Enoki supplies 1/4W axial metal film resistors 1% 50 or 100 ppm/°C for wireless level switch board assembly as shown in Photo1 and Photo2.

All the resistors are distinguished in the type rf, rc, ro and rs that mean metal film, carbon film, metal oxide and cement in the prefix each.

Color band code shows resistor specifications shown in Figure1.

For example, rf560212 means that metal film, 56kΩ, 1% tolerance and 50 ppm temperature coefficient.

Enoki has a few volumes and trimmers whose prefixes are vr and tmr.


Enoki supplies ceramic capacitors (MLCC) with 5mm pitch and 0.5mm lead wire diameter, disk ceramic capacitors and film capacitors.

Their prefixes are cc, cd and cf each.

The capacitance is expressed with 3 digits 104 for example. It means 10x104 pF therefore 0.1uF. Default pitch is 2.5mm, p50 means pitch 5mm.


Enoki supplies EI (AMP/Tyco) 2.5mm pitch connector that has receptacle housing capable connecting in air. The prefix is ei.

For example, ei2pL_0-171826-2 is 2 pin right angle post header. h and c are housing and cap housing. Pin and Rec means contact pin and receptacle.


Enoki supplies AWG24 (0.2SQ) UL1007 wires for harness etc. The prefix is AWG24. QTY unit is metric length m.


If you want to look up 1k value parts, enter 1001 or 102 to search string in the below input box, you will find the searched stock. Mass unit is 0.1g, therefore the value 2 means 0.2g.

Input type Or value:

Notable online retailers in Japan and the shipping fee

  1. 共立電子 ¥310
  2. marutsu ¥385
  3. aitendo ¥490
  4. 秋月電子 ¥500
  5. MonotaRO ¥540
  6. Strawberry Linux ¥630
  7. RS online ¥650
  8. Yodobashi, Amazon ¥0
Figure1 Color code