Wiring for 1.75mm pitch IC


I have planned making a polisher of gravel. I made a stepping motor driver as the photos show. The driver is 1.75mm pitch of ZIP IC. The IC does not fix on a usual 2.54mm pitch universal board. So I made its circuit in two universal boards. The wiring was mess for crossing wirings between boards and skew-whiff holes pattern.

Fig.1 1.75mm pitch IC on a skew-whiff universal board

But the driver IC has a lot of function. At first it drives a bipolar stepping motor which always currents 2 coils, otherwise unipolar type currents 2 of 4 coils. And the IC can do 1/8 micro step drive at ease. I used a DIP SW for switching usual or 1/8 micro step, phase (coil) current, CW/CCW direction, and enable or not. I adopted 7555 IC for generating pulses. A variable resistor changes the driving pulse frequency from 0.66 to 8.94kHz. The drive circuit have a slide switch for jogging and a toggle switch for start/stop. I fixed the ZIP drive IC on the opposite side of the skew-whiff pattern universal board. The table shows the specifications of the drive circuit.

Fig.2 Over all the driver
Fig.3 Stepping motor and a pully for load

Tbl.1 Specifications of driver circuit
Drive ICToshiba TA8435H
Pulse ICIntersil ICM7555
DIP SWHigh/Low phase current
1/8 micro step
Slide SWJog mode (40pps)
Toggle SWStart or stop
MotorJapanServo KH56JM2-851
Step angle 1.8°
Phase current 1.3A
Holding torque 5.0kgfcm
Heat sink1mm thick steel (SECC)

The driver circuit drived the motor with no load at the range of 5.5kHz in pull-in. I applied a mass of 256g pully for inertia load. The response frequency dropped at 2.5kHz.

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