V block usage


I try digging a few holes on the top of a pully through center. So I bought a pair of V blocks.

Fig.1 Pully on V block

Machinary craftmen sometimes use V shaped blocks to check shapes of materials or works. Though I majored in precision engineering, I do not remember, merely I had not learned the usage. Ordinary Japan's school teachers or some professors are not good at teaching how to experiment or to learn skills. They prefer to stand up a step of a blackboard.

Nishida, professor of philosophy of Japan reflecting his life, said, "I sat in the front of blackboard in my first life. I stood up at the back of the blackboard in the last half of my life."

An executive officer of Shimadzu Corp. told new comers, I was one of them a long time ago, "Always work your brain and hands full at the same time. The both is important." I understood the meaning only 10 years ago. I thank him now.

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