Program to get measurements of Tektronix TDS310 in every minute


I wrote a manual to install TDS.exe and how to run the program. The manual is bundled in TDS1.lzh.
21:02 Nov11 GMT+9

I wrote a program to get measurements of Tektronix TDS310 in every minute. I wanted to sample measuring data of DSO ( Digital Storage Oscilloscope ) by precise clock. The TDS310 has a communication port of RS232. My old 66 MHz machine also has the RS232 port. If the PC command TDS310, TDS response measured data. The 66 MHz PC connects TCP/IP, so can get precise clock from NTP server. I have installed Sakura watch to access a NTP server.

The program can set 4 Measurements which is the maxium number of TDS310. You can select a transfer rate of 4800, 9600 and 19200 bps. The 19,200 bps is the upper limit of TDS310. Other communication conditions are the same of default of TDS. Hardware flaging is on. EOL is LF. Stop bits is one. Parity is none. Naturally it needs a RS232 cable to be compatible with a connection that Tektronix demands. See DSUB 25p of COM2 in My old PCs04 of My old computers.

I am interested in solar cell. I wanted to know how output of solar cell vary with time. So I measured the data by the program. See output of solar cell in Reports.

The program was written by VB4 ( Visual Basic 4.0 ). It can work on Windows 95 and 98. It may work Xp. I hope that you will download the program and comment it for me. I used install wizard for an installer. The wizard may not rewrite, if you want. You will not need most of bundled VB4 components, because VB4 is old. But you need install Vb40032.dll of runtime library. The bundled files are compressed with a format of lzh (TDS0.lzh, 2.4MB).

TDS.exe was registered by Vector on 15 November 2010, which was archived by ZIP.[1] Vector is a site for free soft and share ware.

20:55 Nov08 GMT+9

[1] TDS.exe

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