Glowing experiment by PWM driver
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I made PWB (Print Wired Board) of PWM driver and chassis for it by my design. I did art work of the PWB and drawing of the chassis.

 Glowing experiment
Glow140 Glow122.jpg Glow114 Glow108-1.JPG
A glow plug made by OS, type of A-3 shows various glowing conditions while turning the trimmer. I used 5VDC power supply.


Size45 x 76mm
(1.77 x 2.99")
Hole diameter
( 穴径 )
3.2mm (0.13")
Hole pitch
( 穴ピッチ )
39 x 70mm
(1.54 x 2.76")
Registered at JPO, No.3132951
  • Vs ( power ) : input +3 to +15 VDC  
  • COM ( GND ) : common or ground  
  • SIG ( signal ) : external control input ( 外部制御入力 )  
  • Load ( 負荷 )
      + : positive
      - : negative
    Switch function ( スイッチ機能 )
  • DIP
      Circuit power on/off
      LED current on/off for saving
  • Toggle : Load on/off
  • Jumper : Alternate external or internal control input
      Dry contact ( 接点入力 )
      Voltage input ( 電圧入力 )
  • Input high level ( 入力電圧 ): 3 to 16 VDC
  • Input signal current ( 入力信号電流 ): negligible uA
  • Current consumption ( 消費電流 ): 1 mA at 4.5V
  • PWM frequeny : 15 kHz
    Trimmer  Adjust equivalent constant current ( 電流調整 )
    Weight  30g ( 1.1oz )

  •  Application
    There are 4 principal applications how to use the driver.
    1. Fig.1 shows DC motor on/off control. PS is Power Supply.
    2. Fig.2 shows how to enlarge lower limit of engine rotation speed by glowing.
    3. Fig.3 shows an example for UAV or something. It is able to improve fuel comsumption by synchronized ignition signal in very lean condition.
    4. Fig.4 shows an example of a scale aircraft to have an internal starter to crank in remote operation.


    Chassis example

    The PWM driver board attaches a shassis of a Aluminum sheet of 0.8mm thick. The shassis hastwo female M3 threads for binding. It weighs 15g ( 0.53oz ) including a rubber bush, also weighs screws 5g ( 0.18oz ) and so on.

    I would like to distribute it across the Pacific Ocean. Please inform me, if you are interested. Thank you.

    The following includes Japanese characters.

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