Filter of a used PET bottle


My family kept sea anemones when my son was a little boy. I bought a water pump made in Italy. The specifications are as follows. I tried filtering water in an aquarium tank. I used a 250mL PET bottle as a filtering container. I made an inlet near the bottom of the bottle.I packed some plastic wool. The flow disturbs water at the bottom of the tank.

Tbl.1 Pump specications
Name (Type)EDENIC MIN (S-250)
VoltageAC100V 50/60Hz
Comsumption power5.5W/50Hz, 4W/60Hz
MAX discharge rate220L/hr(50Hz), 240L(60Hz)

Fig.1 Hung PET bottle
Fig.2 Wool at the bottle neck

The photo "Hanged PET bottle" shows that the water flow pump works. The photo "Wool at the bottle of neck" shows working filter. Mess concentrated the neck because I packed the wool tight a little.

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