FM telemetry transmitter for aircraft sensor
FM Radio
I made a FM telemetry transmitter for aircraft sensor output. Usual FM radio can receive the tone modulated signal of aircraft sensor. I developed it, because Japanese regulationprohibits bidirectional transmission for RC control radios. I plan measurement of landing airspeed using Pitot tube. I have made the Pitot tube. I used 35-year-old FM radio for a test
    Frequency : 87 MHz (temporary)
    Power supply : 4.5-6 VDC
    Transmitting distance : 60 m ( 65 yard )
The photos shows overall appearance, OSC and V/F converter and terminals. There is a difference pressure sensor for Pitot tube on the right board. The OSC is a modified Colpitz oscillator using air coil. The switch is power on/off. When the switch is on, terminal RED and BLACK can measure batteries voltage. When the switch turns off, The terminals can charge batteries.

Over allOSC, V/F and sensorCK & Charge

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